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With Sakarya bus ticket opportunities, many people can make both safe and comfortable journeys to the city of Sakarya. Sakarya, the city that hosts the important tourism and industrial centers of Turkey, has an important location as it is approximately 150 km away from the city of Istanbul. In addition to its location, it is a geographically important city with its beautiful nature, history and local culture. Covering an area of 482,109.70 hectares, Sakarya has a population of 1,010,700 in 2018. Sakarya, located in the Marmara region, hosted immigrants from both the Balkans and the Caucasus, and finally Bulgaria, after it was captured by the Turks in the 13th century.

 Many cultures and civilizations have lived here throughout history. Sakarya is a historical, lively and must-see city that not only hosts different civilizations, but also affects city life with its young university population. This city, which is frequented by many visitors especially from Istanbul and Ankara, is indispensable for weekend visits. There are a total of 655 neighborhoods in the city. The gastronomic culture of the city, which has a border with the Black Sea in the north, is also very interesting. You can explore the city, which is ideal for sightseeing and seeing as well as surprising business trips, with Sakarya bus ticket deals.

When to go to Sakarya?

Covering a large area both on the Black Sea coast and in the eastern part of the Marmara region, the city has many climatic features. While the Black Sea climate characteristics are more dominant in the eastern part of the city, the Marmara type Mediterranean climate characteristics are encountered in the inner parts. Considering the climate, it is known that the most ideal periods to visit this city are the winter months. In the city, which continues to receive precipitation in all periods, the months with the least precipitation are known as July and August. Those who want to prefer a state ceremony can choose to visit the city between June and August. In addition, many festivals are held here every year. You can catch many traces of the culture of the region in these festivals by adjusting the festival dates during your city visits.

Places to Visit in Sakarya

There are many places to visit in Sakarya due to the geographical location of the city. Since this city, which has hosted many cultures and civilizations throughout history, is also described as a transit city, there are many structures waiting to be discovered in the city. You can spend unforgettable moments with your loved ones in the city, which is one of the settlement plateaus that stand out with its natural beauties.

Five Bridges (Justinian Bridge)

When it comes to places to visit in Sakarya, this bridge is located in Servan district. This bridge, which is considered one of the most valuable structures of the city, was built in 558 as expected. The bridge, whose historical texture has not been damaged in any way since then, has a value that should be seen closely in Sakarya visits. The bridge has a total length of 365 m and the 12 arches of the bridge make its exterior design interesting. In addition, after 1995, the bridge was opened to vehicular traffic and repair works were carried out afterwards.

Wheel Street

This street, also known as the shopping street, is one of the important symbols of the city. This street, where the pulse of the city beats, has many shops for all kinds of needs. There are also many restaurants, cafes and bars on the street, which is always lively and dynamic. You can try various local delicacies at the many restaurants and cafes on the street.

Sakarya Museum

This building, which was built in 1.915, was built by Yaşar as 3 floors, including the ground floor. The building, which was originally built by the Head of the Military Service Department, was later bought by Hasan Cavit Bey, who was known as Atatürk's close friend and was a deputy. In fact, it is known that in 1922 Atatürk stayed here with his mother for 3 days. However, the mansion, which was damaged due to an earthquake that occurred in 1960, was expropriated by the ministry in 1983 and went through the restoration process. Many archaeological and ethnographic remains are exhibited in the building, which later became a museum. In addition, in the garden of the museum, which has a unique garden, various items and motifs such as many inscribed stones, tombstones and Erdal bridge from both Roman and Byzantine periods are exhibited. Thanks to this museum, it is possible to closely examine the ethnographic works that reflect the Ottoman period and the Republican periods in the best way.

Earthquake and Culture Museum

This museum, which is a museum affiliated to Adapazarı Municipality, is located in Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, poplars. It is located on the street. Covering an area of 450 square meters, there are many cafeterias, cine-vision halls and exhibition stands at the same time. In the museum, interesting elements such as various construction materials and electronic stands related to the construction technique of the buildings destroyed in the earthquake are exhibited.

Karasu Beach

One of the routes that can be preferred to enjoy the sea, sand and sun to the fullest and enjoy the summer holidays is undoubtedly known as Karasu Beach. This beach, which is the second longest beach in Turkey, is both extremely close to Istanbul and 55 kilometers from the city center of Sakarya. The beaches, which continue to host many local and foreign tourists in the summer months, are always crowded with both being clean and appealing to all segments. Frequently visited, including weekend getaways, the beach has high waves. However, the beach, which does not compromise its beauty in any way, should definitely be preferred to enjoy the sea in summer. It is also known that the subjects found on the beach are also good for many diseases, such as rheumatism, according to rumors. You can reach this unique beach in a short time via Sakarya bus station.

Kuzuluk Hot Springs

These thermal springs, which are connected to Akya and its district of Sakarya city, are known as a kind of underground water source. The hot springs, which continue to welcome visitors from all over Turkey, especially from Istanbul, in every period of the year, are famous for their healing waters. In addition, there are many businesses and accommodation options around the spa. You can take full advantage of the healing waters in this place, which you can choose to relax completely away from the city crowd and stress and to rest your body. Healing waters, which are good for many diseases and disorders, especially joint pain and skin diseases, are preferred by many people as a source of healing. Moreover, facilities such as the pool and various bath cures are offered to the visitors by accommodation options. Public transportation vehicles can be preferred over Sakarya Bus Terminal in order to reach Akyazı district and then to Kuzuluk thermal springs in a very short and comfortable way.

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