Balıkesir Bus Terminal Bus Ticket

Balıkesir Bus Terminal

It is possible to travel to one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey by purchasing a Balıkesir Bus Terminal bus ticket. Balıkesir is located in the Marmara Region and attracts attention with its natural beauties. People who choose buses to visit the city wonder how they can reach the city center after landing at the bus station. Thanks to the information obtained about Balıkesir Bus Terminal, you can travel faster between the bus station and the city center.

About Balıkesir Bus Terminal

People who buy Balıkesir Bus Terminal bus tickets can reach the bus terminal, the construction of which started in 2001. Balıkesir welcomes tourists at all times of the year due to its natural beauties and location. The first place that people who reach the city by road will see is the bus station. Since the bus terminal used before the construction of Balıkesir Bus Terminal was not sufficient, the construction of a new bus terminal started in 2001.

Balıkesir Bus Terminal: The bus station, which can be reached with the "Buy a bus ticket" option, was out of use in 2004. The bus terminal, which draws attention with its modern appearance, also helped relieve the traffic load. Built on an area of 108,000 square meters, the bus terminal is located near Ayşebacı village. Due to its location, easy transportation is possible between the bus terminal and the city center and districts. Since Balıkesir Bus Terminal is a new bus station, it has many areas of activity. There are various areas in this bus station so that people who have to spend time in the bus station can meet their needs. Cafes and restaurants are located within the bus terminal so that people waiting for their buses can enjoy their eating and drinking activities. In addition to cafes and restaurants, offices where bus tickets will be sold are located inside the bus terminal. It is also possible to have a pleasant time in cafes and restaurants after arriving at the bus station.

Balıkesir Bus Terminal Transportation

Balıkesir Bus Terminal: People who reach the bus station with the "Buy a bus ticket" option may want to travel to the city center. The bus station is located close to Ayşebacı village and is very close to the city center. Municipal buses are among the vehicles that can be preferred to reach this bus terminal, which is located close to the city center. Thanks to the buses allocated by the municipality, the bus terminal can be reached from different points of Balıkesir.

People who reach Balıkesir with the Balıkesir Bus Terminal bus ticket purchase option can also choose minibuses to travel to the districts. Just like buses, minibuses run between the bus station and different points of the city. It is also possible to reach different points of the city comfortably by using the services provided by the company from which the bus ticket was purchased.

Is Balıkesir Bus Terminal Close to the City Center?

People who land at the bus station with the Balıkesir Bus Terminal buy bus ticket option can reach the city center by traveling 6.5 kilometers. Located on the Bursa road, this bus terminal is located very close to both the city center and the touristic spots of Balıkesir.

Is it possible to reach Balıkesir Bus Terminal by Minibuses?

Since Balıkesir Bus Terminal is located in a central location, minibuses are often preferred to reach the bus terminal. Thanks to the use of minibuses, you can comfortably reach both the city center and different districts of Balıkesir from the bus station.

Is Balıkesir Bus Terminal a New Bus Terminal?

Balıkesir Bus Terminal was opened for use in 2004. This bus terminal, which was recently opened for use, has a modern appearance. The fact that the bus terminal has a modern appearance and is new makes it attractive.

Which Companies Provide Service at Balıkesir Bus Terminal?

There are offices of many companies within Balıkesir Bus Terminal. By visiting these offices, it is possible to buy bus tickets to reach different points of Turkey. The companies located in the bus terminal are bus companies that provide national service.

Are there buses in Balıkesir Bus Terminal that can be used to travel to the districts?

Companies serving in Balıkesir Bus Terminal sell bus tickets both intercity and within the city. You can reach different districts of Balıkesir and the tourist attractions in these districts with bus tickets purchased from the bus station. 

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