Malatya Airport Flight Ticket

Malatya Airport

It is possible to reach Malatya faster by purchasing a Malatya Airport flight ticket. This airport, which has been in service since 1941, hosts both domestic and international flights. People who want to visit Malatya and the provinces surrounding Malatya can quickly reach their desired destinations by landing at this airport.

About Malatya Airport

People who purchase a Malatya Airport flight ticket land at the airport, which has civil aviation status. This airport, whose construction was completed in 1941, organizes flights to many cities of Turkey. Just as domestic flights have been organized from the airport, there have also been flights to international lines since 2007. The airport, which became open to international flights in 2007, has been organizing flights to cities such as Frankfurt and Düsseldorf for many years. There is a single terminal building within the airport, where domestic and international flights are organized. The airport hosts areas such as cafes and buffets so that passengers can have a pleasant time while waiting for their planes. There are also car rental offices within the airport so that people who get off the plane can reach their hotels or homes. There is a health unit in case of health problems and units such as information desks are available at the airport so that passengers can ask any questions they may have.

People who arrive at Malatya Airport via the buy flight ticket process land at the airport, which is 34 kilometers away from the city center. This airport has been able to transport more than 1 million passengers thanks to the flights it has organized to domestic and international lines since 2014. Located close to the city center, the airport is located within the borders of Akçadağ district. There are many alternatives to get from the airport to the city center, and thanks to these alternatives, transportation to the airport can be provided.

People who purchase Malatya Airport flight tickets can reach the airport with their own vehicles. Since there is a private open car park for passengers within the airport, passengers do not need to look for a place to park their vehicles. Taxis, which are available 24 hours a day, can also be preferred to reach the airport. Taxis will be the fastest option and will make it possible to reach the airport within half an hour, considering the density of traffic. Havaş buses also operate between the city center and the airport. These buses are preferred because they are cost-effective. It takes a 45-minute journey to reach the airport from the city center using Havaş buses. People who want to reach the city center comfortably from the airport can visit the car rental offices at the airport. Renting a car is frequently preferred for transportation because it is cost-effective and more comfortable.

Does Malatya Airport Operate International Flights?

Malatya Airport is an airport that hosts both domestic and international flights. It is possible to travel to cities such as Frankfurt and Düsseldorf from this airport.

How to Reach Malatya Airport in the Fastest Way?

The fastest methods to reach Malatya Airport are taxis and rental cars. People who do not have a driver's license can reach the airport in a short time by using taxis. People with a driver's license can choose rental cars to reach the airport and have the chance to reach the airport comfortably.

In which district is Malatya Airport located?

Malatya Airport is located in the Akçadağ district of Malatya. This district is 34 kilometers away from the city center and many transportation options can be chosen from the airport to the city center.

Is There Parking at Malatya Airport?

There is an open car park within Malatya Airport that passengers can use. In this way, it is aimed that passengers can reach the airport using their own vehicles.

How Many Passengers Does Malatya Airport Host Every Year?

Malatya Airport hosts more than 1 million passengers annually with its flights to domestic and international lines.

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