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Kocaeli, the 3rd largest city in the Marmara Region after Istanbul and Bursa, is one of the cities with the most developed industry. You can learn more about the city and its life by visiting Kocaeli, which is as popular as Istanbul and Bursa in its region and is a city rich in natural beauties. Transportation can also be easily accomplished by purchasing a Kocaeli flight ticket.

Information About Kocaeli, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

Although Kocaeli is the sixth smallest province in Turkey, its population exceeds 2 million. Kocaeli, which connects Asia and Europe due to its geographical location, has an important location for Türkiye. The fact that the city has coasts on the Marmara and Black Seas ensures that tourism activities develop day by day, and that both the Mediterranean and Black Sea climate effects are seen in the city. The fact that a part of Sapanca Lake remains within the borders of Kocaeli will increase tourism activities.

Due to the advantages of its geographical location, the history of the city dates back to ancient times. As a result of excavations conducted in the region, the first settlement dates back to the 8th century BC. Astakoz, one of the settlements established in Kocaeli and its immediate surroundings, was named Nicomedia during the Roman Period and became the capital of the Roman Empire for a while. The region, which was greatly damaged by devastating earthquakes in ancient times, came under the rule of the Anatolian Seljuks in the later period of history and gradually increased its historical importance with Iznik being declared the capital for a while.

Although Kocaeli, which is Turkey's third most developed city in terms of industry after Istanbul and Ankara, has climate conditions suitable for agriculture in the Marmara Region, the number of agricultural lands is quite low. Although wheat, oats, tobacco, barley and sunflower products are mainly grown in the city, industry in the region is much more developed than agriculture. 18 of Turkey's 100 largest industrial enterprises are located in Kocaeli. The amount of national income per capita is also quite high in the province, which has industrialization activities in fields such as paper, chemistry and automotive. Abundant vegetables and fruits are grown around Izmit Bay, which is the most suitable region for agricultural activities in the city. The forest density of the city is quite high. 40 percent of the provincial borders are covered with forests.

Kocaeli is rich with the natural beauties of the Marmara climate and topography, and is also home to many historically valuable works. Many historical and natural beauties of the city can be discovered by purchasing Kocaeli flight tickets. One of these, Serindere Canyon, has 6 waterfalls. Serindere Canyon, which ranks among the top daily excursion destinations for nature lovers, is also one of the indispensable addresses for adventure lovers with its very challenging tracks. There are also areas suitable for camping in its lush and rocky nature.

Pink Rocks are another must-see natural beauty of the city with their very interesting geological structure. The fact that the rocks are pink in color and that although they are soft in water, they harden after being removed, made them widely used in architectural structures during the Ottoman Period. Pink Rocks, where nature tourism is actively experienced with its seaside location, can be entered from the Kandıra exit on the TEM road via the Izmit road.

Bayramoğlu Peninsula, which fascinates its visitors with both its historical past and natural beauties, is one of the most valuable settlements in Kocaeli. The climate change is felt immediately upon entering the island, its streets have wooden tunnel passages and its structure remains cool even in the summer months. It fascinates its visitors.

Another natural beauty of the city, the Summer Thermal Spring, is one of the natural values ​​left over from the Eastern Roman Empire Period and is frequently visited because its flowing water is good for psoriasis and stomach disorders. You can spend pleasant hours swimming in running water. One of the most ideal places for swimming is Altın Kemer Beach, which has received the Blue Flag in different years. You can have pleasant times in the amphitheater and the deep blue sea in the region, which is free from the industrial pollution of the city. One of the most striking natural beauties of the city is Denize Sevgi Park located in Darıca. The park, which is designed for the public to relax, have fun while wandering and have a pleasant time, includes arrangements such as viewing balconies, ship models, walking paths, cafes, restaurants and children's playgrounds. By purchasing a flight ticket to Kocaeli, the natural beauties of the city can be visited during suitable seasons with easy transportation.

Along with the natural beauties of the city, there are also interesting historical structures that need to be explored. The plan of the Historical Train Station, one of these structures and located in Izmit, was drawn by German Otto Ritter. The station, which was the reception center of many important statesmen, including Atatürk, during its years of service, is today used as a museum, while part of it is used by the Kocaeli Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Center. Used by the Uma Regional Board.

