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Gever Turizm, the tourism company that draws attention with its flights to many different destinations in Turkey and where you will have the chance to travel by taking advantage of the bus ticket opportunities, has been continuing its services since 2006. With the tourism company operating as a tour operator and attracting attention as a Group A travel agency, it would not be wrong to state that while it is possible to make completely reliable and comfortable trips to many different destinations, they have many different features that enable passengers to choose themselves. 

About Gever Tourism

Gever Tourism, which was established in 2006 and continues to serve as a first class travel company today, has become one of the most preferred companies in recent years. The company, which continues to serve in both summer and winter seasons, and attracts attention because it carries out not only domestic but also international tours, always provides service with its friendly and professional staff in order to ensure the continuity of quality service. 

The company, which attracts attention because it provides different services such as bus transfer and plane transfer, and has become one of the most preferred companies in recent years because it does not lag behind technological developments, has become the choice of those who want to have a safe and stable journey. 

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• Title: Gever Tourism

• Address: Aydın Perihan Mall A Blok Kat:6 No:81, İpekyolu/Van, Turkey

• Telephone: 0 530 280 11 16 

Gever Tourism Vehicle Features

The tourism company, which does not lag behind any technological innovations to satisfy its customers and continues to serve with its own luxury vehicle fleet, has become a remarkable company with its flights to many different destinations not only in Turkey but also in the world. The tourism company, which provides many different opportunities to make long journeys more comfortable and enjoyable, and especially attracts attention with the features inside the buses, continues to burn their journeys with completely luxury vehicles. You can also take advantage of the Gever Turizm bus ticket opportunities to travel to different destinations in Turkey or abroad.

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Year of foundation:2006
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Rahat Koltuk