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Feb. 29, 2024
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Kocaeli is one of our tourist cities located in the Marmara Region, standing out with its lush nature and clean air. Since this city is located close to regions such as Istanbul, Yalova and Bursa, it hosts many visitors from these regions. In this city, which is quite crowded during the spring and summer months, you have the opportunity to swim in the sea, as well as activities such as picnicking, going for a nature walk, and taking photographs. In addition to being a frequently preferred region for summer holidays, Kocaeli is also frequently preferred for day trips and weekend getaways. This place is among the frequent destinations especially for those who love camping. If you are planning to come to this region for camping, you are in the right place.

Before moving on to Kocaeli Camping Sites, we would like to briefly talk about how you can reach the region. Those coming from out of town can use the navigation service if they come with their own vehicles. Visitors who do not plan to come with their own vehicle can choose intercity buses. Those coming from more distant regions may consider the alternative of transportation by air. However, since there is no airport in Kocaeli, your priority route should be Istanbul. After arriving in Istanbul by air, you can use other means of transportation to the city from here. You can also come by train from regions such as Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and Eskişehir. After arriving in the region, your next route is to choose the campsite.

Kocaeli region is very rich in terms of camping sites. Since there are many camping areas available, we have included the top ten most popular camping areas in this article. Prominent areas among Kocaeli Camping Areas: Ballıkayalar Nature Park Camping Area, Kocaeli Çadır Camping Area, Sapanca Lake Camping Area, Kapri Beach Camping Area, Ormanya Camping Area, Karaaslan Camping, Menekşe Plateau Camping Area, Beşkayalar Nature Park Camping Area, Kandıra Çadır Camping Area and Kartepe Mountain Camping Area. While some of these camping sites are paid, you can use some of them for free. Visitors who plan to come to Kocaeli for camping can choose the camping area more easily by using this article. So, without further ado, let's take a look at the features of the prominent camping spots of the region.

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Ballıkayalar Nature Park Camping Area

The first place on our list of Kocaeli Camping Places is Ballıkayalar Nature Park Camping Area, which stands out with its unique pond view and lush green nature.

It is possible to spend pleasant hours in this camping area located in the Tavşanlı region of Gezle district. We would like to inform you that there is a fee to enter the park area. You can pitch a tent and camp here, and if you are an adventure lover, you can also participate in sports such as rock climbing.

Kocaeli Tent Camping Area

If you do not want to go too far from the center when you come to Kocaeli, you can choose Kocaeli Tent Camping Area for camping.

In this camping area located close to the center, you can pitch your tent among the greenery and have a pleasant time alone with nature. Facilities such as toilets and showers are provided here. In addition to camping in the region, you can also go hiking to explore the surroundings.

Sapanca Lake Camping Area

As it is known, Sapanca Lake is one of the most beautiful natural beauty areas of our country. You can have a wonderful camping experience in this region, located close to the Kocaeli provincial border.

There are areas right around the lake where you can pitch a tent. You can have a pleasant camping accompanied by a wonderful lake view, listen to the chirping of birds, and if you are interested in photography, you can take plenty of photos of nature.

Kapri Beach Campground

Kapri Beach Camping Area is located in the Kefken region of Kandıra district of Kocaeli. You can choose public transportation or take a taxi to get here.

It is possible to kill two birds with one stone in this camping area. Especially if you plan your camping activity in the summer, you can swim in the sea while camping and staying. However, since the beach here is stony, we recommend that you bring your sea shoes with you.

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Ormanya Camping Area

The next stop on our list of Kocaeli Camping Places is Ormanya Camping Area. Many different activities await you in this camping area located in the Maşukiye region of Kocaeli's Kartepe district.

This camping area has many facilities such as toilets, showers, eating and drinking places, electricity and security. There are areas in the region where you can pitch a tent and camp. While staying here, you can also explore the Ormanya region, which stands out with its natural beauty.

Karaaslan Camping

Karaaslan Camping is a camping area provided by a private business. It is located in the Yuvacık region of Başiskele district of Kocaeli.

Transportation to this camping area by vehicles such as minibuses and buses It is not possible to provide. Therefore, you can drive your own vehicle or take a taxi. In this camping area, in addition to the option of camping with tents, you also have the opportunity to stay in bungalow houses. At this point, your choice is entirely up to you.

Menekşe Plateau Camping Area

If you want to stay in touch with nature and camp when you come to Kocaeli, you can also choose Menekşe Plateau Camping Area.

It is possible to set up a tent in this camping area without paying any fee. You can leave yourself in the arms of nature accompanied by the clean plateau air. Since there are no facilities in this area, we recommend that you bring food, drinks and basic needs with you beforehand.

Beşkayalar Nature Park Camping Area

We can say that this camping area, located on the Servetiye Village side of Başiskele district of Kocaeli, is a natural wonder.

A wonderful nature view will greet you in this camping area. There are also facilities such as toilets, prayer rooms and fountains here. However, there are no restaurants for eating and drinking. Therefore, do not forget to bring your basic needs with you before you arrive. You can also do activities such as mountaineering or trekking in this region, apart from camping.

Kandıra Tent Camping Area

The next stop on our Kocaeli Camping Places list is Kandıra Çadır Camping Area. You can easily reach this area, which is located right on the coastal part of the city.

Kandıra region is a region that attracts attention with both its natural beauties and unique beaches. In addition to camping here, you can also swim in the sea. We recommend that you consider this camping spot, which is among the frequent destinations of those who want to have a quiet and peaceful camping experience, when choosing.

Kartepe Mountain Camping Area

If you are a keen nature enthusiast, you can spend a pleasant camping time alone with nature on Kartepe Mountain, located in the eastern part of the city.

It is possible to encounter many different bird species in this camping area. Here you can do bird watching, set up your tent to be alone with nature, go for a walk to get to know the environment and spend peaceful hours.​

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