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June 26, 2024
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Bozüyük is one of the districts of Bilecik province, located in the Marmara Region of our country. Visitors who plan to come to this district for both holiday and holiday purposes can provide transportation by purchasing a bus ticket or plane ticket. Many civilizations have survived in the district, which stands out with its deep-rooted history. The name of the district comes from Bozüyük Mound. Bozüyük district is known as an important center in terms of both trade and culture. This place has also hosted various civilizations, from Circassians to Roma, from Tatars to Albanians. Bozüyük is a very rich district in terms of places to visit.

Before touching on the sights of the district, we would like to share road information for guests who will come here for the first time. You can come to Bozüyük district by purchasing a direct or indirect bus ticket, depending on your location. Those who plan to come from Istanbul can first get to Bilecik Bus Terminal and then take public transportation to the district. Those coming from regions such as Kütahya and Eskişehir can directly reach the bus terminal serving in the district. Since ticket prices vary depending on the departure point, you can get the most up-to-date information from the bus company you choose. Those who will come to Bozüyük district by car can use the navigation system.

Another transportation option you can consider when arriving in the district is by air. However, we would like to point out that you cannot reach here directly by air. Because the closest location to the region is Eskişehir Airport. The distance between the airport and the town is approximately 50 kilometers. You can look at the airline companies operating flights to this airport from your location and choose among them to buy a flight ticket. After arriving at the airport, you can reach the district by shuttle buses or by taking a taxi.

Going back to our topic of places to visit in Bozüyük, among the places you should definitely see when you come to the region are Turbine Recreation Area, Kömürsu Plateau, Çiçekli Plateau, Atatürk Mansion, Bozüyük City Museum, Kasım Pasha Mosque, Metristepe Victory Monument, İnönü Martyrdom and İntikam Tepe Martyrdom. In the rest of our article, you can find out what awaits you in these regions and create your travel list according to these points. So, without further ado, let's start taking a look at the prominent natural beauties and historical places of the district.

Turbine Recreation Area

Turbine Recreation Area is one of the first places you should visit when you come to the district.

Located around the Karasu Stream, this recreation area offers a dazzling atmosphere with its lush green nature and wonderful natural beauties. Here you can have a picnic with your family, go on a nature walk to explore the surroundings, take photos with nature views and have peaceful times.

Kömürsu Plateau

You can easily come to Kömürsu Plateau, which is a great place for those who want to get the air of the plateau, with a Bozüyük bus ticket.

The district has a special importance in terms of plateau tourism. There are many different plateaus in the region. One of these plateaus is Kömürsu Plateau, located approximately 30 kilometers away from the district center. Here you can come across various trees such as juniper and fir, and you can have a picnic under the shade of these trees and stay in a tent. The chance to spend a wonderful day awaits you in this plateau, which is quite crowded in the summer.

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Flowery Plateau

Çiçekli Plateau, which is the highest plateau in the district, has an average height of 1906 meters. Located in the Üçtepeler location of the district, this plateau stands out with its natural beauty.

When you come to this plateau, you will smell the scent of thyme. In this plateau, which stands out with its lush green nature, colorful vegetation and clean air, you can spend peaceful hours alone with nature and explore the surroundings. If you have time, you can also visit Sofular Plateau, located 25 kilometers away from the town.

Atatürk pavilion

The next route on our list of places to visit in Bozüyük is the Atatürk Mansion located in the Gülalan District of the district.

You can come to the district by purchasing a flight ticket and visit the prominent historical points of the region. One of these historical points is the Atatürk Mansion, which fascinates those who see it with its unique architecture. This mansion, built by Colonel İbrahim Çolak, is frequently visited, especially by those who like to visit historical places.

This is also a region that stands out with the natural beauty around it. We would like to remind you that since entry into the mansion is prohibited, you can only see it from the outside.

Bozüyük City Museum

Bozüyük City Museum, which was built by Colonel İbrahim Çolak like the Atatürk Mansion, is another important building that tells the history of the district.

This building was built between 2013 and 2014 It underwent renovation works between 1980 and 1999 and was then turned into a museum. If you want to learn about the history of the district, you can visit this museum. Antique items, important documents and photographs reflecting the history of the district are exhibited in the museum. You do not need to pay any fee to enter this museum.

Kasimpasa Mosque

Kasımpaşa Mosque, whose construction dates back to the 16th century, is one of the historical buildings worth seeing in the district. The mosque is located in the district center.

The mosque appears as one of the important historical buildings built by Mimar Sinan. When you enter the mosque, you will be greeted by various tile decorations and hand-carved decorations bearing the traces of Ottoman architecture. Cut stone material was used during the construction of the mosque. You can get here by purchasing a Bozüyük flight ticket and go on a pleasant journey into the history of the district.

Metris Tepe Victory Monument

The next stop on our list of places to visit in Bozüyük is Metris Tepe Victory Monument. This monument, located in the Metris Tepe Village of the district, is very important from a historical perspective.

This monument, built in 1975, is located in the region where the İnönü Wars took place. We recommend that you take a close look at this important historical building, which was built for the martyrs who lost their lives at that time. You can come to this region by purchasing a Bozüyük bus ticket and visit the historical points of the district.

İnönü Martyrdom and İntikam Tepe Martyrdom

İnönü Martyrdom, located at an average distance of 6 kilometers from the district center, and İntikam Tepe Martyrdom, located around the Karaağaç Village of the district, are among the historical points worth seeing in the region.

In the İntikam Tepe Martyrdom, there are the graves of the martyrs who lost their lives during the İnönü Wars. Likewise, there are many city tombs in İnönü Martyrdom. You can visit both martyrs' cemeteries and get important information about the history of the district.

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