Siirt Petrol Turizm Bus Ticket

Siirt Petrol Turizm

Siirt Petrol Turizm, which is making its name more and more popular in the road passenger transportation sector, has been providing its services for many years. The company provides passenger transportation services to many provinces and districts, especially the city of Siirt, and offers fully equipped personnel. With the Siirt Petrol Turizm bus ticket, passengers can travel comfortably to cities and towns all over Turkey.

Siirt Petrol Tourism Bus Ticket

The company, which has 150 ticket sales points for passengers who want to buy Siirt Petrol Turizm bus tickets, promises comfortable journeys with its 2+1 bus layout. In addition, passengers who do not want to go to ticket sales points can complete their ticket purchase and ticket refund transactions online.

About Siirt Petrol Turizm

Siirt Petrol Turizm has made a name for itself with the slogan "Delivering Your Loved Ones". As can be understood from this slogan, the company prioritizes passenger safety. It continues to renew itself by being aware of technological developments and the innovations that all needs undergo day by day.

Company Imprint

Siirt Petrol Turizm entered the sector in 1972 under the name Otoşark by Mehdi Dalgalı. Later, the company decided to change its name. Founded in Siirt, the company has the latest system equipment and still follows all developments closely. In this context, it manages to renew its services more and more every day.

Vehicle Features

Unlimited internet service is offered to passengers in the latest model and fully equipped vehicles. In addition, various refreshments are served to all passengers during the journey and headphones are distributed. Radio services, Lig TV broadcasting and Digiturk broadcasting facilities are also offered in the buses. In this way, journeys can be much more enjoyable and efficient.

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Year of foundation:1972
Bus Count:-
Head Office:Siirt
Founder:Mehdi Dalgalı
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