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Erzincan Başak Turizm

You can take the first step for a safe journey by purchasing an Erzincan Başak Turizm bus ticket. The company is one of the young representatives of the road transportation industry. Erzincan Başak Turizm company, which has been serving since 2005, served only the region in which it was established in the first years of its establishment. By improving itself and adding new buses to its vehicle fleet, the company has also managed to expand its travel routes.

About Erzincan Başak Turizm

Erzincan Başak Turizm is a company established in partnership with Ali Çay, Çetin Çay and Abidin Bektaş. Founded in 2005, this company is now in a position to organize flights to many provinces of Turkey. By purchasing a bus ticket from the company, it is possible to travel to many cities such as Istanbul Ankara and Bursa Eskişehir. Thanks to its buses, the company organizes frequent trips to the districts of provinces such as Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa and Eskişehir. The company, which provides services with its expert and experienced personnel in its field, has taken every precaution to ensure customer satisfaction.

Erzincan Başak Turizm Company Imprint

Title: Başak Taşımacılık İnş. Type. Singing. And TRADE. Ltd. Sti̇.

Address: Intercity Bus Terminal No:5 ERZİNCAN/Türkiye

Phone: (0446) 224 15 75

Website: [email protected]

Erzincan Başak Tourism Vehicle Features

It is possible to travel pleasantly to many provinces and districts of Turkey with the Erzincan Başak Turizm bus ticket. There are two options to buy bus tickets from the company. The first of these options is to visit the company's website. By visiting the company's website, you can see which cities the company organizes flights to and buy the most suitable ticket within minutes. To buy bus tickets from the company, you can also visit the company's ticket sales points. At these sales points, you can find the most affordable and most suitable flights for you within minutes. Since Erzincan Başak Turizm prioritizes customer satisfaction, it has chosen its vehicles accordingly.

The company has 11 buses in its vehicle fleet and these buses are on average 4-5 years old. Since Erzincan Başak Turizm is a new company in road transportation, the vehicles it uses are state-of-the-art buses. Thanks to the in-car services offered in the company's vehicles, it is aimed to enable customers to travel more pleasantly and comfortably. Among the vehicle services offered by the company to its passengers, free internet service can be listed first. With free internet service, you can browse the internet, watch movies, TV series or listen to music throughout your journey. The company also provides service with widely spaced seats so that its passengers can travel more comfortably. Personalized TV screens and headphones are placed on the widely spaced seats. It is possible to follow satellite channels and watch TV series on TV screens.

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Year of foundation:2005
Bus Count:11
Head Office:Erzincan
Founder:Ali Çay, Çetin Çay, Abidin Bektaş
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