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Şırnak city, which you will reach with Şırnak bus ticket opportunities, is located in the Southeastern Anatolia Region as it is known. The city, which also has a border line with the countries of Iraq and Syria, covers an area of 7 thousand 172 kilometers. The city, which has a long history and dates back to before Noah's Flood, was therefore first established with the name of Şehr-i Noah. Later, the city was called by names such as Kürdara Şırnak and Şerneh.

The average amount of precipitation in the city, where the effects of terrestrial climate are felt, was measured as 830 mm. In the summer months, when the temperatures increase more, especially in July and August, the temperatures hover around 26-27 degrees. When the winter months come, the average temperatures in the city decrease by one degree. Şırnak, which is both historically rich and preferred as the cradle of cultural civilizations, therefore offers many places and structures to visit. In addition to various mosques and churches, madrasas are quite numerous in the city. You should definitely take a look at Sirnak bus ticket deals and plan your trip to explore all these places and much more. In addition, it is recommended to spend at least 2 days in the city to fully explore the city.

Kasrik Strait

Kasrik Strait, which is always in the first place among the places to visit in Şırnak, offers an almost postcard appearance. It is known that this place, which fascinates everyone who sees it, is both a gateway and home to excellent nature views. In addition, there are 18 different plant species and 141 different animal species in the region.

Belkısana Spa

Belkısana Spa, which is located on the banks of the Tigris River and has an important place among the places to visit in Şırnak, is home to healing waters with a temperature of exactly 67 degrees. There are plenty of calcium and sulfide at the call of these waters. It is known that the hot spring water, which is flooded by many domestic and foreign tourists, is good for gynecological diseases and skin diseases, especially rheumatism diseases. In addition, the availability of accommodation options here allows you to stay here as long as you wish. By including it here in your plans, you can both benefit from the natural waters and explore the Tigris river.

Emerald Spa

The thermal springs, which are approximately 7 km away from the Beytüşşebap district of Şırnak province, have waters with a temperature of 39 degrees. It is known that these waters are good for rheumatism and various skin diseases, just like Belkısana hot spring water. Apart from these diseases, you can also consider visiting this place to benefit from the hot spring waters, which are known to be good for many diseases. Thanks to the fact that the surroundings of the hot springs are covered with various tree species, you can breathe plenty of oxygen.

Mount Judi

Mount Cudi is located between Şırnak and Silopi and has a height of 2.114 meters. It is possible to find traces of civilizations. The mountain, which is mentioned abundantly in the Qur'an and historical sources, has been described as the first of the settlements throughout the history of humanity. You can choose to visit this place to see the majestic view of the mountain closely and to witness the historical ruins.

Mount Kupeli

The mountain, which is located on the Southeast Taurus Mountains, is popular both because the Tigris River passes through its west and south, and because there are many more different ones in its northern part. The mountain, which is covered with oak forests and juniper, is restricted from being open to human use for security reasons. You can be together with different experiences by thinking of visiting the mountain, which will fascinate everyone who sees it with its untouched wide living spaces, oak forests and steep cliffs that offer magnificent views. It is also known that many animal species such as mountain goats and rabbits live on this mountain.

Finik Ruins

Finik Ruins is located approximately 40 km from the city center and it is very easy to reach here by private vehicles. In addition, it is possible to reach here with the district minibuses that depart every half an hour over the Şırnak Bus Station. In this place, whose history dates back to ancient times, you can come across both various rooms carved into the rocks and many striking paintings. There are also surrounding streams and Finik Castle in the place that must be visited in order to closely examine the historical development of the city and to get a cultural satisfaction.

Cizre Castle

Located in the town of Şırnak with the same name, this castle is 38 km from the city center. The castle, which is known to have been built in the previous 4 years, roman emperor It was built by the The castle, which has an imposing 3-storey appearance, has 360 rooms in total and it is known that each of these rooms serves a different purpose. It is also known that the rooms owned were also home to the headquarters of the state administration. You can get the opportunity to explore the surroundings by adding this place to your travel plans and entering it completely free of charge.

Virgin Mary Church

The Virgin Mary Church is 65 km from the center of Şırnak. This church is one of the important historical buildings that must be seen by those who visit this city. The church, which is not known by whom it was built and has an important place among the qualities in which Christianity was accepted, is closed to worship today, but can be visited. The church is also known as the Mor Yuhan Church. Entry is free.

Noah's Tomb

This place, which has an important place when it comes to faith tourism in Turkey, is dedicated to the Prophet Noah and is located 40 km from the center of the city. The Noah Mosque was added to the tomb of the Prophet Noah, which is located in the basement of the Prophet Noah Mosque. The tomb, which can be visited every day of the week at any time, can be accessed from a large mosque courtyard. You should definitely consider visiting this place, which has an important place in terms of historical and religious tourism.

Red Madrasa

It is easy to reach the madrasah, which must be visited in order to witness the history of the city closely and to closely examine many buildings with different architectural features. Although not all of the works belonging to the period of the Cizre principality, one of the principalities that dominated the region, have survived to the present day, they have survived by preserving the structure of the madrasa. Red colored bricks were preferred in the construction of the madrasah, which is estimated to have been built in the 14th century, and therefore the madrasa began to be known as the Red Madrasa. One of the reasons why this place is so important is that it is known as the second University in the world. This place fascinates everyone with its impressive architectural features and historical reflections. You can also include Red Madrasah in your travel plans. Moreover, you can easily reach here via Şırnak Bus Terminal.

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