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Thanks to the Air China flight ticket purchase process, you can access the services offered by the company. Air China company has been serving for many years and is known as the national airline of China. The company's headquarters is located at Beijing International Airport, and all operations of the company are carried out through this center.

About Air China

Thanks to the Air China flight ticket purchase process, it is possible to fly with an airline that operates flights to 6 continents. This company, known as the national airline of China, organizes flights to both domestic and international lines. There are more than 300 destinations to which the company flies, adding new destinations every year thanks to the aircraft it owns. Thanks to the flight tickets you buy from the company, you can fly to more than 300 destinations on 6 continents.

How Many Passengers Does the Company Transport a Year?

There are many passengers who want to have more detailed information about the company before purchasing an Air China flight ticket. The company organizes trips to many parts of the world thanks to its fleet of more than 300 aircraft. The company, which provides service with its widely spaced seats and experienced employees in order to have a pleasant and comfortable journey, enables more than 80 million people to travel every year. This company, which has been carrying out air transportation for many years and adds new aircraft every year, continues its efforts to carry more than 100 million passengers annually.

How to Buy Flight Tickets from the Company?

What you need to do to buy a flight ticket from the company is quite simple. By visiting the Air China official website, you can access the flight ticket you want within minutes from the reservations section. In order to buy a flight ticket online, you can search depending on the airport from which the flight will take place and the time period in which the flight will take place. You can find the flight ticket you need within minutes by searching. In order to buy flight tickets from the company's official website, you must first become a member, and after the membership process, it is also possible to purchase new flight tickets from the my reservations page.

How to Perform Check-In Procedures?

The website is preferred to check-in for flight tickets purchased from Air China. The company offers online check-in services and online check-in can be done 24 hours before the flight. In addition to online check-in, it is also possible to check in from airports in a short time. The duration of check-in at the airport varies depending on domestic or international flights. It is possible to complete online check-in up to 3 hours before the flight.

How Many Kilograms is the Baggage Allowance Determined by the Company?

The company offers free baggage allowance to its passengers who purchase flight tickets so that they can travel more comfortably. For flight tickets purchased from the company, all passengers are entitled to 8 kilograms of hand luggage. While hand luggage is determined as 8 kilograms for everyone, the kilogram of the suitcases to be carried in the cargo section varies depending on the ticket level purchased. Thanks to flight tickets purchased in economy class, you can travel with 23 kilograms of luggage in the cargo hold. People who buy tickets in economy class are entitled to 2 pieces of luggage weighing 23 kilograms. The luggage of people who do not comply with the baggage dimensions determined by the company or exceed the kilogram limit will not be taken on the plane.

Are There Free Refreshments During the Journey?

By purchasing an Air China flight ticket, you can benefit from the free food and beverages offered by the company. The company offers different treats depending on the duration of its domestic and international flights. People flying internationally with flight tickets purchased from Air China can enjoy hot meals and drinks. On domestic flights, passengers are offered free snacks and crackers. 

About Air China
Head Office:Beijing
Year of foundation:1988
Airplane Count:328
Flying Point Count:185
Flying Country Count:-
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