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Nov. 15, 2023
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Bayramoğlu is known as a neighborhood of Darıca district of Kocaeli province, which is located to the east of the Marmara Sea. Don't pay attention to what we call neighborhood. In fact, this place has the distinction of being a peninsula. In fact, local people only refer to it as an island rather than a peninsula. This peninsula, which has a deep-rooted historical past, stands out especially with its lush nature and natural beauties. This peninsula, which is approximately 5 kilometers away from Darıca district center, is approximately 60 kilometers away from Kocaeli city center. This peninsula, formerly known as Balyanoz, is referred to as Üçburunlar on some past maps.

There is more than one way to reach this peninsula. Many visitors come to Bayramoğlu, especially from Istanbul. Since it is approximately 40 kilometers away from the city, it is possible to reach it both by road and by shuttle vehicles. Those coming from different cities can also choose to travel by road. Those who will come to the region with their private car will only need to follow the Darıca-Bayramoğlu route using the D-100 road. Those who plan to come from the European side of Istanbul can use the Marmaray line departing from Fatih or Osman Gazi.

Apart from this, you can also come by private public buses, which are one of the public transportation means. Bayramoğlu peninsula is a place that stands out with its lively and colorful streets. Since it is a peninsula, there are also places where you can swim. Although it is suitable for day trips, it is also frequently preferred for weekend holidays. Places to visit in Bayramoğlu include Balyanoz Bay, Bayramoğlu Beach, Bayramoğlu Island Beach, Bayramoğlu Streets and Bayramoğlu Beach Park. When you come to Bayramoğlu, known as a touristic region, you can visit these places and have a pleasant holiday.

Balyanoz Bay

Since the old name of the Bayramoğlu peninsula is Balyanoz, the name of the sheep is also mentioned in this way. There are many activities you can do in this region, located right at the entrance of the peninsula.

This bay, which is the most popular place on the peninsula, has sports areas where you can spend hours of fun. Additionally, if you plan to come with your private car, you can also benefit from the parking service. It's just good for you to know this. This place gets quite crowded on weekends. Therefore, we recommend that you come earlier if you have the opportunity.

If you like walking, you can use the hiking trails; If you have children, you can sit on the benches and watch the surroundings while your child plays in the playgrounds.

Bayramoğlu Beach

The second place on our list of places to visit in Bayramoğlu is Bayramoğlu Beach. Since it is located in the area where there are sheep in this region, you will not have any problems with transportation.

There is also a marina on this beach where boats anchor. It is an ideal place for those who want to spend pleasant hours overlooking the sea view. You can walk on this beach, which also includes a lush green area, sit on the camellias and watch the sunset, especially when you stay until the evening hours. Of course, while watching the sunset, you can sip your tea or coffee and have a good time with your loved ones.

Bayramoğlu Island Beach

Bayramoğlu is quite crowded, especially during the summer season. Holidaymakers coming from nearby regions also have the opportunity to swim here. If you have chosen this peninsula for your summer holiday, we definitely recommend you to visit Bayramoğlu Island Beach.

This beach is the only place where you can swim in the Bayramoğlu peninsula. Both the sandy part of the beach and the sea bottom are completely covered with sand. Although it is suitable for families with children, the sea is not very shallow. It is still useful for children to be careful when swimming in the sea, as it gets deeper in some places.

Since it is managed by a private business, you must pay a certain fee at the entrance. Since this fee information varies every summer, you can contact the business before you go and learn the fee information. There are also facilities on the beach that you can use, such as sun loungers, umbrellas and changing cabins.

Since the sea generally makes people hungry, there are also places where you can meet your eating and drinking needs in the area where the beach is located. At this beach, you can enjoy the sea, sand and sun, away from the chaos of the city.

Bayramoğlu Streets

Since the streets of Bayramoğlu have a colorful appearance, we recommend that you visit these streets as well. You may be a little surprised, especially when you see the names of the streets.

You can feel at one with nature as these streets, which bear the names of both birds and flowers such as Palmiye, Kumru and Tulip, are lined with trees. While wandering these streets, you will often come across summer houses and housing estates. On the one hand, you can wander the streets accompanied by the chirping of trees and birds. You can also take lots of photos.

Bayramoğlu Beach Park

The last route on our list of places to visit in Bayramoğlu is Bayramoğlu Beach Park. The starting point of this park is where the harbor where boats anchor ends.

You can take a pleasant walk in this park, located between the port and the beach, and when you get tired, rest on the benches, watch the sea, and spend peaceful hours. When you get hungry in the evening, you can go to the restaurants in this park area and taste the delicious food.

Photo: Darıca Municipality 

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