Places to Go by Train from Ankara

Dec. 7, 2023
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Ankara is a touristic city located in the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey and is the capital of our country. Kırşehir and Kırıkkale are located in the eastern part, Eskişehir is in the western part, Aksaray and Konya are in the southern part, and Çankırı and Bolu are in the northern part. Ankara is known as a city that attracts attention with its natural beauties and historical buildings. Especially the presence of Anıtkabir here adds a special value to this city. Every year, millions of local and foreign tourists come to this city and visit Anıtkabir. There is a means of transportation to this city from every point of our country. Personal vehicles, planes, intercity buses or trains are preferred for transportation to the city. One of the most curious topics for those who come to Ankara is where they can go by train. It is possible to reach many regions by rail from the train station located in Hacı Bayram District of Altındağ district of the city.

Before moving on to the places to go by train from Ankara, we would like to talk about how you can reach this city. In Ankara, there are many important places such as Ankara Castle and Anıtkabir, as well as many historical mosques and baths. Apart from these, the city stands out with its parks and there are also areas where you can spend time in touch with nature. It is possible to reach Ankara from all provinces with your private vehicle. Apart from private vehicles, you can choose intercity buses. To do this, you can choose one of the companies that provide howitzer services to Aşti Bus Terminal from the region you live in and buy a bus ticket. How long the journey will take and how much the tickets cost vary depending on the departure point. Visitors planning to come from more distant cities may prefer transportation by air. You can take a look at the companies that organize flights to Ankara Esenboğa Airport.

You can choose among the companies that fly to this airport from your location, buy a flight ticket, and complete your journey with a comfortable flight experience. After landing at the airport, you can take the shuttle buses from here or reach the center by using public transportation. The last transportation alternative you can consider to come to Ankara is transportation by rail. We will give detailed information on this subject in the rest of our article. Those who come to Ankara can reach another region in a short time by high-speed train from here. There are many points you can go to from the city by high-speed train. Before mentioning these points, let us first give information about how those coming to the city can reach the train station.

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How to Get to Ankara Train Station?

Ankara, known as the capital of our country, also has a special importance in terms of tourism. Those who come to this city or reside here may wonder where they can visit by train from Ankara. Before mentioning these places, let us briefly mention that you can easily reach the train station from the city center. Located close to Ankara Metro Ulus station, people can easily reach the station area by walking a short time from here. Those coming from the A1 Tandoğan Ankaray station, which serves in the Çankaya district of the city, can reach the station by walking through the underpass. There are many public transportation vehicles going to Ulus side via Sıhhiye Bridge located between Ulus and Hamamönü districts. If you wish, you can take buses or minibuses for the city from this point. You can also go to the area where the station is located with the buses of Ankara Electricity, Gas and Bus Enterprises, known as EGO in short. These buses come from Incirli and Keçiören. By choosing one of these transportation options, you can reach the area where the train station is located.

Which Cities Have High Speed Trains from Ankara?

The train station, located in the Hacı Bayram District of Ankara's Altındağ district, is known as the main station of the railway crossing belonging to the Republic of Turkey State Railways. It is possible to easily reach many different regions from the city via high-speed train. The first stop you can go to by train is Istanbul.

• Regions you can go to by high-speed train between Ankara and Istanbul: With this train, you can easily go to many regions of Istanbul such as Bostancı, Pendik, Bakırköy, Söğütlüçeşme, Halkalı, Gebze. Travel time may vary depending on the stop you get off at. For example, if you get off at Kadıköy Söğütlüçeşme stop, your train journey may take approximately 4.5-5 hours.

• Regions you can go to by high-speed train between Ankara and Eskişehir: It is possible to travel from Ankara to Eskişehir, which is located on the northwest side of the Central Anatolia Region, by train. This train, which departs from Ankara train station, also picks up passengers from stops in Ankara's Polatlı district and Eryaman district of Etimesgut district.

• Take the high-speed train between Ankara and Konya. Regions you can visit: You can easily reach Konya, located in the southern part of the Central Anatolia Region, from Ankara. There are two train services in total between Ankara and Konya. The journey takes approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes on average.

• Regions you can go to by high-speed train between Ankara and Karaman: You can also easily reach Karaman, located in the Central Anatolia Region, by taking the high-speed train from Ankara. Travel time by train takes approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes. Train ticket prices vary depending on the region you go to. 

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