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Feb. 14, 2024
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Kabak is a bay located in the Fethiye district of Muğla city, which is located on the southwestern side of Turkey and stands out as a touristic region. This region, also called Kabak Bay, contains many natural beauties. You can spend time in touch with nature and have a pleasant accommodation experience in this bay, which has many places for camping activities. It is extremely important for those who will come to Fethiye to camp to have information about Kabak camping areas. Covering an area of approximately 200 meters, Kabak Bay is extremely suitable not only for camping but also for swimming. Before listing the camping areas in this bay, let's talk about how you can reach the area.

If you are coming to the Kabak region with your personal vehicle, you can easily reach there by using the navigation service. If you do not plan to come in your own vehicle, you can consider the bus option or air travel. The destination of visitors who want to travel by bus is Fethiye Bus Terminal. There are bus services to this bus terminal from many points of our country. You can choose among bus companies, buy your ticket and start your journey. After arriving at the bus terminal, you can take a minibus to Kabak Bay or take a taxi. For transportation by air, the only destination is Dalaman Airport. We would like to point out that you need to change more than one vehicle to reach the Kabak region.

After arriving at the airport by plane, you must first get on the transfer vehicles and go to Fethiye Bus Terminal. Then, you can reach the sheep area by taking public transportation. You also have the opportunity to take a taxi for direct transportation from the airport. Kabak Bay is a very rich region in terms of camping areas. That's why many local and foreign tourists from outside the city come here, especially in the spring and summer. The most frequently visited and prominent camping areas in the Kabak region are Yerdeniz Camp, Bağ Kamp Kabak, Mangala Camping, Kabak Naturel Life, The Shambala, Shiva Camp and Sultan Camp. You can read the features of these camping areas in the rest of our article.

Earthsea Camp

The first place in our article on Kabak camping areas is Yerdeniz Camp, which takes its name from the work The Wizard of Earthsea. This is one of the most beautiful spots where you can be alone with nature.

Lighting a fire is allowed in this campsite. You can camp with your own tent in this area located in a lush forest. If you don't have a tent, you can rent one from here. Camping is a fee because it is part of a business. Camp fees may vary each year. You also have the chance to stay in peaceful bungalow houses located in lush green nature.

Vineyard Camp Zucchini

Another spot you can consider for camping when you come to Kabak Bay is Bağ Kamp Kabak, which hosts a unique view of Kabak Bay.

Since this place belongs to a private business, you can benefit from many facilities for a fee. You can choose this region for a pleasant camping experience with your family or loved ones in nature. Many different facilities are available, from internet to toilets, from eating and drinking to showers.

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Mandala Camping

The next stop on our list of Kabak camping areas is Mandala Camping. This camping area is also managed by a business.

You can pitch your tent and camp in this camping area, which has a view that reveals the unique beauty of the bay. You can have a quiet, secluded accommodation experience in this place, which also has facilities such as electricity, toilet, shower and internet.

Pumpkin Natural Life

If you want to set up a tent and swim in the sea when you come to the Kabak region, we would like to say that the most suitable place is Kabak Naturel Life.

This camping area is preferred by many people because it is located very close to the sea. As in other camping areas, facilities such as toilets, showers and electricity are available here. There are also places where you can meet your eating and drinking needs. You can set up your tent, camp here and enjoy the tranquility.

The Shambala

Located approximately a 15-minute walk from the bay, The Shambala is one of the spots preferred by those who like camping.

There are places where you can pitch a tent in this camping area, which is also managed by a private business. We would also like to point out that you have the option of bungalow houses instead of tent camping. In addition, there are facilities such as showers, electricity and toilets in this area, as well as food and beverage venues and a pool.

Shiva Camp

When you come to Kabak Bay, another area suitable for camping is the Shiva Camping area. This camping area, which has a view of the bay, has facilities such as toilets and showers.

You can pitch a tent and camp in the camping area, or you can also stay in bungalow houses if you wish. You can confirm. You can add this camping area to your Kabak Camping Areas list to spend a wonderful day accompanied by lush green nature.

Sultan Camp

There is a camping area in Kabak Bay that stands out with its many different opportunities. One of these is Sultan Kamp.

Although you have the opportunity to set up a tent in this camping area, you also have the option of staying in bungalow houses. In this camping area, which is a private business, there are places where you can meet your eating and drinking needs.

When you come to Kabak Bay, in addition to camping, you can also go hiking, take lots of landscape photos, and watch the sunrise and sunset in a peaceful atmosphere.

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