Another historical value of the city is the Ancient Aqueduct from the Roman Period. The arch located in Üçtepeler, İzmit also bears traces from the Byzantine and Ottoman periods. One of the Ottoman period works of the city is the Portakal Hafız Mansion. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk stayed in this mansion due to his meetings with a French journalist. Located close to the center, the mansion can also be visited on foot. Due to the deep-rooted history of the city, Saraylı Village Houses, where artifacts from the Roman Period are abundant, can also be visited. It has interesting structures to examine the architecture using wood and plaster.

Trips to the city with Kocaeli flight ticket purchase transactions can be further enriched culturally with fairs and museums. For this purpose, industry and industrial products can be examined closely by visiting Kocaeli Fairground. The life of the Ottoman and Turkish naval forces can be closely examined by visiting the Gölcük Municipality Yarhisar Museum Ship. The museum, which has the title of Turkey's first and only land-based surface warship museum, can be visited free of charge five days a week.

When visiting Kocaeli, you can try different local delicacies such as stuffed turkey, cizlama, Kandıra pita with mancar, umaç soup, and roasted liver, which are among the famous dishes of the city. Desserts such as höşmerim and regrettiye, which are identified with the region, can also be taken as gifts. You can try the famous village breakfast in Kartepe Ketenciler Village.

How to Get to the Airport?

Kocaeli Cengiz Topel Airport is located very close to the city center, 15 km away. Different methods can be used to get to the airport from the city center. For this purpose, minibuses or buses serviced by the municipality may be preferred. However, taxi or airport transfer vehicle services can also be preferred.

Adapazarı İzmit road can be preferred to reach the airport from İzmit and Gölcük by private vehicle, Northern Marmara Highway can be preferred to reach the airport from Gebze, and Anatolian Highway can be preferred to reach the airport from the Gulf.

Transportation to Kocaeli

You can choose to travel to Kocaeli by sea, railway, land or air. Kocaeli Cengiz Topel Airport can be preferred for air transportation, and trains reaching Izmit can be preferred for railway transportation. For sea travel, sea voyages between Istanbul and Izmit can be preferred, and for road transportation, highways connecting from different cities can be preferred.Airlines with Flights to Kocaeli

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What is Kocaeli famous for?

The most famous foods of Kocaeli are piskiye, Kandıra yoghurt, Eşme quince, Maşukiye pear, Değirmendere hazelnut and Yarımca cherry.

Can I Reach Kocaeli by Air?

Thanks to Kocaeli Cengiz Topel Airport, you can reach Kocaeli by plane.

When to Go to Kocaeli?

Since Kocaeli is quite crowded during travel seasons, the best time period is off-season, at the beginning of the season or at the end of the season. You can also have a comfortable trip during transition seasons.

How far is Kocaeli Cengiz Topel Airport from the City Center?

The airport is located 15 km away from the city center and 30 km away from the center of Adapazarı.

What are the Must-See Places in Kocaeli?

Kocaeli is home to many natural beauties with its Marmara and Black Sea climate. The main must-see places are Yuvacık/Kirazdere Dam, Kocaeli Plateaus, İzmit, Kerpe/Kandıra and Ballıkayalar Nature Park.

Is There a University in Kocaeli?

There are two state universities in Kocaeli, namely Kocaeli University and Gebze Technical University, and one foundation university, Kocaeli Health and Technology University.

How is Kocaeli Nightlife?

Since there are three universities in Kocaeli, the young population is also quite high. For this reason, the nightlife is lively. There are many live music and entertainment venues, especially in Izmit.

How far is Kocaeli from major cities?

The distance between Kocaeli and Ankara is 345 km, the distance between Kocaeli and Izmir is 456 km, the distance between Kocaeli and Istanbul is 108 km, and the distance between Kocaeli and Bursa is 132 km.

What can be done in Kocaeli?

Kocaeli has many natural beauties with its plateaus, forests, waterfalls and rivers. There are many locations in Kocaeli where you can get away from the chaotic city life and be in touch with nature.

What are the Culture and Art activities in Kocaeli?

Due to its dense population, cultural and artistic events are held regularly in Kocaeli. Cultural and artistic life is actively experienced in Kocaeli with local food and folk song events, spring festivals, forest product tastings and cultural center activities.

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