Elazığ Airport Flight Ticket

Elazığ Airport

You can reach Elazığ by purchasing a flight ticket from Elazığ Airport. Elazığ is among the cities frequently visited by local and foreign tourists with its historical beauties. After visiting Elazığ, it is possible to explore the natural beauties of the city and have a pleasant time.

About Elazığ Airport

You can travel to Elazığ comfortably by purchasing a flight ticket to Elazığ Airport. The airport started to serve for military purposes in 1940. This airport, which served as a military airport for 20 years, started to organize civilian flights in 1960. The airport, where civilian flights have been organized since 1960, is 12 kilometers away from Elazığ city center. Many transportation options can be preferred to reach the airport, which is located close to the city center. Buses are among the most preferred options for traveling between the airport and the city center.

After landing at the airport with the Elazığ Airport flight ticket option, you can also reach the city center by buses allocated by the municipality. Since the airport is located 12 kilometers away from the city center, it is an airport that can be easily reached by buses. In addition to buses, shuttles provided by aircraft companies can also be used between the airport and the city center. A journey of approximately 15 minutes is sufficient to reach the airport using the shuttles provided by airline companies. It is seen that people who want to reach the airport more comfortably prefer taxis or rental cars.

Elazığ Airport is an airport that hosts both domestic and international flights. The airport hosts more than 1 million passengers a year as it operates flights to both domestic and international flights. It has also been observed that the passenger carrying capacity has been increased every year with the arrangements made within the airport. Thanks to this international airport, flights to international lines are also organized. Among the international flights operated by Elazığ Airport are flights to London, Paris, Munich and Frankfurt. It is also possible to fly directly or indirectly to destinations such as Brussels and Amsterdam.

How to Travel Between Elazığ Airport and the City Center?

After landing at the airport with the Elazığ Airport flight ticket option, you can reach the city center in many ways. Buses allocated by the municipality and services provided by airline companies are among the most preferred transportation methods. In addition, taxis and rental cars can be preferred for a more comfortable journey between the airport and city centers.

Does Elazığ Airport Operate International Flights?

Elazığ Airport organizes flights to both domestic and international lines. Among the international flights operated from the airport, flights to Paris and London stand out. In addition, thanks to the connecting flights operated at this airport, it is possible to reach cities such as Brussels, Amsterdam and Cologne.

Are there cafes inside Elazığ Airport?

There are various cafes at Elazığ Airport for passengers to eat while waiting. While it is known that fast food products are sold in cafes, there are also cafes that sell traditional delicacies. People who visit these cafes can taste local Diyarbakır delicacies.

Are There Waiting Areas at Elazığ Airport?

There are many waiting areas at Elazığ Airport that allow you to wait comfortably. In these waiting areas, passengers are served by taking into consideration the superior service quality. Thanks to this service, passengers have the chance to rest while waiting for their plane.

Do passenger shuttles operate within Elazığ Airport?

Passenger shuttles are provided by airline companies within Elazığ Airport. Thanks to the passenger shuttles that operate immediately after the flights, different points of Diyarbakır can be reached safely. People who want to be informed about when the passenger services depart can visit the offices of the company from which they purchased their flight tickets.

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