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You can buy a Bolu bus ticket to go to the city that fascinates people with its natural beauties in the west of the Black Sea Region. It is a city that forms a transition between Istanbul and Anatolia in its geographical location. There are forest areas in most parts of the city. Many tourists visit Bolu throughout the year, especially with its vegetation.

In the parts of the city close to the Black Sea, where continental and Black Sea climates prevail, rainfall is abundant and the weather is mild. In other parts, snowfall and cold weather prevail in the winter months. For this reason, temperature differences occur between summer and winter seasons. Abundant rainfall ensures that the city has greener vegetation. The view of the forest areas, which resemble the Black Sea mountains, is quite fascinating. There are many natural beauties in the city, which also hosts Turkey's important forests.

Abant Lake

Located on the Abant Mountains, the lake is located in the west of the Black Sea. Located at the foot of the mountain at an altitude of 1325 meters above sea level, the lake is flooded with visitors throughout all four seasons. It ranks first among the places to visit in Bolu. Tourists come from different regions of Turkey to visit Abant Lake. There are direct bus services to the area that attracts a lot of attention. The forest area around the lake is very rich in terms of plant diversity. Different types of meadow grasses are also found in the region where the tree population is high. The lake view, which offers a different visual feast in every season, fascinates those who see it. It is possible to walk and picnic around it.

Yedigöller National Park

Yedigöller National Park is one of the natural beauties of the city, like Abant Lake. The basin, consisting of 7 separate lakes: Sazlıgöl, Küçükgöl, Büüykgöl, Seringöl, İncegöl and Nazlıgöl, covers an area of 1642 hectares. The largest of the lakes in the protected National Park; It is Büyükgöl. It has an atmosphere that impresses people with its natural beauties. There are many forest areas in the basin, where plant diversity is quite high. It is possible to be included in tour programs prepared to visit individual lakes. Camping is allowed in some areas within the area, which can be visited daily. Visiting the trees in autumn, which turn green in spring, is also a different experience.

Bolu Plateaus

There are a total of 383 plateaus in Bolu. It is one of the cities with potential in transhumance. Visiting plateaus located in mountainous areas covered with forests; It is equivalent to taking a small Black Sea tour. It offers the opportunity to have an experience comparable to the plateaus in the Eastern Black Sea Region. It is possible to visit these springs by creating a new route after Bolu Bus Terminal. Aladağ Plateaus are located on mountain slopes and have flat areas full of greenery. They are very suitable areas for outdoor picnics and ideal locations for a peaceful break.

Historical Bolu Houses

There are 360 old Turkish houses in total throughout Bolu. The houses in the city center and surrounding districts reflect old Turkish architecture. The houses are under protection with their 100-year history. These are places that attract a lot of attention from tourists coming to the city and are not lacking in visitors. It is possible to visit mansion houses, which are concentrated in the center, Mudurnu and Göynük district. The architectural structures of the houses in Mudurnu and Göynük districts are similar to each other. People who visit the houses in Göynük can also visit the Göynük Victory Tower. The buildings reflecting the history of the region and the Turks were built on two floors.

Goynuk Victory Tower

Goynuk, one of the last stops of the Old Silk Road route, is among the newest quiet cities of Turkey. Among the towns in the Anatolia Region, it is one of the places that has preserved its history in the best way and shows it clearly today. It is a monument built to keep the victory alive in the lands where the victory of the Battle of Sakarya was won. The monument, made of wood and stone, was damaged and restored over time. The restoration work was carried out in accordance with the original. Due to its location, the Victory Tower overlooks the Göyük district. People who visit the tower also witness the wonderful view of the district. The architecture of the tower is one of the symbols of the city. This place should be added to the list of places to see after purchasing a Bolu bus ticket.

Bolu Museum

It is a museum where artifacts found during archaeological studies carried out in the immediate surroundings of the region are exhibited. Bolu Museum consists of two parts for visitors. Artifacts from the Lydian, Urartian, Byzantine and Roman periods are exhibited in the Archeology Hall. Many works such as marble and terracotta are included in the exhibition. Some works from the 19th and 20th centuries are exhibited in the Ethnography Hall. There are a total of 17,058 works in the exhibitions in the museum. The museum, which reflects the history of the region and contains very important works, is of great importance for the city of Bolu. Visitors can see cultural heritage by visiting the museum.

Gölcük Nature Park

It is one of the nature parks among the places to visit in Bolu. The number of natural beauties throughout the city is quite high. Making a correct plan for traveling and seeing will make the trip more productive. There is an artificial lake in the park and this is where the name of the park comes from. Gölcük Nature Park hosts visitors at different times of the year. It is one of the locations that can be preferred to see a natural view similar to Abant Lake. There are different types of trees in the forest areas around the lake. The park, which includes the Gölcük Üçgül Walking Trail, has a different visual in all four seasons. You can hike in the fresh air of green forests or camp in designated areas. People who want to go to a place that impresses people with its view, include Gölcük Nature Park in their travel plans.


It is a lake formed naturally during an earthquake. As a result of the collapse caused by the earthquake, many trees were submerged under water. People who visit today find the trees still submerged. Its view is quite impressive. The surroundings of the lake are covered with trees, and spending time in the fresh air of the forest is very peaceful. Different kinds of wild animals live in Sülüklügöl National Park. It is possible to see trout varieties in the lake. Hunting of fish and wild animals is prohibited. It is one of the must-see natural environments in Bolu.

Lake Seben

The lake, located in Seben district of Bolu, was used for irrigation of agricultural lands and was later opened to visitors as a tourist attraction. The lake, which has an area of 833 hectares, was created artificially. It has the title of being the largest lake in the Western Black Sea region. For this reason, it attracts a lot of attention and hosts visitors periodically. Located among the mountains and forests, the lake has a different beauty in all four seasons. It is possible to see the magnificent harmony of green and blue during this visit. It offers many different beauties with its historical rock houses, plateaus and caves.

Kartalkaya Ski Resort

It is a preferred location to create a new road map via Bolu Bus Terminal. It is one of the indispensable places during the winter months. The ski resort located in the Köroğlu Mountains hosts thousands of people. There are 13 ski slopes in this center, where snow depth reaches up to 3 meters in winter months. Kartalkaya Ski Center, which has become the center of attention of people who love winter sports, has a total of 30 kilometers of tracks. Ski slopes located among the forests offer unique experiences.

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