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Harem Bus Station Bus Ticket

Harem Bus Station

Harem Bus Station

Harem Bus Terminal is located in Üsküdar, in the city of Istanbul. Located on the Anatolian side, the bus station can be preferred to travel to many different cities of Turkey. When passengers land at this terminal from outside the city, they enter an impressive city. Istanbul is one of the cities with a very large population. For this reason, bus stations established in the city are built with these situations in mind.

Harem Bus Terminal Bus Ticket

Those who will travel from the Anatolian side of Istanbul can go all over Turkey with the Harem Bus Terminal bus ticket. It is possible to choose the vehicles and voyages of many different companies. Tickets can be purchased online for the desired dates. People who want to save time, get tickets online.

About Harem Bus Station

According to the information about the Harem Bus Station, the bus station, which was opened in 1970, still provides active service. During the 20 years after its opening, it has become a very important transportation center. With the increase in the population living in the city, different terminals started to be opened and the load of Harem Bus Station was reduced.

Harem Bus Station Transportation

Although the transportation issue in Istanbul is one of the issues that makes people nervous, the Harem Bus Station provides the necessary services in transportation. The pier, which is located very close, can be reached by ferry or ferry. It is possible to reach the road in a short time by bus and minibus. Among the public transportation options, there is Marmaray. Different services are offered by the municipality, passengers can reach the bus station in the most convenient way.

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