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Many individuals may visit the Bursa area easily, pleasantly, and securely as a result of the Bursa bus ticket options. Bursa, one among Turkey's greenest cities, with significant historical significance as the Ottoman Empire's initial city. It is advised that you plan a vacation to Bursa for at minimum a week if you want to explore everything the city has to offer. According 2017 figures, Bursa, with a community of almost 3 million people, made it onto the list of "The World's Most Livable Cities" in 2016. Bursa has been around since 700 BC and is thought to have existed 7000 years earlier. From ancient times to the today, mosques, caravanserais, inns and spas, old bazaars, towns, and side lanes have been maintained. Bursa will provide you with a true vacation. Bursa receives high marks not just from Turkish visitors, but also from people from all over the world. Bursa, located at an elevation of 155 meters, is a city that, thanks to its pleasant temperature, may be explored at any time of year.

When to go to Bursa?

Bursa is an excellent place to visit during the summertime and to spend your winter vacation. The city's weather is typically pleasant, however it varies by area. Bursa's southern and interior regions have a continental climate. The impacts of the Mediterranean and Marmara climates are plainly seen in the north. When we examine at the climate in Bursa, we see that it goes below zero degrees in the wintertime, even up to negative twenty. Bursa is well-known for its ski slopes, which draw both foreign and local visitors throughout the winter vacations. If you're heading to a popular ski area, carry a ski suit with you because it'll be too chilly to wear a big coat. If you're exhausted of the heat of the summer, consider visiting a seaside town to cool down. Mudanya is not only one of the city's most well-known neighborhoods, but it is also one of the cities that draws a large number of local and international visitors during summer season. Mudanya is also colder than the downtown area owing to the Marmara Sea's impact.

What to Eat in Bursa?

The very first item that springs to mind when someone mentions Bursa is Ottoman cuisine. Bursa is one of the few towns that can retain the flavors that practically every sultan of the past imparted to his palette. It also makes a significant contribution to the point of Ottoman cuisine culture. Legendary variants were generated by candied chestnut and Bursa skender. Pita meatballs are also well-known. Many travelers travel long distances from various areas and towns simply to eat Bursa İskender. Bursa cuisine has delicious soups, as well as chestnuts and kebabs. Omaç soup, as well as Şipsi soup, are some of the most famous. Not to mention Bursa's famed ayran, which is also a popular beverage variety. Bursa's restaurants, enchanted by both Bursa Kebab and Iskender, provide distinct flavors that you should not miss.

Places to Visit in Bursa

Including its rich history, Bursa, the very first capital of the Ottoman Empire in 1335, is among Turkey's most perfect and established towns for a cultural and historical journey. Bursa is the nation's fourth most populous city. With its remarkable Ottoman architectural treasures, pristine beaches on the Marmara Sea coast, and untouched natural beauty, it is a city where tourist potential are developing. Bursa that can be accessed by plane from several cities around the world and Turkey, has a plethora of alternatives ranging from pansions with sea views and distinctive woodland views to forest houses and thermal hotels on the outskirts of Uludağ. You may stay at some of these resorts at any time of the year to discover healing for the entire year. Known for its holiday wonderland, Uludağ Ski Resort, Mudanya, 700-year-old Ottoman towns, majestic mosques, inns, and madrasas, the city has persisted to the current day in each and every part of the city. The downtown area also has so many houses that you could spend days strolling around.

Bursa Grand Mosque

Bursa Grand Mosque, including its 20 majestic domes, is one of the initial icons that is thought of when Bursa is discussed. It is situated on Ulucami Street in the Hanlar and Osmangazi areas, which are among the most visited and frequented destinations by many individuals. The beauty of Bursa Grand Mosque, which was established in 1400 and renovated following the earthquake of 1855, draws both local and foreign visitors. The mosque, which also has pure gold embroidered silk surrounding the entrance of the Kaaba, is regarded as among the most perfect instances of Ottoman inter mosque construction.

Bursa Ulu Mosque, erected after the invasion of Nibor under the rule of Yıldırım Beyazıt, is worth visiting for its 20 domes, 16-cornered fountain, unique tiles adorning its 3.165 m2 interior, miniatures, and numerous sculptures with wooden constructions. Bursa Grand Mosque, among the most magnificent mosques in Turkey because to its Kundekari tiles and instances of Ottoman calligraphy, must be visited in Bursa as a historical wonder and a tranquil shrine. This location can simply included on your list of sights to see in Bursa.

Church of the Archangels Hagios Taxiarchoi

Archangel Church, one of the most notable landmarks in Mudanya area, is the third oldest church built, according to historical documents. It was constructed during 780 and 797. Elpidforos Rambliniadis, who was named Metropolis of Bursa by the Fener Ecumenical Patriarchate of Istanbul, purchased the privately run church. Basha was afterwards handed the keys to the church, which was later purchased by an Istanbul entrepreneur. This church provided care for the mentally sick. In 1448 and 1819, the church was repaired. The church that guests can see after consulting with the director, is one of Bursa's earliest. If you have the opportunity, we suggest stopping by Mudanya to view this unique church.

Muradiye Complex

Muradiye Complex is another interesting spot to explore in Bursa. The distinctive Muradiye Complex, which was created around 1425 and 1426 and is conveniently accessible from Bursa Bus Terminal, is one of Bursa's most historically important treasures. The Muradiye complex, which contains a mosque, madrasa, soup kitchen, bath, and several graves, is among the most remarkable examples of Architectural style from the early phase. With its ancient domed architecture representing the amazing blend of Ottoman and Seljuk architectural, this unique location is one of the most frequented by architectural aficionados. This is why it distinguishes out among Bursa's historical structures.

Bursa Grand Bazaar

Bursa Grand Bazaar is located near to the Great Mosque and is among the first attractions for local and international tourists that come to Bursa. Hundreds of items, the majority of which are marketed in jewelers, are available in the 130 shops of Bursa Grand Bazaar, ranging from local fabrics to silver and gold jewelry, antiquities to handcrafted pieces of art. Bursa Grand Bazaar, which has restaurants offering authentic Ottoman and Bursa cuisine, is a must-see in Bursa because of its historical ambience and excellent shopping options. Furthermore, the Bursa Bus Terminal is very close to this distinctive and active covered market. Those visiting the unusual city by bus from outside of city may easily access this bazaar and many other sites by public transport including such minibuses and buses after getting out at the bus terminal. 

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