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By purchasing a Bayburt Turizm bus ticket, you can have the chance to travel with the tourism company founded by Ekrem Seyhan. The tourism company, which always provides a luxurious service to satisfy its customers and always prioritizes safety in its flights to different destinations, has been one of the pioneers of the sector for many years. 

About Bayburt Tourism

Today, the tourism company managed by Süleyman Seyhan and attracting attention with being the first bus company of the city of Bayburt, has been serving since 1970. The tourism company, which draws attention with the services they provide with its friendly staff and is preferred due to its professional team in the passenger transportation sector, has always had an innovative service approach. 

Bayburt Travel, which attracts attention with its rich vehicle fleet and luxury vehicles, as well as serving many different destinations, is among the companies that have been one of the pioneers of the sector since its establishment. 

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• Title: Luxury Bayburt Tourism

• Address: Büyük İstanbul Bus Terminal, Platform:11, İstanbul/Türkiye

• Phone: 444 69 69

• E-mail: [email protected] 

Bayburt Tourism Vehicle Features

It is possible to say that there are many different topics that are curious and researched about Bayburt tourism. Vehicle features are among the most frequently asked questions. The tourism company, which draws attention with its investments in its vehicles, prefers the Mercedes brand in all of its vehicles. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that the journeys they make with their own fleet of vehicles, all of which are luxurious, take place and are completed with great comfort and confidence. 

Bayburt Turizm bus tickets can be purchased online or through the dealers located at the bus station, or you can make reservations. The tourism company, which continues to serve with many different possibilities in order to realize completely comfortable journeys, and attracts attention with many different treats on the bus during the journeys, always keeps the wishes and needs of its guests in the first place.

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Year of foundation:1970
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