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Ethiopian Airlines

By purchasing an Ethiopian Airlines flight ticket, the first step can be taken for a pleasant and comfortable journey. This Ethiopia-based company has managed to become one of the airline companies carrying the highest number of passengers both in its country and in the African continent. The company has succeeded in providing customer satisfaction with the services it offers and its friendly staff.

About Ethiopian Airlines

People who buy Ethiopian Airlines flight tickets can participate in flights operated by the company to different points of the world. Established in 1945, this company has managed to become one of the largest airline companies in both Ethiopia and its region. With the plane tickets purchased from the company, it is possible to fly to 43 different countries and more than 120 destinations in these countries. The company is headquartered in the Ethiopian capital and has a fleet of more than one hundred aircraft. Thanks to the service it provides, the company has also managed to win many awards in the aviation industry around the world. Located in the African Continent, this airline company provides all kinds of support for the continent's economic and social development. Thanks to the plane tickets purchased from the company, it is possible to contribute to the social responsibility projects carried out by the company.

How to choose a seat?

People who buy Ethiopian Airlines flight tickets must make their seat reservations. Seat selection, that is, seat reservation, is a service that you can do when purchasing your ticket or during online check-in. The features of the seats in the economy class and the seats above the economy class are separated from each other. The seats in the economy class are standard seats and it is possible to choose a seat by choosing one of the window side or aisle options during seat selection. Seats above the economy class have areas such as knee width and legroom extension. Passengers can choose their seats free of charge according to their class.

What can be done to buy plane tickets from the company?

People who want to buy flight tickets from the company can visit the company's website. After making the necessary filters on the website, you can access a list of flights to the destination you want to fly to in a short time. From this list, you can complete the ticket purchase process by selecting the flight that best fits the time zone you want to travel. Payment of the ticket fee in online ticket purchases is possible by credit or debit card.

Is Catering Service Provided to Passengers by the Company?

Passengers who buy a flight ticket from the company can benefit from the food and beverages offered by the company free of charge during their journey. The company offers its passengers different menus depending on the class of the plane ticket they have purchased, and allows the customers to access the foods included in these menus free of charge. In addition, the company offers free tea, coffee and breakfast to passengers on all flights. The company also serves hot meals as dinner to its passengers on long flights.

What are the cities that can be visited with the plane tickets bought from the company?

There are more than 120 cities among the cities that can be visited with the plane tickets to be purchased from the company. The company has made it possible to fly to 43 countries, either directly or via connecting flights, thanks to the flights carried out on both domestic and international routes. Among the cities that can be visited with plane tickets to be bought from the company, there are many cities such as Dakar, Stockholm, Rome Milan Moscow London Oslo. In addition to these European cities, you can fly to many countries in Africa thanks to the plane ticket purchased from the company. In addition, the company organizes most of its flights to countries such as the United States and India.

How Much is Free Baggage Allowance Offered by the Company?

People who are going to buy Ethiopian Airlines flight tickets are curious about the baggage allowance offered by the company. The maximum weight that passengers can carry has been determined by the company as 32 kilograms. This weight of 32 kilograms is valid for passengers who have purchased tickets above economy class. The baggage allowance of people who buy an economy class flight ticket is 23 kilograms.

The company has also determined that the sum of the length, width and height of the suitcases to be used during the journey should not exceed 158 centimeters. It is not possible to accept and board baggage over 158 centimeters during check-in. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that the baggage to be taken is not wrapped in blankets or in an irregular shape. It is not possible to take any baggage that does not comply with the restrictions determined by the company.

About Ethiopian Airlines
Head Office:Addis Ababa
Year of foundation:1945
Airplane Count:140
Flying Point Count:120
Flying Country Count:43
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