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Feb. 8, 2024
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Many points of Turkey have a special importance in terms of tourism. One of these points is Cappadocia. This region is located in the city of Nevşehir, located in the Central Anatolia Region of our country. However, in addition to Nevşehir, some parts of it also spread to the cities of Kayseri, Niğde, Aksaray and Kırşehir. There are many places you can visit in Cappadocia, which has become the heart of tourism. In addition, there are various and fun activity options you can do. However, when Cappadocia is mentioned, the first activity that comes to mind is undoubtedly ballooning. Riding a hot air balloon and floating in the skies is both very enjoyable and exciting. For those who want to experience this balloon experience, it is also important how much the balloon ride costs. Before getting into these topics, let's talk about how you can come to Cappadocia.

In order to reach the Cappadocia region, it is recommended that you first come to Nevşehir. The most convenient transportation options to come to Nevşehir include road and air. Private car and intercity bus options are also available for road transportation. If you want to come with your own vehicle, you can reach there by using the navigation system and following the direction of the Istanbul/Ankara Highway. If you want to come by bus, you can research the companies that provide bus services to this city from your location and make your choice and go on a fun bus trip. Another transportation alternative to reach the region is by air. You can also travel by plane by choosing one of the companies that organize flights to Nevşehir from your current location.

Cappadocia has a very important place in terms of tourism. You can have unforgettable days, perform enjoyable activities and accumulate beautiful memories in this region, which stands out with its balloon tours. Millions of local and foreign tourists flock to this region, which has a deep-rooted historical past, every year. In Cappadocia, which stands out with its Fairy Chimneys and mystical atmosphere that fascinates visitors, you can ride balloons reaching into the sky and watch the unique views. For visitors who will come to this region for the first time, how to get on the balloons, departure points and fee information are of particular importance. If you wish, let's start talking about the details you are wondering about Cappadocia balloon tours without further ado.

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How to Ride a Cappadocia Balloon?

When Cappadocia is mentioned, the first activity that comes to mind is riding hot air balloons and watching the magnificent view. The idea of soaring into the sky and watching the view from a bird's eye view is very exciting for many people. First of all, we would like to point out that balloon tours are among the activities that can be done in all four seasons. If the weather is nice and the wind is not an obstacle, you can participate in these balloon tours regardless of summer or winter. It is extremely important to reserve your place before joining the tours. For this, you can contact the companies that organize Cappadocia balloon tours and reserve your place through the company you choose. Let's say this right away: Hot air balloons take off even in rainy weather. The important thing here is the speed of the wind. If the wind is not risky for the balloon, it is possible to float in the sky even when it is raining. Shuttle vehicles take you to the departure point of the balloons. After the general preparations before take-off are completed, the balloons are made ready and then you start boarding. If we think of this hot air balloon as a plane, there are belts for your safety after you get on. After tying these belts, the flight phase begins. We would like to point out again that the flight of balloons depends on wind rather than rain. Of course, there are no flights in extremely rainy weather. However, if you plan to ride hot air balloons, you can choose the summer season, taking the weather conditions into consideration.

Cappadocia Balloon Boarding Fees 2024

Cappadocia is a touristic region that is among the most beautiful natural beauty areas of our country. The main reason why this region is so popular is hot air balloon tours. To get on these balloons, you must pay a certain fee in advance. However, these boarding fees may vary from season to season. However, when you consider the latest information, Cappadocia balloon ride fees are between 3 thousand TL and 4 thousand 500 TL. The capacity of these hot air balloons is quite high. On average, 20 to 28 people can easily get on the balloon. If you want to ride in this balloon specifically for a special day, the prices will naturally increase. You can find out the most up-to-date price information when making a reservation to ride the balloon.

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Is there a fee to watch balloons in Cappadocia?

There may also be people who just want to watch a unique view of colorful balloons floating in the sky. First of all, the take-off point of these hot air balloons is Göreme. We would like to point out that it is. However, there are many points you can choose to watch this wonderful view. At this point, one of the most curious issues is whether balloon watching is paid or not. Various companies also organize tours for balloon viewing. When you participate in these tours, a certain fee is required to watch the hot air balloons.

How Many Hours Does Cappadocia Balloon Last?

Cappadocia balloon tours usually start early in the morning. It is possible to be both inside and outside these balloons, which create a magnificent view. If you are going to be outside, you can choose one of the points where you can see it best. Cappadocia balloon tours generally last between one hour and one and a half hours.

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