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Dec. 26, 2023
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Arapgir is a district of Malatya province, located in the Eastern Anatolia Part of our country. Located approximately 110 kilometers from Malatya city center, the district stands out with its historical structures and natural beauty areas. There are many places worth seeing in the district, which is among the spots visited by both local and foreign tourists from outside the city throughout the year. It is possible to have a peaceful and quiet holiday in the region that visitors call paradise. Arapgir, which has existed as a district of Malatya since 1927, stands out especially with its old grapes. Transportation information is of particular importance for those who want to come to the district for sightseeing or holiday purposes.

The first option for transportation to Arapgir district is road and the second option is air. If you plan to travel by road with your private vehicle, you can use the navigation application. It is possible to easily reach the region with your vehicle from every point of our country. Visitors who want to come from Malatya city center can take the city buses departing to the district. Those coming from out of town and those who do not plan to come by private vehicle can consider the bus alternative. To do this, you can choose one of the bus companies that run from your location to the bus terminal serving in the district and reach the region by purchasing a bus ticket. Visitors who want to reach by air must arrive at the airport in Malatya.

To arrive at Malatya Erhaç Airport, which is located approximately 34 kilometers away from the city center, you need to purchase a flight ticket from your location. After arriving at the airport, you can take a transfer vehicle to go to the city center, and when you arrive at the center, you can take a bus to the district. Apart from this, you can benefit from taxi services for direct transportation. Arapgir is a district rich in terms of places to visit. Places you should definitely see when you come to the district include Arapgir Castle, Ulu Mosque, Cafer Pasha Mosque, Kara Arası Canyon, Onar Yazılı Cave, Çarşı Bath and Cevat Pasha Mansion. You can find the prominent features of these places in the rest of our article and create your travel list according to this list.

Arapgir Castle

At the top of our list of places to visit in Arapgir is Arapgir Castle, which reflects the traces of history in every corner and has the same name as the district.

In fact, there is no clear information about who and when this castle was built. When the architectural structure of the castle is examined, it is thought that it was built in Roman times. Only wall ruins have survived from the castle, which is located on a steep rock, to the present day. However, it is one of the culturally important buildings that you should definitely see closely.

Grand Mosque

Located in the Old Arapgir District of Arapgir district, this historical mosque is located on a rock, just like a castle.

This building, which was built in the 14th century, was used for different services during the period it was built, and was later converted into a mosque. There is not much information about this building, which is among the places frequented by those interested in historical mosques, as it does not have an inscription.

Cafer Pasha Mosque

Another historical structure on our list of places to visit in Arapgir is Cafer Pasha Mosque. Located in the Osmanpaşa District of Arapgir, this mosque is among the historical buildings worth seeing in the district.

The most striking part of this mosque, which was built by Sheikh Hasan in 1694, is the pulpit made of wooden materials. We recommend you to see this pulpit, which reflects wood craftsmanship, closely. Since the area around the mosque is covered with lush green areas, you can feel at peace when you visit the building.

Between the Rocks Canyon

We recommend that you add Kaya Arası Canyon, which stands out with its magnificent natural beauties in Arapgir, to your list of places to visit.

Since the canyon is located among the rocks, its name comes from here. In the canyon, which is an area frequently visited by nature lovers, you can have a picnic with your family or friends, go fishing and have a wonderful day surrounded by nature.

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Onar Written Cave

Located in Onar Village of Arapgir district, Onar Yazılı Cave is one of the important historical structures of the region.

It is thought that the cave dates from Roman times. When you come to the region, you can see many cemevi and Roman period tombs, as well as the cave. In fact, in our opinion, you can spare a day just to visit this village.

Bazaar Bath

The next tour route on our list of places to visit in Arapgir is the Bazaar Bath. Located in the Köseoğlu District of the district, this historical bath is among the structures worth seeing.

This historical bath, which was built in 1808 and rubble stone was used during its construction, has a feature that tells the history of the district. Served as a bathhouse for many years This building, which has been damaged, was subsequently subjected to renovation works by the municipality. After visiting this bath, we recommend you to visit the Mirliva Ahmet Pasha Mosque, which is located nearby.

Cevat Pasha Mansion

This mansion, located in the Çobanlı District of Arapgir, is also known as Çobanlı Mansion. It was built by Şakir Pasha, known as the father of Cevat Pasha.

This mansion, built in 1890, consists of three floors in total. It is possible to come across sections such as harem and greeting rooms in the mansion, which was built with stone. The most striking feature of the mansion is that there is no decoration or motif in any corner. You can also visit this mansion during your trip to Arapgir and then visit the restaurants of the district where you can taste local delicacies.

Photo: Arapgir Municipality

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