What to Do If An Earthquake Happens While Traveling?

Feb. 16, 2023
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What to Do If An Earthquake Happens While Traveling?

If you need to travel within the country after the disaster that shook our country, you can ensure the safety of both yourself and the people around you by following the steps below. While reading the suggestions below, let's always remember that it will be useful to take precautions against dangers, cooperate with the authorities, and follow the radio broadcasts.

If You Are Traveling With Your Own Car…

Keep an earthquake and first aid kit in your bag. Have items in your earthquake kit that will keep you going for a short time, such as spare clothes suitable for the season, whistle, water, non-perishable food, and a flashlight. Make sure you have bandages, pain relievers and a dust mask in your first aid kit. If an earthquake occurs while driving, park your vehicle away from power lines, overpasses, and other hazards. Do not get out of your vehicle before the earthquake ends. Always keep your seat belt fastened. After the earthquake, drive slowly and watch the aftershocks.

If You Are Traveling By Bus…

If an earthquake occurs during a city or intercity journey, the driver of the vehicle will stop the bus. Stay in your seat and inside the vehicle. If the bus driver has managed to stop the vehicle in a safe place, wait to be evacuated by the driver.

If You Travel By Train…

After the train operator stops the train, stay in your seat and act according to the instructions. If it is not safe to stay on the train, the operator will guide you in this regard.

If You Are At The Airport…

If you are indoors; Take a squatting position, try to protect your head and neck. Get as far away from windows as possible. If you are outdoors; Move away from buildings, power lines, and other potentially dangerous objects. Protect yourself.

If You Are In A Tsunami Dangerous Location…

If you are in the coastal area during the earthquake, proceed towards the higher and inland areas with the guidance of the authorities. If you are in the port, stay away from the sea. If an earthquake occurs while in the water, try to hold onto a boat or similar object. If you're on a boat, don't try to get back to port.

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