Star Batman Seyahat Bus Ticket

Star Batman Seyahat

Star Batman Travel has been at the forefront of offering comfortable and safe journeys in the sector since the first day it was founded. The company, whose primary goal is the comfort and safety of passengers, always follows all developments. The company values all its passengers equally and respects all rights of each passenger. The company continues to fully meet all the needs of its passengers during the journey and tries to minimize the risk of encountering possible problems.

Star Batman Travel Bus Ticket

Star Batman Travel provides services on its own dedicated platforms. Those who want to obtain Star Batman Travel bus tickets can apply to the offices owned by the company. In addition, Star Batman Travel bus tickets can be purchased online in a short time. Ticket refund transactions can also be completed through offices and the online system.

About Star Batman Travel

Star Batman Travel continues to enrich its modern and rich vehicle fleet with the latest technological features day by day. With its friendly service approach and high level of quality, the company fully meets all the expectations of its passengers. Thus, it is becoming more and more preferred every day.

Company Imprint

Founded by Mehmet Selim Karataş in 2002, based in Batman, the company has maintained the principle of "Only for the Future" since 2002. The company organizes flights to many cities and districts, especially Istanbul, Ankara and Adana. The age of the buses owned by the company, which has 31 vehicles in its vehicle fleet, is determined as 5 years old.

Vehicle Features

All of the vehicles owned by Star Batman Travel have a TV screen, USB port and headphones. Thanks to comfortable seats, air conditioning and in-car refreshments, journeys can be completed under completely modern conditions.

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Year of foundation:2002
Bus Count:31
Head Office:Batman
Founder:Mehmet Selim Karataş
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