Cappadocia Airport Flight Ticket

Cappadocia Airport

It is possible to visit one of Turkey's most popular tourism centers by purchasing a Cappadocia Airport flight ticket. Cappadocia Airport is an airport preferred by tourists because it is close to historical sites such as Ürgüp and Göreme. Especially in the summer and autumn months, this airport looks quite crowded. This airport, preferred by people who want to visit Cappadocia, hosts more than 700,000 passengers annually.

About Cappadocia Airport

People who buy Cappadocia Airport flight tickets can reach Cappadocia with direct flights from different points of Turkey. Cappadocia Airport is an airport with direct flights to cities such as Istanbul and Izmir. This airport, which started operating in 1998, organizes flights to both domestic and international lines. Since domestic and international flights are organized, there are 2 terminal buildings within the airport. Since it was built in 1998, the airport has a very simple and classic appearance. This airport, which hosts Turkey's most important touristic spots, is frequently preferred on weekends, summer holidays or public holidays.

People who purchase Cappadocia Airport flight tickets can purchase tickets for domestic flights at any time of the year and for international flights during the summer months. This airport has the capacity to carry 700,000 passengers per year, but it does not have very crowded aircraft traffic. For this reason, there are no shops or stores for shopping within the airport. People visiting the airport do not have many alternatives if they want to fill their stomachs. People who visit the buffet inside the airport can buy snacks. There is also a small health cabin within the airport. First aid procedures are performed in this health cabin, allowing minor injuries to be treated.

People who reach Nevşehir via Cappadocia Airport buy flight ticket process may want to travel from the airport to the city center. There are many alternatives to travel from the airport to the city center. People who want to leave the airport and visit places such as Ürgüp and Göreme can choose airport shuttles. While it is possible to reach the city center in approximately 20 minutes by airport shuttles, it takes a half-hour journey to reach touristic spots such as Göreme. Since the departure times of the airport shuttles are arranged according to flight times, passengers can easily access the airport shuttles when they get off their planes.

It is possible to pass through the city center, especially if you take the airport shuttle to Göreme. Taxis are preferred to travel from the airport to the city center in a shorter time. Since the airport is 25 kilometers away from the city center, you will not have to pay very high fees when traveling by taxi. In addition, thanks to bargaining, it is possible to reach the city center more cost-effectively by taxi. There is a parking lot for 400 vehicles within the airport that passengers can use. In this way, passengers can also choose their personal vehicles to travel from the city center to the airport.

How to Reach Ürgüp from Cappadocia Airport?

Ürgüp is among the points that attract the most tourists in Nevşehir. Passengers who choose air travel to visit Ürgüp and land at the airport can benefit from airport shuttles. Passengers taking the airport shuttles can reach Ürgüp after a journey of approximately half an hour.

Is Cappadocia Airport Close to the City Center?

Cappadocia Airport is located approximately 25 kilometers from the city center. Therefore, it is necessary to travel for approximately 20 minutes to reach the airport.

Does Cappadocia Airport Operate International Flights?

Cappadocia Airport operates international flights only during the summer months.

Are There Shops for Shopping in Cappadocia Airport?

People visiting Cappadocia may want to buy local products. There are no shops where local souvenirs can be purchased at Cappadocia Airport. Therefore, you can visit the small shops around the airport to buy souvenirs.

During Which Period of the Year Is Cappadocia Airport Busiest?

Cappadocia Airport is a busy airport in the summer months when flights to both domestic and international lines are operated. With the start of the holiday, the airport becomes crowded due to more visits to Cappadocia in the summer months. 

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