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Batman city, which you can reach comfortably and safely with Batman bus ticket opportunities, offers you unforgettable travel plans. Before moving on to suggestions for travel plans, an overview of the city helps to realize the plans in a much more ideal way. Located in the Southeastern Anatolia region of Turkey, the province spreads to the lands where its languages are alive and also has many cultural elements with its rich history. There are also many historical monuments and mosques in the city, which has many ancient cities and caves. The city, which had gone through a rapid development process especially until 1990, was accepted as the 72nd province of Turkey with many districts now connected to the center.

It is known that the annual average rainfall in the city, where the effects of the distant Mediterranean climate are felt, is around 1,000 mm. It is known that temperatures drop down to -15 degrees in cold and harsh winter months. The city is also very hot in the summer seasons, but it is also faced with heavy rains from place to place. Especially in the spring months, the city, which takes on completely different landscapes, impresses everyone who sees it. Within the scope of this information, the most ideal times to visit the city are spring and summer months. You can visit the city in spring and summer and explore the surroundings much more comfortably without being affected by the cold effect of the weather. You can get your ticket by checking the Batman bus ticket deals.


This place, which has a very important value both for Turkey and for the world, has hosted many cultures and civilizations throughout history. You can witness the sights that are more beautiful than the other in the place where you live, and you can examine all the historical values closely. The opportunity to examine many structures here, from agricultural activities to castles that have witnessed all wars, will be very productive for you. Since the present value of the ancient city is well known, this place is visited by many local and foreign tourists throughout the year.

Hasankeyf Road Passing Inn

Hasankeyf Yol Pass Inn, which is among the places to visit in Batman, is one of the places you should definitely visit when you come to Hasankeyf. Known as a place where everyone constantly enters and exits, the cave has both an important historical state and a natural formation. One end of the cave, which is located right inside the ancient city, is based on the Tigris River. For this reason, you can consider visiting the inn, which is seen as an interesting and valuable structure. Since the inn, which was used for transportation purposes in ancient times, serves as a restaurant today, people prefer to visit this place to try local delicacies and drink witness drinks during city visits.

Hallan Çemi Mound

Hallan Çemi Mound, which is one of the indispensable stops in the lists of places to visit in Batman, attracts the attention of history buffs with its archaeological excavations. Located in the Kozluk district, this place manages to carry many traces from the Neolithic period to the present day. By visiting the place, which offers a life story with its impressive history, you can both examine many ruins belonging to those periods and have much more detailed information about the Neolithic period.

Batman Museum

When it comes to the Southeastern Anatolia region, this museum is also counted among the important museums. In the museum, which has 3 halls, it is possible to examine the traces of the Neolithic period closely, to have an idea about the Paleolithic period and to see the valuable artifacts from the Hasankeyf region. A large number of stones and grave gifts are also exhibited in the museum, which can be preferred as a completely enjoyable and productive sightseeing stop. Comprehensive information about historical artifacts is shared with visitors in the exhibition halls inside the museum. The fact that the Museum Park Project, which has an important place throughout the country, has been realized here also increases the importance of this place.

Tov Art Center

The place, located in the very center of the city and ideal for both having a pleasant time and participating in cultural activities, was established as a result of a completely private initiative. A large number of theater performances are held and workshops are set up in different areas, where those who are closely interested in artistic and cultural activities must have knowledge. If you are interested during your visit to Batman, you can consider visiting this place as well, in order to bring a cultural and artistic day.

Hasankeyf Castle

The castle, which is located in Hasan, draws attention both because it is located on the edge of the river with the binding and because it has a magnificent architecture. The castle, located on a 135 m high hill, is considered the most important value of the ancient city. Its geographic location You can dominate the past by visiting the castle, which has always managed to preserve its value with its importance and active role in the historical journey. The castle also has 2 gates, east and west. It can be preferred at both gates to enter the castle. It is also worth noting that the entrances to the castle are closed on Mondays.

Kozluk Hezo Castle

The castle, which is known to have been built by the Persians, offers a magnificent structure as it is located on a completely steep hill. The castle, whose value was understood and taken under protection after it was taken over by the Muslim states, has managed to reach the present day. You can also consider visiting this place to feel the historical textures and to explore the surroundings of the castle.

Mor Aho Monastery

There is no clear information about when the monastery, which is located approximately 150 meters above the Tigris River, was built. The monastery, in which both cut stone and rubble were used in its construction, has been increased in value as a result of various restoration works and has been open to visitors since 2018. Known as one of the structures of the Assyrians, the monastery has an important place among the touristic areas of the city. You should definitely visit the monastery, which attracts great attention by those who love to explore structures related to historical events. Moreover, it is possible to reach here easily by various public transportation vehicles or by taxi via Batman bus station.

Hizir Bey Mosque

The mosque, which was built in 1512, is located in Kozluk district and is the largest mosque in the district. The mosque, which draws attention with its unique craftsmanship, is one of the must-stop spots, especially during historical visits. You can also examine the stonework closely by visiting the mosque, which was built at the request of Hızır Bey.

Zeynel Bey Cupola

This cupola, which has an important place both historically and architecturally, is also the first mausoleum found in Anatolia. It is not known exactly when it was built, but it is known that the owner of the tomb, Zeynel Bey, points to the periods in which he lived. In this context, it is estimated that the cupola was built in 1486. The cupola, which was built by adopting a craftsmanship completely adorned with tiles, has a great architectural importance. You can reach here in a short time via Batman bus station.

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