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Antalya Airport

Flights Arriving To Antalya
Istanbul - Antalya
June 1, 2024
2010.6999999999998starting from
Istanbul - Antalya
May 31, 2024
2153.53starting from

It will be possible to reach the city that hosts the most tourists in Turkey by purchasing a flight ticket to Antalya Airport. Antalya Airport has managed to be among the top 20 airports that carry the most passengers in both Turkey and Europe. The airport has managed to increase its passenger carrying capacity every year, thanks to the quality service it offers and the services it provides to its passengers.

About Antalya Airport

It is possible to land at one of Turkey's most popular airports with the Antalya Airport flight ticket purchase process. Antalya Airport is among the airports with the highest number of passengers arriving both in Turkey and in the world. This airport has managed to rank among the top three busiest airports in Turkey and among the top 20 busiest airports in Europe. The airport continues to increase its passenger capacity every year and has managed to attract attention with a passenger carrying capacity of over 7 million during the year.

Antalya Airport is located 13 kilometers away from the city center and is a frequently preferred airport due to its ease of transportation. Since Antalya is one of the tourist spots most visited by both local and foreign tourists, Antalya Airport also operates international flights. It is known that among the flights to Antalya Airport, international flights have a significant share as well as domestic flights. Different means of transportation can be preferred to travel through Antalya Airport, which is called the busiest airport in Turkey, and the city center. To travel between Antalya Airport and the city centres, Havaş buses, buses allocated by the municipality and taxis can be preferred. In addition to all these means of transportation, it will be possible to reach the city center comfortably from the airport thanks to rental cars.

Antalya Airport Frequently Asked Questions

Which Airlines Operate Flights to Antalya Airport?

People who want to reach the city by purchasing an Antalya Airport flight ticket can choose different airlines. Among the airlines preferred by people who want to reach the airport, there are many airline companies, especially Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines and SunExpress. In addition to these airline companies, the world's most popular airlines such as Air Astana, Air Malta and Wizz Air also offer direct flights to Antalya Airport.

From which cities in Turkey can Antalya Airport be reached?

People who want to reach Antalya Airport can choose Turkish Airlines and Anadolujet on domestic flights. People who choose these airlines may have the chance to fly directly to Antalya Airport from many cities, especially Ankara Adana Izmir, Diyarbakır and Erzurum. Among the cities with direct flights to Antalya Airport, it has an important place in cities such as Nicosia, Kayseri and Trabzon.

How to Travel Between the Airport and the City Center?

People who visit Antalya with the Antalya Airport flight ticket purchase process can choose different means of transportation to reach the city center after landing at the airport. Since Antalya Airport is located very close to the city center, it is crowded at all times of the year. Since it is crowded at all times of the year, people visiting the city generally prefer to rent a car. In addition to car rental, it will be possible to travel more comfortably between the airport and the city center thanks to taxis.

What Services Are Offered at Antalya Airport?

Antalya Airport has managed to gain the appreciation of both local and foreign tourists thanks to the services I offer. There are many shops within the airport where passengers can shop, as well as restaurants where they can fill their stomachs. Since Antalya Airport is visited by many people, especially in the summer months, there is even an ice cream stand inside the airport to cool off.

To which destinations abroad are flights organized from Antalya Airport?

Antalya Airport has managed to become one of the busiest airports in Europe thanks to the flights it organizes both domestically and abroad. It is possible to reach Paris, Dubai, Amsterdam, London, New York and Barcelona directly or indirectly from Antalya Airport.

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