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After buying an Ordu bus ticket, we set off to the Black Sea Region. It ranks thirtieth among Turkey's most populous cities. Apart from its historical and cultural riches, it has a fascinating structure with its green nature. Offering different beauties in all four seasons, Ordu is visited by tourists every season.

There are many stops to see with its past history. Since it is located in the Black Sea Region, it is in a convenient location for different nature sports. It is one of the subjects that attract the attention of domestic and foreign tourists in the city. When making a travel plan, it is sufficient to allocate a time of 2 to 3 days. Especially spring and summer months can be preferred to go to Ordu. In winter, the effect of snowfall and cold weather is seen. A pleasant trip can be made with the famous and local Black Sea flavors.

Paşaoğlu Mansion Ethnography Museum

Located in Selimiye District of Ordu city, Paşaoğlu Mansion was built by Paşaoğlu Hüseyin Efendi in 1896. The mansion, together with its garden, was built on an area of approximately 625 square meters. It was built by masters from Istanbul, using Ünye stone and wood from Romania in its architecture. The mansion consists of 3 floors, including the ground floor. The mansion has three different entrance gates: north, west and east. The floor of the first and second floors is made of wood, while the ground floor is made of stone pavement. It is possible to see various motifs on the floor, walls, stairs and even on the ceiling of all floors. At the beginning of the important works exhibited in Paşaoğlu Mansion; Apollon Statue, Combined Rython Cult Container, Child Dionysus, Dionysos Mithrapos. 1st century Hellenistic period artifacts.

Tasbasi Church

Taşbaşı Church, located in Ordu Center, was built in 1853 by the Greek Orthodox Christians of the period. This church, which was built on the basis of a rectangular shape, was built using cut stone in all its construction, except for the dome. Taşbaşı Church, which was left without a congregation after the 1915 Greek Crime, continued to be used as a prison for a long time between 1937 and 1977. Taşbaşı Church, which was decided to be restored in 1983, started to be used as a Cultural Center after 2000. After the artifacts unearthed as a result of the archaeological studies carried out in the Karul Castle region, the works to make the church an Archaeological Museum were started. Remains belonging to the 5th and 6th centuries found in the excavations were found and are exhibited in the museum. Taşbaşı Church, which is one of the important historical heritages for Ordu, is among the places to visit in Ordu.

Bolaman Castle

Bolaman Castle, located in the Fatsa district of Ordu, is estimated to have been built during the Pontus Greek Empire. It is not known exactly when the castle was built, but there are estimates. This castle on the Black Sea coast, whose main purpose is surveillance and outpost activities, consists of two parts as interior and exterior. Although cut stone is used in the construction of the interior, it also has high walls. Bolaman Castle, which has survived until today, was built as a wooden mansion known as Haznedaroğlu Mansion in the 18th century. Today, the mansion welcomes its visitors by serving in areas such as a local food restaurant and traditional handicrafts. It is one of the must-see locations for guests visiting the city.

Thursday Plateau

Persembe Plateau, which is approximately 17 kilometers away from the Aybastı district of Ordu, is among the most beautiful geographies of Turkey. There are many picnic areas and hiking trails in the Persembe Plateau, which has an altitude of 1500 meters. It is also possible to do safari and paragliding in the Persembe Plateau, which is home to many different animal species. This plateau, which has historical artifacts and ruins besides its unique nature, makes it possible to see places such as Karga Hill, Çiseli Waterfall and Vaults. You can participate in social and cultural activities such as highland festivals, traditional dance performances, concerts, wrestling matches, and horse races, which take place on certain days of the year, and be a part of this entertainment. It is one of the plateaus that should be seen in the city, which is located in a geographical region famous for its plateaus. It is possible to pass to the plateau regions via Ordu Bus Station.


Ulugöl, which is approximately 64 kilometers from Ordu, is the largest lake in Ordu. Many fish species live in the lake, especially the Abant ala. The lake is around 250 meters in diameter and is surrounded by oak and hornbeam trees. In this atmosphere, which is intertwined with nature, there are picnic and camping areas, hiking trails and tree houses in the forest. This lake, which has different beauties in all four seasons, has many visitors throughout the year. In this Nature Park, besides Ulugöl, there are three different landslide set lakes. This Nature Park, which offers picnic opportunities, is one of the most preferred locations by the locals. Those who want to spend time in nature among the greenery are one of the regions where they can give a chance in Ordu. Gathering information about places to visit after buying an Ordu bus ticket helps to travel more efficiently.

Inverted House

Located in different cities in Turkey, Reverse House attracts a lot of attention in Ordu as well. The house, which was opened in 2019, attracts the attention of both domestic and foreign tourists. The reverse starting from the entrance garden can be seen on both floors of the building. It is frequently preferred by visitors due to its different architecture. Although it is not a historical building in the Ordu region, it is one of the alternative places to spend a fun time. Terse House can be visited to take different photos.


Revealing the Black Sea landscape, Boztepe offers a panoramic view in Ordu. It is a place to go for the view, which has a different beauty in the daytime and in the evening hours. It is one of the places that is very famous in Ordu and is definitely visited by tourists. You can choose the cable car or the road to reach Boztepe. The cable car is generally preferred to reach the top by witnessing the view. You can travel by cable car by watching the Ordu view and the sea view at the same time. It is possible to reach the hill by cable car in a very short time. Boztepe should be added to your travel route to see the unique view and feel that you are in Ordu. It is one of the first places to visit in Ordu.

Ordu Beach

Located in the city center, the beach has a walking track of approximately 6 kilometers. It is very pleasant to take a walk along the coastline right next to the sea and enjoy the sea air. The coastline, which is beautiful and impressive at any time of the day, attracts a lot of attention from the locals. It is possible to enjoy the view by sitting on the benches facing the sea. It is one of the central locations that must be visited in the city for a peaceful break. Whatever time of day is preferred, it will be a satisfying visit.

Caka Beach

It is a very remarkable beach with its white sands. Çaka Beach, which is called the most beautiful beach in the Black Sea, is one of the places that people in Ordu should visit during the summer months. It is very easy to access the beach, which is located in the Persembe district of Ordu. Public transport can be used from the center or in the town of Persembe. You can reach directly from Ordu Bus Terminal. Thanks to the facilities in the surrounding, opportunities such as eating and drinking are offered. It is one of the most preferred beaches by the locals. It is among the beaches that can be preferred to swim in the Black Sea waters.

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