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Thanks to the Tekirdağ bus ticket, you can travel to the Thrace region. Tekirdağ, one of the most touristic spots in Turkey, is the 23rd most populous city. The city, which has a coast to the Marmara and Black Seas, is one of the cities in Turkey that has shores to both seas. While the Mediterranean climate is seen on the Marmara coast of the city, the continental climate is dominant in the inner parts.

Although it is a small city in terms of area, there are many places to visit in the center and the surrounding districts. It has beaches that are frequently preferred by tourists in summer with its sea. It offers many must-see spots with its green forests. There are various cultural stops in the city, which impresses people with its natural beauties. 2 days is enough to tour the city efficiently. You can go on a pleasant journey where you can enjoy the local delicacies of the Thrace region.

Tekirdag Archeology and Ethnography Museum

It is a must-visit museum to shed light on the history of the region. BC in the Tekirdag region. Various artifacts and relics found since 4500 are exhibited in the museum. Various items from prehistoric times are found in the museum. Ornaments, coins, spears and war tools and clothing are in the ethnography section of the museum. The works exhibited in the garden of the museum are; It belongs to the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. The building, which served as the Governor's Mansion, served as the Tekirdağ Archeology and Ethnography Museum in 1992.

Rakoczi Museum

It is one of the museums that should be seen during a visit to Tekirdag. It is a museum located in a very stylish Ottoman mansion. Prince of Hungary II. The house where Frenc Rakoczi lived was purchased by the Hungarian Government. The house was converted into a museum in 1932. Rakoczi, who took refuge in the Ottomans during the Hungarian uprising, lived in 24 different houses until the end of his life. All of the houses he lived in were tried to be brought together into a single mansion. Only the cafeteria remained of the mansion. The items he used, some documents and oil paintings can be found in the Rakoczi Museum. It is one of the museums among the places to visit in Tekirdag.

Rustem Pasha Mosque

Rüstem Pasha Mosque is an important structure that has survived from 1546 until today. Rüstem Pasha, the son-in-law of Suleiman the Magnificent and the husband of Mihrimah Sultan, had it built by Mimar Sinan. The mosque, which has survived for years without any problems, is important for Tekirdağ. It is a very beautiful building that reflects the Ottoman period. The mosque underwent restoration work in the 1800s. It is clear that the mosque, which has a single dome, is one of the works of Mimar Sinan. The mosque, which has a very spacious and airy structure, is the masterwork of the architect. It is located together with the mosque, madrasah, bath, shop and caravanserai in the Rüstem Pasha Complex.

Hora Lighthouse

Hora Lighthouse has shed light on ships for about 157 years. It was made with materials specially brought from France as a result of the order given by Sultan Abdülmecit. The lighthouse is all iron, it is said that the 25-meter-high lighthouse has a foundation of 20 meters. Hora Lighthouse rotates around itself in 20 seconds and illuminates the way to ships in the Sea of Marmara. The light of the lighthouse can be seen from 40 kilometers away. Hora Lighthouse has an important task to guide the ships, especially during the winter months. Although wicked lamps were used at the time, electrical energy began to be used over time. After Tekirdağ Bus Station, it is one of the must-see locations in the city. It is quite fascinating with its landscape. It is one of the must-visit places to watch the sunrise and sunset.

Namik Kemal House

Another important museum in Tekirdag; Namık Kemal House. The famous poet Namık Kemal was born in Tekirdağ in 1840. It is a museum prepared by Tekirdağ Municipality to keep the memory of the poet alive in the city. The mansion, which is an Ottoman house, was opened to visitors after the restoration works. Since the house where Namık Kemal lived was destroyed, it is a mansion that was built to be the closest to the real thing. Namık Kemal House is an important place where the works of the poet are exhibited. Some artifacts reflecting the history of Tekirdağ are exhibited within the scope of the museum.


Before buying a Tekirdağ bus ticket, people coming for summer vacation should choose a stop for themselves. Sarkoy is one of the most beautiful districts in the city. Located on the shores of the Marmara Sea, the city is flooded by local and foreign tourists during the summer months. Having one of the longest beaches in Turkey, Şarköy has a beach of 60 kilometers. It is a region called the Bodrum of the Thrace region. The sea, which has a blue flag, is home to hundreds of people in summer. Seafood is also very delicious in the region, which attracts attention with its cleanness of the sea. The surrounding forests ensure that Şarköy has a clean air. Being a suitable area for various activities such as paragliding and windsurfing, it allows visitors to have different experiences. it works. People who come to Tekirdağ in winter and spring can stop by Şarköy to spend a quiet and peaceful time.


People who enjoy adrenaline-filled sports can come to Uçmakdere and do paragliding. It is one of the most ideal locations in the Thrace region. Uçmakdere, located at the foot of the Ganos Mountain, is a very convenient structure for gliding from the slopes. The views to be witnessed while paragliding are quite fascinating. Offering an alternative for those looking for calmer environments in the summer months, Uçmakdere is quite peaceful with its unique nature. The sea of the region, which offers various opportunities such as camping, is very clean. Hiking and camping in its green forests is quite relaxing.


It is one of the most popular locations in Tekirdağ. It is one of the places visited by tourists in the summer months. Kumbağ, a region inhabited by Greeks in the past, was emptied after the Balkan Wars. The district, which has recently been brought into tourism, hosts guests intensively in the summer months. Apart from being one of the most beautiful locations that can be preferred for sea, sand and sun, it is also very impressive with its pine forests. The walking path, which starts from the center, extends to the ridge of Ganos Mountain. It can be preferred for an unforgettable walking experience in nature. The landscapes to be encountered during the hike are unique. Like Uçmakdere, it is possible to do paragliding in this region. Adrenaline lovers can also participate in satisfying activities in Kumbağ region. Accommodation is available in the surrounding facilities. Those who visit Tekirdağ in the summer can stop by Kumbağ. It is one of the coastal districts among the places to visit in Tekirdağ.

Camlikoy Kastro Beach

Saray, another coastal town in Tekirdağ, extends to the Black Sea coast with Çamlıköy Beach. The beach, which is about 3 kilometers long, gets very crowded in summer. It is a region that is known by different names due to its former name Kastro. Thanks to the forests located near the beach, it has a very clean air. Located at the foot of the Strandja Mountain, Çamlıköy Beach is very close to the city center. There is a distance of 10 kilometers between the center and the beach. The forest of 329 hectares in the region was declared a protected area in 1988 and was taken under protection. You can spend quite peaceful times in the forested area, which is organized as a resting and picnic area.

It is possible to pass to the districts via Tekirdağ Bus Terminal. You can go on a journey by choosing among the districts that attract great attention during the summer months. People who are bored with the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts during their summer holidays and want to have different experiences can set out for Tekirdağ. It is possible to experience unforgettable moments in the city, which has a different beauty in every season. Before coming, research should be done about the places to visit.

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