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Numerous people may now go to Eskişehir, among the most distinctive cities in Central Anatolia, in safety, comfort, and speed thanks to Eskişehir bus ticket options. Many individuals intend to visit Eskişehir. Eskişehir, which hosts hundreds of visitors every weekend, has emerged as one of the most important destinations in recent years, particularly among domestic tourists. Eskişehir, named one of the safest cities in the world, is one of the places that must be viewed in terms of modernization, tourism, and history.

Eskişehir has historic records dating back to the early ages, the Seljuk era, the Ottoman era, and the Republican era. It is Turkey's only town that takes the past into the present with a modernizing element that is always evolving. Take action. The Hittites built a metropolitan area kingdom in the 14th century BC, while the Phrygians went to Anatolia and located in Eskişehir underneath the name Drurion around the end of the 12th century BC. Among the most notable objects remained from the Phrygian Settlement in the area is the Midas Monument or Yazirkaya nearby Han District. The city was also ruled by the Persians and the Byzantines. During the Seljuk era, the city was referred to as "Sultanönü," and it eventually transferred to the Ottoman Empire. Eskişehir was also significant throughout the Republican period. Three engagements were fought here during the American Revolutionary War. Because the city reflects all of history's events, there are several historical sites to explore. The mythical Silk Road also passes through Eskişehir, and there are claimed to be wayside caravanserai and inn remnants in the surrounding villages. The ability to access this city through Eskişehir bus ticket options provides for both economical and pleasant traveling.

When to go to Eskişehir?

The weather of Eskişehir is severe continental. The city is extremely cold in the winter and extremely hot in the summer. Because of its closeness to many different locations, Eskişehir has a transitory climate. Eskişehir has considerable snowfall beginning in December. The weather begins to warm up around the end of April. Eskişehir is best visited in June, July, and August. Evening temperatures might drop in the beginning and last months of the calendar year.

Places to Visit in Eskişehir 

Eskişehir has been taken and established several times in history. As a result, there are several sites to visit in Eskişehir. The city's settlements stretch to prehistoric times, and there are also old city remains. It is home to various archaeological sites and galleries dating back to the Phrygians. Furthermore, the Porsuk River that passes through the city, as well as the bustling university town that borders it, are constantly active and energetic. It has a lot of interesting locations to see.

Sazova Science, Culture and Art Park

The Sazova Science, Culture, and Art Park, which opens to tourists over a massive area of 400,000 m2 in the Sazova Neighborhood in Tepebaşı districts, is one of Eskişehir's most recognized icons and the largest park. The Sazova Science, Culture, and Art Park, which features an open-air music hall with a capacities of 1200 people and is one of Turkey's greatest and most attractive sites, gets international attention with its magnificent parts and ranks among the biggest and most attractive parks in Turkey. Sports facilities, Japanese gardens, scientific museums, exhibitions, recreation places, restaurants, and cafés are all available. The Sazova Science Experiment Center of the resort, which features a faeries castle, zoo, playground, aquatic world and children's preferred activity zones, allows you to explore Turkey's first house in space. This park, which hosts entertaining and instructive programs each year, should be visited in Eskişehir including both children's families and athletics aficionados.


The Odunpazar area, Eskişehir's earliest town and historic core, is also the city's cultural hub. The Odunpazarı Center that is included on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List, has been designated as an urban site. Odunpazar has about 300 old residences and mosques. Including its cobblestone alleys and lovely wooden homes with the most breathtaking vistas, it is one of the top destinations for photo safaris and cultural excursions not only throughout Eskişehir but also in Turkey. Traditional Anatolian and Turkish buildings, including kulliyes, inns, and caravanserais. One of the initial locations to go for buying in Eskişehir is the traditional handcraft workshops in Odunpazar's old market, whose beauty is also referenced in Evliya Çelebi's book. Odunpazar, with its breathtaking vistas from every street, is a photographer's dream at any time of the year.

Eskişehir Contemporary Glass Arts Museum

The Eskişehir Contemporary Glass Arts Museum, Turkey's premier glassware exhibition, houses the spectacular works of 75 Turkish painters and 12 globe artists. Whenever it refers to things to do in Eskişehir, the Eskişehir Contemporary Glass Arts Museum, that appears on the lists of both residents and visitors, continues to welcome a large number of people each day. Eskişehir Contemporary Glass Museum, which conducts workshops, cultural, and art events throughout the year, is one of the destinations that is conveniently accessible by public transit.

Dream Castle

Throughout the year, the entertainment center, which encompasses locations ranging from fairy tale castles to the land of tales and magical voyages, provides entertaining and varied events for children. The fairy tale castle conducts a variety of seminars and trainings for people of all ages, including art seminars, acting workshops, creative writing seminars, and creative thinking workshops. The viewing terrace of the fairy tale tower offers the most spectacular panoramic view of Sazova Science, Art, and Culture Park. This one-of-a-kind location has Christmas bookstores as well as souvenir shops. You may put this one-of-a-kind location on your list of things to visit in Eskişehir and have fun with your kids.

Şelale (Waterfall) Park

Şelale Park, located in Eskişehir's Odunpazarı neighborhood, is 38,000 sqm in size and gets its name from its spectacular man-made waterfall. Waterfall Park, one of Eskişehir's most fascinating parks, provides a panorama of the city and is popular with both local and foreign tourists. It is one of the must-see destinations in Eskişehir to capture the most distinctive views and spend a fun-filled day, with its carved promenades, picturesque terraces, windmills, children's playgrounds, an amphitheater that conducts events during the entire year, cafés, restaurants, and tea gardens. Furthermore, the Eskişehir Bus Terminal is nearby, and you may get here by tram straight from the bus terminal.

Atlihan Handicrafts Bazaar

Atlhan Handicrafts Bazaar is a popular tourist destination known for its medieval ambiance and is the most popular shopping attraction in Eskişehir. During the walk, you may view artists at work in stores selling traditional Turkish and Ottoman handicrafts. Do not even forget to purchase traditional crafts from Atlhan Handicrafts Bazaar, each more exquisite and stunning than the last. Great photos may be taken here, especially in the winter, beneath snow, and at night in well-lit situations. This place is also easily accessible. The Eskişehir Bus Terminal is fairly close by and may be reached in a brief duration by tramway.

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