Yüksekova Selahaddin Eyyubi Airport Flight Ticket

Yüksekova Selahaddin Eyyubi Airport

It becomes possible to reach Hakkari faster by purchasing a flight ticket to Yüksekova Selahaddin Eyyubi Airport. People who want to travel to Hakkari should prefer to buy a flight ticket if they want to travel both more comfortably and faster. Thanks to the flights organized from different points of Turkey, it will be possible to reach Hakkari and land at the airport located here. After landing in Hakkari, it is possible to go on a tour to discover the historical and natural beauties in the city.

About Yüksekova Selahaddin Eyyubi Airport

People who buy a Yüksekova Selahaddin Eyyubi Airport flight ticket land in Yüksekova, which is considered one of the most developed districts of Hakkari. This airport, located in Yüksekova, started its flights in 2015. This airport, which operated flights in 2015, had to suspend flights for a period of time as a result of some conflicts in the region. After a break of about a year, the airport was put into operation again and continued to organize flights to different points of Turkey.

You can easily reach the city center after landing in Yüksekova district of Hakkari with the Yüksekova Selahaddin Eyyubi Airport flight ticket option. This airport is located approximately 90 kilometers away from the city center and is located in a location that is easily accessible by different public transportation vehicles. Minibuses are generally preferred to cover the 90 kilometer distance between the airport and the city center. The point that people who want to travel by minibuses should know is that minibuses operate twice a day. For this reason, it is necessary to have information about the departure times in order to use the minibuses to go to the airport or return from the airport. Thanks to these minibuses, you can travel between the airport and the city center in approximately one and a half hours. It is also possible to use taxis and rental cars to travel between the airport and the city center.

People who land in Hakkari with the Yüksekova Selahaddin Eyyubi Airport flight ticket option can also benefit from the facilities offered to passengers at the airport. This airport was built on a small area and since it serves from a single terminal building, it is not an airport where many activities can be carried out. There are areas such as parking areas and health rooms around the airport. Since it is not possible to make transactions with an ATM at the airport, it is recommended to withdraw cash in the town center or city center before arriving at the airport.

Is Yüksekova Selahaddin Eyyubi Airport Close to the City Center?

Yüksekova Selahaddin Eyyubi Airport is located in Yüksekova district of Hakkari, so it is quite far from the city center. To reach the airport, which is approximately 90 kilometers away from the city center, a minimum of 1 hour of driving is required.

How to get to the airport?

It is not possible to use buses to reach the airport. For this reason, the most logical way to travel between the airport and the city center is to use minibuses. In addition to minibuses, the airport can be easily reached by using taxis and rental cars.

What Facilities Are Offered to Passengers at the Airport?

Among the facilities offered to passengers at Yüksekova Selahaddin Eyyubi Airport, baby care rooms and waiting rooms can be listed first. You can also access buffets at this airport where you can enjoy eating and drinking activities and cafes to wait for your flight.

How Long Has Yüksekova Selahaddin Eyyubi Airport Been in Service?

Yüksekova Selahaddin Eyyubi Airport started its operations in 2015 and has been operating since then. From time to time, the airport may be closed to flights due to conflicts in the region.

Where are flights from Yüksekova Selahaddin Eyyubi Airport?

Since Yüksekova Selahaddin Eyyubi Airport serves with a single terminal building, domestic flights are organized from this airport. Especially Istanbul and Ankara are the cities with the most flights from this airport. 

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