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Ukraine Airlines

Ukraine Airlines

By purchasing a Ukraine Airlines flight ticket, you can take the first step for a pleasant and comfortable journey. This airline company, which started to serve based in Ukraine, has managed to become one of the airlines carrying the highest number of passengers both in Ukraine and in the world. The company was founded in 1992 and since its establishment, it has expanded its fleet of aircraft and added new ones among the routes it flies every year.

About Ukraine Airlines

Thanks to the Ukraine Airlines flight ticket purchase process, you can fly to many destinations in the world in a pleasant and comfortable way. The firm was founded in 1992 in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and the firm's headquarters is still located in Kiev, Ukraine. Since the day it was founded, the company has both managed to develop itself and bought state-of-the-art passenger planes to its fleet. Thanks to the plane tickets purchased from the company, it is possible to travel to more than 80 different destinations in the world with an experienced airline company and its friendly staff.

Does Ukraine Airlines offer additional baggage allowance to its passengers?

Passengers are provided with hand luggage and baggage allowance to be carried in the cargo section on plane tickets purchased from the company. Although hand luggage is determined the same for all passengers, it is seen that the luggage to be carried in the cargo area varies between 23 kilograms and 32 kilograms. Passengers have the right to take extra baggage if the baggage allowance offered by the company is not sufficient for them. In order to buy extra baggage, it is possible to visit the website of the company or to get additional baggage at the airport controls for an extra fee to be paid from the company officials.

What are the paid and free treats on flights operated by the company?

Depending on the duration of the flight, Ukrainian Airlines offers free and paid refreshments to passengers during the flight. The only treat offered by the company under the category of free to passengers is water. All alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks except water are subject to an extra charge. In addition to drinks, food is not offered free of charge, so passengers have to pay an extra fee to eat the food they want.

How many planes are in the company's fleet and what are the models of these planes?

Ukraine Airlines has 39 passenger planes in its fleet. The aircraft in the fleet of the company are Boeing brand and Embrayer brand passenger aircraft. 34 of the planes in the company's fleet consist of Boeing brand passenger planes. The remaining 5 passenger aircraft are Embrayer 190 model passenger aircraft. The company adds new aircraft to its fleet every year. Thanks to the aircraft added to the aircraft fleet of the company, new destinations are added every year.

How to choose a seat for passenger tickets bought from Ukraine Airlines?

You can select the seats for the tickets you have purchased with the Ukraine Airlines flight ticket purchase, on the company's website. You can manually select a seat from the tab on the company's website. However, the point you should pay attention to when choosing a seat is that you have to pay an extra fee in order to choose the seats with the special phrase. In addition, it is not possible to choose the seats next to the exit doors. You can choose all seats free of charge, except for the seats next to the exit doors and the seats with a special sign.

Does the company charge ticketing service fee from its passengers?

By purchasing a Ukrainian Airlines flight ticket, you can enjoy flights to more than 80 different destinations around the world. On flights operated by the company, passengers wonder whether they will pay an extra fee for ticketing. Ukraine Airlines allocates an extra ticketing fee from its passengers under the heading of ticketing fee. Depending on the flight distance of the passengers, the ticketing service fee may differ. If passengers do not pay the ticketing service fee, they cannot have their plane tickets and therefore cannot board the plane. 

About Ukraine Intl Airlines
Head Office:Kiev
Year of foundation:1992
Airplane Count:39
Flying Point Count:80
Flying Country Count:-
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