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Sept. 7, 2023
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Bihac is one of the cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of the Balkan countries located in Southeast Europe. The city, which draws attention with its natural beauties and historical buildings, is almost like the heart of the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Millions of tourists flock to this city, which is very important in terms of tourism. The distance between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bihac is approximately 315 kilometers. There are many transportation alternatives for those who want to come to the city. One of them is by road and the other is by air. There are flights to Mostar and Sarajevo for visitors coming from Turkey by air.

Bihac, which is the smallest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a city that stands out with its cultural richness. In the city of Bihac, which is preferred for holiday or sightseeing from many different points, you also have the opportunity to ski. The best time to come to the city is summer. For skiing, between January and March is considered suitable. There are many places to visit in the city of Bihac. Una National Park, which stands out with its natural beauties, comes first among the places to visit in Bihac. Ostrozac Castle, Fethija Mosque, Ottoman Turbe, Kapetanova Kula and Kameno Turbe are also noteworthy as other popular places of the city.

You can spend a pleasant and entertaining time in the city of Bihac, which is one of the places preferred by those who want to explore different countries and cities. We recommend that visitors planning a trip to this city should add the natural beauties and historical places listed below to the list of places to visit.

Una National Park

The first place on your list of places to visit in Bihac is Una National Park. This region, which is expressed as a National Park, has been in service since 2008. Bosnia and Herzegovina has two rivers, Unac and Una. This park was built in order to protect these rivers.

The park is an ideal place for visitors who want to spend time alone with nature. There are multiple waterfalls in the region surrounded by lush trees. On the one hand, you can breathe in the clean forest air, on the other hand, you can get lost in the fascinating beauty of the waterfall. In addition, this region is very suitable for landscape photographers. You can take landscape photos, take a walk and spend a quiet day away from the crowds.

In the park, different species such as birds and fish live their lives. You can feel like you are in a forest full of animals in this park. A fee is required to enter the park. You can also do adventurous activities such as rafting in the park or participate in organized boat tours.

Ostrozac Castle

The city of Bihac is a very rich region in terms of history as well as natural beauties. We recommend that your next stop when you arrive in the city is Ostrozac Castle. Located on the left side of the area where the Una River is located, the castle is approximately 14 kilometers from the city.

It is possible to see the sculptures of ancient times in the castle, which has become the focus of attention of many local and foreign tourists. This historical castle, which was built in the 13th century, stands out as a castle that was taken from the Ottoman domination. A certain fee is paid for the entrance to the castle, which draws attention with this important feature. These fees may vary from season to season.

We strongly recommend you to see this castle, which is currently under restoration. You can take photos in the region, examine every point of the castle closely and have a pleasant journey into the historical past of the city.

Fethija Mosque

Another important historical structure of the city of Bihac is the Fethija Mosque. This building, which was built in 1266, is located in the border city. Reflecting the traces of Gothic architecture, the mosque has been serving as a place of worship since 1592.

It is one of the must-see places for those who are interested in historical mosques. When you visit the mosque, you can see the tomb of a well-known minister in its garden closely. You do not need to pay any fee to visit the mosque.

Ottoman Turbe

The next stop on our list of places to visit in Bihac is Ottoman Turbe. This structure, known as the Ottoman Tomb, was built during the Ottoman period, as its name suggests.

This historical tomb, which was built as a hexagon, has a great importance in terms of faith tourism. Because the main reason for the construction of the mausoleum is to commemorate the soldiers who lost their lives in the siege of Bihac. You can also feel rich spiritually when you visit the tomb.

Kapetanova Kula

It is estimated that this tower, located on the left bank of the Una River, was built in 1205. The building, which has the distinction of being the oldest tower in the region, is also known as the Captain (Captain) Tower.

The city of Bihac in 1592, It was occupied by the Ottoman Empire and since this date, this tower has served as a military base for approximately 300 years. While visiting the tower, which consists of four floors, you can see different rooms on each floor. There is also a museum in the tower where war vehicles from the Ottoman period are exhibited. We recommend that history buffs do not end their trip without seeing this important structure.

Kameno Turbe

We recommend you to add Kameno Tomb to your list of places to visit in Bihac. This structure, also known as the Stone Tomb, is one of the historical places included in the National Monuments List.

This historical tomb, which has the characteristics of Ottoman architecture, is also known as a monument. The reason why it is called a monument is because of the people who lost their lives during the war. There is no time restriction for visiting and entrance is free.

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