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By searching for Air Malta flight tickets, it is possible to reach the points where the company organizes flights. This company, which has been engaged in air transportation since 1973, was established based in Malta. Established in Malta, the company has succeeded in expanding its aircraft fleet and destinations every year. Thanks to the plane tickets purchased by the company, it is possible to fly to 37 different destinations in the world in a pleasant and comfortable way.

About Air Malta

With the purchase of Air Malta flight tickets, you can fly to many destinations where the company has flights. The company, which started to serve as Malta-based in 1973, had its first flights by renting aircraft from Pakistani airlines since it did not have an aircraft in its first years. The company, which made its first flights with leased aircraft, now has a large fleet of aircraft. There are 14 planes in the fleet of the company and thanks to these planes, the company flies to many destinations in the world. The company, which expands its aircraft fleet every year, also adds new locations to its flight routes. Thanks to the plane ticket purchased from the company, you can travel in a pleasant and comfortable way.

What are the precautions taken by the company in case of flight delays?

Various delays may occur on the plane tickets you have bought from the company. Flights can be delayed a lot, especially due to adverse weather conditions. The company informs its passengers if the flights are delayed too much. Reaching its passengers through various communication channels, the company asks if the passengers would like to change their flights. Yes, in any case, passengers get the chance to buy tickets for the nearest plane without paying any fees. The company will also make the refund of the passengers who want it without any deduction. In case of delay, a flight reservation is presented to the passengers, which they can use whenever they want, if they do not want a refund.

Is there a refund if the flight is canceled by the company?

Flights scheduled at the company may be canceled due to weather conditions. In case of cancellation of flights, the company informs its passengers via message or e-mail. With the information, passengers are also asked whether they will buy plane tickets again. Passengers who do not want to re-buy their flight ticket will start to see the cost of their canceled flights in their accounts within a week. Hotel accommodation service is also provided by the company to passengers on canceled flights.

Which countries are included in the flights operated by the company?

By purchasing an Air Malta flight ticket, it is possible to fly to many destinations in the world in a pleasant and comfortable way. Turkey, Greece and Italy take the first place among the countries to which flights are carried out by the company. In addition, the company operates direct flights to the United Arab Emirates, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Bulgaria and many countries such as the Netherlands. Thanks to the connecting flights in addition to the direct flights, it is possible to travel to many parts of the world in a pleasant way.

What is the baggage allowance granted to passengers by the company?

Baggage allowance offered to passengers by Air Malta differs between economy class passengers and passengers in classes above economy class. The company allows its passengers who buy economy class tickets to bring cabin baggage up to 10 kilograms in the cabin. Economy class passengers also have a 20 kilogram baggage allowance in the cargo hold. For airline tickets in the upper classes of the economy class, passengers can board with a 15 kilogram cabin baggage in the cabin. In addition to 15 kilograms of cabin baggage, passengers are granted a 30 kilogram baggage allowance to be used in the cargo hold. In addition, the company grants baggage allowance to young children at the same rate as adults.

How to cancel flight tickets bought from the company?

People who buy Air Malta flight tickets may have to cancel their tickets as a result of problems. Persons who want to cancel their tickets can visit the official website of the company for detailed information on how to cancel and refund their tickets. 0 website offers its passengers detailed information on many subjects, from how to cancel and return transactions, to how to make refunds after the realization of these transactions. Persons who have to cancel the tickets they have bought from the company for various reasons, may request the ticket fees from the company as a result of some cuts, depending on how many hours before the flight they cancel. The company also makes some deductions while making a fee payment for cancellations according to the distance traveled.

About Air Malta
Head Office:Malta
Year of foundation:1973
Airplane Count:14
Flying Point Count:37
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