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Mersin Travel Tourism

You can go on a comfortable journey by buying a Mersin Travel tourism bus ticket. By traveling with Mersin Travel tourism, you can have the opportunity to travel with an innovative company. Although this company initially served as a local company, it has started to organize flights to many points in Turkey today.

About Mersin Travel Tourism

Mersin Travel Tourism has been serving since 2017. This company, which started to serve in Mersin, renewed its vehicles in a short time and increased the number of vehicles. Among the cities that can be visited within the company are cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Aksaray, Kocaeli, Sakarya, Bursa and Eskişehir. The company has also managed to organize expeditions in the districts of these provinces.

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Mersin Travel Tourism was founded in 2017 by Erdal Çetin. Established in Mersin, this company started to organize flights to different points of Turkey in a short time. Today, this company, which serves with 26 vehicles, has innovative buses. The average age of the company's buses does not exceed 3 years. The company, which provides service with quality bus brands, has also managed to attract attention with its innovative aspect.

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You can travel to different cities and districts of Turkey by purchasing a Mersin Travel tourism bus ticket. The company has 26 buses in its fleet. When the features of these buses are examined, it is stated that customer satisfaction is kept in the first place. The company aims to enable its customers to have a more comfortable journey with comfortable seats. The TV screens on each seat allow customers to watch the programs on TV. The company, which provides service with its buses, which are 3 years old on average, also draws attention with its technological features such as internet and USB input. Internet service at 3G speed is provided in all vehicles of the company. The company, which offers its customers an open buffet during the journey, offers food and beverage. The company, which also considers customers who want to read while traveling, has combined reading lamps on each seat.

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