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You can buy a Nevşehir bus ticket to set off to the city, formerly known as Muskara Village. The region, which was called Muşkara in the Ottoman period, was named Nevşehir, which means new city. Known as the fairy tale city in Anatolia, the city is quite impressive with its historical texture. There are many different must-see spots in the region, which is famous in the world with Cappadocia.

Hosting the Kingdom of Cappadocia, the region has hosted many different civilizations. After the Hittites, it became a very important center for Christianity. A very enjoyable travel plan can be made in the city, which has a great history. It is necessary to have information about the places to be seen before coming to Nevşehir with its dozens of fascinating spots.

When to go to Nevşehir?

The continental climate is dominant in the Nevşehir region. While hot and dry days are experienced in summer, cold and snowfall are seen in winter months. Summer and winter months can be preferred for visiting the city, which has four seasons of beauty. The city, which has a different view with the falling snow in winter, is frequently visited by tourists. Spring months can be preferred to provide comfortable transportation in the city. These are the ideal seasons to visit the must-see places on foot. It is sufficient to allocate about 3 days while making the Nevşehir plan.

Goreme Open Air Museum

It is the place where 360 churches are concentrated in Nevşehir region. It is a region where clergy stayed in the past. There are structures used for different purposes such as chapels, churches and accommodation. The chapel is the smaller version of the church. They can be considered as structures similar to the masjids used in Islam, but there are tombs inside. The history of the region dates back to the 4th century, the monastery, 6 churches and wall paintings are a very important historical heritage. Images inspired by stories from the Bible are seen in the murals.

Göreme Open Air Museum was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985. The most striking among the churches in the region are Çarıklı and Dark Church. Offering a unique experience with its valley view, chapels and churches are among the must-see places in Nevşehir. Church buildings are unique architectures from the Orthodox Christian era. Different products can be preferred to keep a souvenir from the souvenir shop within the scope of the museum.

Three Beauties

It is a region where 3 of the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia, which has become the symbol of Nevşehir, are located side by side. Nevşehir is one of the first places to visit. It is a visual that adorns the photo frames because of the beauty of the fairy chimneys and the scenery behind it. It is one of the frequent destinations for domestic and foreign tourists. Erciyes Mountain, located behind the fairy chimneys, adds a different beauty to the landscape. Three fairy chimneys; defined as mother, father and child. The Three Beauties, seen as a family painting, are visited by 2 million tourists every year.

The story of the region spread quite popularly. The king and queen in the Cappadocia region have a hard time getting along with their daughters. The king and queen's daughter, who can't listen to her words, falls in love with a shepherd in the kingdom. The king does not approve of the marriage because he does not want to give his daughter to the shepherd. The king's daughter secretly has a child with the shepherd. Upon learning of this, the king orders all three of them to be killed. Lovers pray and ask for help to escape. God turns the three into stone after prayers. It is possible to come across stories that are widely told in society in many different places. Three Beauties attracts people's attention with its story and beauty.

Ihlara Valley

It is one of the most magnificent places in the Cappadocia Basin. There are two different options for visiting Ihlara Valley. Hot air balloons and walking as a second option are popular. Watching the scenery through the valley helps to have an unforgettable experience. People who prefer walking can take a stroll in the caves and churches. It is one of the places where tourists flock to Nevşehir. Stairs are used to descend to Ihlara Valley. After the stairs with quite a lot of steps, you reach the area where the natural houses are located in the green areas.

It is quite impressive to watch the view from the cliff of the valley. When descending into the valley, many churches and chapels are found hidden away. Along the way, houses and structures wait to be discovered by people. It is possible to change the route with the bridges on the river flowing in the valley. Melendiz Stream, which gives the current state of Ihlara Valley, was called Potamus Kapadukus in ancient times. The height of the valley varies regionally. Fascinating with its natural beauty, the valley is also very impressive with its historical structures. You can reach the region via Nevşehir Bus Terminal.

Underground cities

The underground city, which is among the remarkable locations in the city, are carved into tuff rocks. Kaymaklı, Mucur, Örentepe, Mucur and Özkonak are among the prominent underground cities. Derinkuyu has the title of being the largest underground city unearthed in Turkey. The city, which was brought into tourism in 1967, has a total of 8 floors. The underground city is ventilated by a 55-meter-high well. Other wells were closed in order to take precautions against the danger of poisoning. The city took its name from the well and was named Derinkuyu Ancient City. The shelter used by the society was built to meet the general needs of the people. While visiting the underground city, the wine making rooms attract a lot of attention. After buying a Nevşehir bus ticket, a list of places to see should be prepared and Derinkuyu Underground City should be added to the list.

Haci Bektasi Veli Tomb and Museum

This is one of the most visited locations in Nevşehir. Known as the center of Bektashi tolerance and philosophy, the mausoleum attracts visitors. Haci Bektashi Veli is an Islamic thinker who gives importance to people first and then morality. According to estimates, Hacı Bektaşi Veli, who lived between 1248 and 1337, settled in Anatolia in the 13th century. The dervish lodge, which spread the advice of righteousness and humanity for years, was repaired by Orhangazi, Murat I and Yıldırım Beyazıt. The museum and tomb in the Hacıbektaş district is one of the important settlements for the region. There are three separate and important courtyards in the tomb. Nevşehir is one of the important places to visit.

The first courtyard has the Üçler Fountain, the second courtyard is called the Dergah Courtyard, and the Üçler Gate is used for passage. In the third courtyard, there are Atatürk Corner, Balım Sultan Tomb and Pir House. The section called Meydan House is one of the most interesting sections. It is a center used for cem ceremonies, which are important for Alevi and Bektashism. Haci Bektasi Veli Tomb, which has religious significance as well as being a historical structure, is one of the places of interest for tourists in Nevsehir.

Nevsehir Castle

It is not known exactly when and by whom the castle, located in the center of Nevşehir, was built. It is estimated that it was built in the 12th century during the Seljuk period to keep the Baghdad Road under control. It is located on the basalt rock formed from the volcanics in the region. The castle, which was built of cut stone and rubble, had a very important role in the Ottoman Period. The castle, which was repaired by İbrahim Pasha during the Ottoman period, was supported by bastions after the proclamation of the Republic. The castle, which is under protection as an archaeological site, is open to visitors. The church, which is of value to the Orthodox world, was built in the 5th and 6th centuries. The castle can be visited by coming to the center via Nevşehir Bus Terminal.

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