Kastamonu Bus Terminal Bus Ticket

Kastamonu Bus Terminal

People who buy Kastamonu Bus Terminal bus tickets can reach Kastamonu from different points of Turkey. Kastamonu has managed to attract attention with its natural beauties. The most cost-effective way to visit the city is to buy a bus ticket. People who reach the city with the purchased bus tickets can reach the touristic spots in a short time after getting off at the bus station.

About Kastamonu Bus Terminal

People who reach the bus station by purchasing a Kastamonu Bus Terminal bus ticket will encounter a large bus terminal. Kastamonu Bus Terminal gained a modern appearance after the renovation work it underwent in 2003. The changes made during the renovation works are aimed at allowing passengers to spend time more comfortably at the bus station.

People who purchase Kastamonu Bus Terminal bus tickets can meet all their needs at this bus terminal, which was renovated in 2003. There are markets inside the bus terminal where passengers can shop. In addition to the markets, there are ATM machines for withdrawing money and a hotel for resting around the bus station. A cafe welcomes people who want to eat inside the bus terminal, and in addition to the cafe, waiting areas have also been designed for the comfort of passengers.

People who purchase Kastamonu Bus Terminal bus tickets can visit the sales offices of the bus companies located at the bus terminal. There are nearly 50 of these sales offices and they organize regular bus services to other cities of the Black Sea region and the rest of Turkey. It is possible to visit cities such as Izmir and Adana with bus tickets purchased here. It is also possible to travel to the districts and villages of Kastamonu with minibuses departing from the bus station.

Kastamonu Bus Terminal Transportation

People who purchase Kastamonu Bus Terminal bus tickets land at the bus station close to the city center. Since the bus station is close to the city center, paid or free transportation options can be used to reach the center. People who want to reach the city center from the bus station can choose passenger shuttles if they want to travel free of charge. Passenger services are allocated by the bus companies from which tickets are purchased. These shuttles depart from in front of the offices where ticket sales are made and travel to the city center and different districts of Kastamonu. Thanks to these shuttles, which depart every half hour in front of the sales offices, passengers can reach their destinations free of charge.

After purchasing Kastamonu Bus Terminal bus tickets, people who want to reach the city center start looking for a vehicle. To reach the city center, public buses allocated by the municipality can be preferred. People who take these buses, which depart from a point close to the bus terminal, can reach many districts and neighborhoods of Kastamonu with these buses. Minibuses may be the choice of people who want to reach both the city center and the villages. Minibuses depart from designated stops every half hour and provide travel between the bus station and the districts. Since the bus station is close to the city center, it is possible to travel by taxi at an affordable price.

How to Reach Kastamonu Bus Terminal?

To reach the bus terminal, public buses, passenger shuttles, minibuses and taxis can be preferred.

Which Companies Have Sales Offices at Kastamonu Bus Terminal?

There are nearly 50 bus company sales points within Kastamonu Bus Terminal. Among these bus companies, there are companies that provide national services as well as companies that provide services regionally. While you can reach different points of Turkey with companies that provide national services, you can reach points close to Kastamonu or the districts of Kastamonu with regional companies.

Where is Kastamonu Bus Terminal Located?

The bus station is located on 57. Alay Street in the city center. This street is in the city center and is in a location where passengers can reach it on foot.

How many trips are there from Kastamonu Bus Terminal per day?

This bus terminal is one of the bus terminals that can be considered quite crowded. The reason for this may be that people who want to visit the city buy bus tickets and people living in the city prefer the bus terminal to reach the districts. Since the bus station has minibuses for traveling to the districts, the bus station organizes dozens of different trips during the day.

Which Cities Can Be Reached from Kastamonu Bus Terminal?

You can reach other provinces of the Black Sea region from this bus station located in Kastamonu. Additionally, with the bus tickets purchased, transportation can be provided on different routes such as from Kastamonu to Istanbul or from Kastamonu to Adana. 

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