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New Delhi, which you can travel directly from Turkey with a New Delhi airport flight ticket, is an unforgettable city for those who want to visit authentic places. Delhi, which has a very large and complex structure, is known as an amazing and interesting place with its historical and ethnic structures. It offers unforgettable experiences to its guests from all over the world.

New Delhi is one of the largest cities in the world and is located in northern India, a country in South Asia. It is among the most important cities for India. It is one of the largest cities in the world with a population of 20 million. It has a very surprising and complex urban structure. It also attracts attention as one of the oldest and most cosmopolitan cities in the world. In addition to the historical texture, it is possible to see the 20th century texture all over the city.

New Delhi is very rich in terms of places to visit and tourist attractions. Since it hosts many beliefs, it has temples, large parks, museums and many cultural activities. It is also a very rich city in terms of tourism resources. Hotels where you can stay in Delhi allow you to stay in the city. Since it is a big city, there are many accommodation options. New Delhi is an ideal region for cheap shopping and souvenir shopping. There are many markets and bazaars in the city where you can find ethnic products and souvenirs.

Transportation within the city is quite complicated, but many alternative routes can be found. Unlike Turkey, rickshaws are used alongside vehicles such as metro, taxi and minibus. These vehicles, called rickshaws by the local people, are tricycles or motorcycles. Rickshaws are widely used for transportation within the city.

Red Fort

The Red Fort in Delhi is very important as it is where the Mughal dynasty lived and ruled the country for 200 years. The Red Castle, which is among the must-see places for visitors, is the building where the most important decisions of the city are made. The use of red sandstone during its construction gave the structure a reddish color. The Red Fort takes its name from this reddish color.

The Red Fort, one of the masterpieces of the Mughal dynasty with its innovative architecture, is also important because it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Red Fort is open to visitors on all days except Mondays.

Jama Mosque

Jama Mosque, which is located in a location where you can see it with your Delhi flight ticket, is considered to be the largest mosque in Delhi. Jama Mosque was built by Mughal King Shah Jahan and was designed to accommodate 25,000 people at a time. The construction of the huge structure was completed in 1656. You can enter this rather large mosque with appropriate clothing. When you visit the mosque, you should not forget to see the Holy Quran inside, made of buckskin. The mosque is open to visitors every day between 07:00 - 18:30.

Akshardham Temple

It is believed that Akshardham Temple, built on the banks of the Yamuna River, was built with the aim of achieving eternal happiness and peace. Taking photographs inside Akshardham Temple is strictly prohibited. With its walls filled with images and icons of gods, 20,000 statues and magnificent architecture, the most popular tourist attraction in the city is Akshardham Temple.

Visitors who want to enter Akshardham Temple go through very strict and meticulous security measures. If you are found to be wearing any device that can be used to record video while entering this temple, whose magnificent structure and even its appearance from the outside are enough to attract people, you will not be able to visit it.

Akshardham Temple, which fascinates everyone with its masterful relief sculptures, carvings and unique architecture on its walls, is at the top of the list of places to see in Delhi.

Qutb Minar

Qutb Minar, built in 1981, was built by Kutbiddin Aybek, who conquered Delhi. It is believed that the work was constructed by Kutbiddin Aybek as a mixture of Islam and Hinduism and tolerance towards the Indian people.

It is thought that this idea arose because the building has Islamic and Hindu symbols. For example, details such as the building architecture having both round and triangular corners ensure that local people do not have such thoughts.

Researchers suggest that the round part is for Muslims to open their hands while praying, and the triangular part is for Hindus to shake hands while praying. Qutb Minar is open to visitors every day between 07:00 and 17:00.

National Railway Museum

This museum, which you can reach with Delhi flight ticket deals, is known as a museum built on 10 acres of land in India. It takes its name from the railway materials, trains or toy train parts in its collection.

The National Railway Museum, which offers old railway materials to its visitors, is open to visitors all days of the week except Monday. You can visit between 10.00 and 17.00 and examine the many works such as toy trains and railway materials.

Humayun's Tomb

Humayun's Tomb, which is believed to have been completed in 1565, was built by Bega Begum. This tomb, whose architect is known to be Iranian Mirek Giyas, was built using red sandstone and white marble.

Humayun's Tomb, which attracts the attention of those who see it with its modern design and eye-catching architecture, offers a unique view. This tomb, which is among the most frequently visited structures by tourists in Delhi, opens its doors to visitors every day of the week. Humayun's Tomb can be visited every day of the week between 07.00 and 19.00.

Indian Gate

Located in a location that you can easily reach with a New Delhi airport flight ticket, the Indian Gate is among the most important buildings of the city. In addition, the fact that it is known as the building that attracts the most tourists ensures that all local and foreign tourists coming to the city flock to this building.

This gate, which has a deep spiritual value especially for the local people, serves as a monument. Built as a monument in memory of the soldiers who lost their lives during World War I and the Afghan Wars, this structure attracts attention even from a distance with its 42-meter length. Being located in the center of New Delhi The fact that it is easily accessible by road makes this building one of the places that everyone should definitely see.

Lotus Temple

The Lotus Temple, which has an important place in the Hindu tradition and whose design was inspired by the lotus flower, is known as one of the most popular places in the city with its unique appearance. Twenty-seven giant marble slabs were used on the exterior of the building, which was built on an area of 105,000 square meters. The temple, illuminated with LED lights, has a total of nine entrances. Silence is the single most important rule in temples where each entrance door symbolizes a religion.

The ponds and flower gardens in the garden are worth seeing, and the interior of the temple is also among the places to see in Delhi. The Lotus Temple, one of the most visited structures in the world, can be visited between 09:00 and 17:30, except Mondays.

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

Built in 1783 by Sikh general Sardar Bhagel Singh, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is one of the city's most popular tourist attractions. Regardless of religion or race, there is a rule that requires you to cover your head when you want to visit Bangla Sahib, which is always open for worship. In addition, the tomb is open 24 hours a day and no entrance fee is charged from visitors. Since it is centrally located, there are hotels around where you can stay in Delhi.

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