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Osmaniye city, which you can easily reach with Osmaniye bus ticket deals, is located in the Mediterranean region. It is known that this city, formerly known as Cebeli Bereket, has developed more since 2016 and the migration from rural areas to the city center has increased. The city, which has hosted many great civilizations such as the Romans and Hittites throughout its history, is also the gateway to the Eastern Anatolia region. The city is located on the route of the Silk Road, one of the most important trade routes in history, thus increasing its historical importance. After the gates of Anatolia were opened to the Turks after the Battle of Manzikert in 1071, the Ulaşlı tribe preferred to settle in the region. When the Ottoman Empire entered a period of stagnation, most of the rebellions in Anatolia affected this tribe, and Deriş Pasha took important actions to ensure political order.

This city, with an average annual precipitation of 816 mm, generally reflects the effects of the temperate climate zone. While the air temperatures in the city rise to 27 and 28 degrees in July and August, only when the month comes, the perceived temperature drops to around 8 degrees. It is very enjoyable to travel and explore these lands, where many civilizations have settled and where many artifacts are found, and to spend productive time. In addition, a total of 9 festivals are held in the city throughout the year. Festivals are fun events where both visitors and local people come together and try many local delicacies. You can choose to visit the city during the summer months to attend many festivals such as the Cherry Festival, Aşık Feymani Festival and Peanut Festival. It is recommended that you spare at least 2 days to fully explore the city. You can easily reach the city with Osmaniye bus ticket deals.

Osmaniye City Museum

Osmaniye City Museum, which has an important place among the places to visit in Osmaniye, stands out with its architectural features and the important works it contains. In the museum, which easily observes the effects of Seljuk architecture, traces of the social life of the city, interest in history, art and agriculture can be fully explored. Inside the museum, there are also city shops, Çınarlı coffeehouse, educational workshops and Şor rooms. Here you can have the opportunity to closely examine many things that are important in many respects, from doctors with various motifs to the value offered by rug samples.

Karatepe Aslantaş Open Air Museum

Karatepe Aslantaş Open Air Museum is located approximately 22 km from the Kadirli district of Osmaniye province. It should be noted that the museum, which is known to have been built in the eighth century BC, was built by Asativat oka. It is known that Asativa was the ruler of the region at that time. Some construction work was carried out in the region, which was built as a border fortress against various attacks, in 1946. The upper part of the castle, whose foundation is made of stone, uses adobe material and the upper part is equipped with various bastions. Let's not forget to say that the museum, which has managed to impress everyone who sees it with these features, also hosts many hieroglyphic writings and texts. The fact that the Open Air Museum is located in a national park covering an area of 4,341 hectares makes it ideal for exploring many places in the region and spending productive time throughout the day. You may also consider visiting the museum, which continues to host many local and foreign visitors.

Haruniye Thermal Springs

Haruniye Thermal Springs, which are among the places to visit in Osmaniye and host many visitors in summer and winter, are located on the edge of the Ceyhan River. As a result of various researches, it has been determined that the water of the thermal springs with thermal mineral waters is above 20 degrees. The thermal springs, which have completely natural spring waters, are ideal for an escape from the city center with various forests and magnificent river views surrounding them. The waters of the hot springs, which you should definitely visit to have a completely calm and peaceful time, can be used both as a bath cure and there are thermal pools in the hot springs. It is known that the water of the hot springs is good for diseases such as stomach and small intestine, as well as gout.

Kokar Thermal Springs

The thermal springs, located within the borders of Kadirli district of Osmaniye province, are 15 km away from the district center. Looking at the various ruins around the thermal spring, it is known that the thermal spring existed even in the Roman and Byzantine periods. The healing waters of the spa are good for intestinal and stomach diseases. The hot springs are surrounded by pine trees. Having a picnic where there are pine trees is widely preferred by the local people. You can benefit from the healing hot spring waters and have a picnic in the region, which is frequently visited especially during the summer months.

Çiftmazı Nature Park

This park, located within the borders of the district of the same name, is located at an altitude of approximately 700 m. One of the places you should definitely choose to spend time alone with nature during your visits to Osmaniye is Çiftmazı Nature Park. Many plant species and tree species live in the park, which has been described as a nature park since 2011. In the park, which is also home to various animal species, you can examine the plants and animals and have the chance to spend time with living creatures. Moreover, you can have a picnic and take nature walks in the park, which also has a recreation area. It is also worth noting that it is suitable to pitch a tent in the park and many people prefer this place for tent camping in the spring months.

Karatepe Aslantaş National Park

Karatepe Aslantaş National Park is located on the banks of the Ceyhan River. Covering an area of 7,891.5 hectares, the park has rich vegetation. The park, which is the second largest park in the country, is home to both the endangered francolin birds and various animal species such as roe deer. In addition, various tree species around the park, such as Aleppo pine and basement furniture, have been completely saved from extinction. Ideal for tent camping and picnics, this place also offers trekking activities and nature walks. As it has become more popular in recent years, facilities such as picnic areas and parking have been developed within the park. For this reason, those who choose the park for tent camping have the chance to fully meet all their needs. You can also reach the park with Kadirli district minibuses via Osmaniye Bus Terminal.

Kırmıtlı Bird Sanctuary

Kırmıtlı Bird Sanctuary is located around the Ceyhan River. You can reach this place, which is approximately 15 km away from the city center, via Osmaniye Bus Terminal. This place, which hosts the migration routes of birds, has an important location for this reason. Moreover, there are many reeds, trees and ponds. This place, which is ideal for both sheltering and breeding of various bird species, is now unfortunately also home to bird species that have become extinct.

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