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By taking advantage of Kaptanoğlu Travel's bus ticket opportunities, you can get the chance to travel with the most preferred tourism company of recent years, and thus you can make completely safe trips to many different points of Turkey. Kaptanoğlu Travel, known as a regional company that organizes flights to Istanbul, Bursa, Samsun, Ordu and Giresun provinces and districts, is a company that has been in the sector for many years. The company, which provides services in road transportation and never lags behind technological developments, offers a very important and advantageous service in terms of passenger safety and comfort. 

About Kaptanoğlu Travel

Kaptanoğlu Travel, which was established in Giresun in 1967 and preferred to remain a regional company, is now managed by Şafak Kaptanoğlu. The company, which is preferred because it organizes flights to various cities and districts and transports its passengers to the point they request in complete safety, always keeps passenger safety and comfort in the first place. In order not to lag behind the technological developments in the sector for many years, the company, which is always following, provides first-class service in road passenger transportation. 

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• Title: Kaptanoğlu Travel

• Address: Merkez Mah. Municipality Bus Station, Espiye/Giresun, Türkiye

• Telephone: 0 454 611 41 80

• E-mail: [email protected] 

Kaptanoğlu Travel Vehicle Features

Kaptanoğlu Ssyahat, which continues to serve with its own fleet of vehicles and luxury vehicles, includes many different possibilities such as air conditioning and television in the vehicles. In addition, many different services are provided during their journey, as the factors that the passengers may need during the journey are taken into consideration. Thanks to Kaptanoğlu Travel bus ticket, you can have the chance to travel with their own luxury vehicle fleet. The company, which always prioritizes customer satisfaction for completely reliable and peaceful journeys, provides services that will make pleasant journeys possible.

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