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By purchasing an Artvin Ses Turizm bus ticket, you can have the chance to travel to many oak provinces and districts in Turkey. This company, which provides service with its friendly staff, does its best for its customers to have a comfortable journey.

About Artvin Ses Tourism

Artvin Ses Tourism is a company that has been serving since 2012. Established in the center of Artvin, this company has started to serve many provinces and districts of Turkey. Being a young company, it follows the developments in the sector and tries to provide a service compatible with technology. Among the places that can travel with the company are Eskişehir, Rize, Samsun, Ankara and Bursa. The company carries out land transportation to these provinces and districts in these provinces.

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Artvin Ses Turizm started to work as a local bus company. Founded by Turan Yelken in 2012, the company has adopted an innovative approach since then. Serving with its experienced employees, the company joined forces with Kamil Koç in 2020. Artvin Ses Turizm's buses started to serve on behalf of Kamil Koç company. Artvin Ses Turizm has become the Artvin branch of the well-established Kamil Koç company.

Vehicle Features

By purchasing Artvin Ses Turizm bus ticket, you can travel comfortably between cities. The company has 11 buses in its fleet. These buses in the fleet are young and technological vehicles. Artvin Ses Tourism also strives for the satisfaction of its customers in the vehicle. When the company's buses are examined, their wide-spaced and comfortable seats draw attention. The state-of-the-art television screens placed on each seat are also designed so that customers can have a pleasant journey. Headphones compatible with the TV screens on the seats are also distributed to customers. In addition, all buses of the company have free wifi. The company, which serves its passengers with an open buffet, draws attention with its fresh food and beverages.

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