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March 19, 2024
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Located in the northwestern part of Ankara, known as the capital of Turkey, the district appears as Güdül district. This district also has the distinction of being the Cittaslow city of the city. The Turkish meaning of the word Cittaslow means "slow city". Güdül district, which holds the title of being the city's first and the eighteenth calm city of our country, is a region that stands out with its historical structures and natural beauties. There are many options for transportation to Güdül district. One of these is to travel by bus by purchasing a bus ticket, and the other is to travel by air by purchasing a flight ticket. Güdül has important historical points in terms of places to visit. The district, which is approximately 90 kilometers away from Ankara city center, is surrounded by forest lands. The district, which stands out with its deep-rooted history, is especially popular with its delicious roasted chickpeas. Many local and foreign tourists come to this tourist district every year.

Before moving on to the prominent places to visit in the district, we would like to give detailed transportation information. Those coming from Ankara city center and other surrounding districts can use the navigation system if they come with their private vehicles. The most common means of transportation used to go from one place to another in the region is public transportation. For visitors who plan to come from outside Ankara, the first option is to come by road by private vehicle. However, visitors who do not want to come with their private vehicle or do not prefer this transportation can use intercity bus lines by purchasing a bus ticket. Since there is already a bus terminal in Güdül district, you can reach there without any problems. For those coming from areas further away from Ankara, the most convenient transportation alternative is plane. However, for this, you must first arrive at Ankara Esenboğa Airport, which serves the Çubuk district of Ankara. You can complete this transportation by purchasing a flight ticket from your location.

After landing at the airport, you can go to the district by using public transportation such as buses, or you can shorten the journey time by taking a taxi for faster transportation. Güdül district is a region that attracts attention especially with its historical places. Therefore, your trip will be more history-oriented. Of course, in addition to historical places, there are also natural beauty areas that will greet you with their lush green nature. The most popular places to visit in Güdül are Güdül Houses, Sorgun Pond, Kirmir Stream, İnönü Caves, Mnizos Ancient City and Güdül City Museum. You can add these tourist spots to your travel list and have a great travel experience without worrying about where to visit. If you wish, let's take a look together at the notable tourist spots of this district, which now has Cittaslow characteristics.

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Güdül Houses

When you come to Güdül district, which is described as a cute district, we recommend you to visit Güdül Houses located in the center.

You can start seeing these houses in the town center from the moment you enter the narrow streets of the area. The roof parts of these houses, most of which consist of two floors, are made of soil. There are four neighborhoods in total in the district center.

The sections of these neighborhoods within the borders of the Upper and Lower Neighborhoods have been accepted as urban protected areas and have become an important region by taking them under protection. While visiting these historical streets and houses, you will embark on a pleasant journey into the history of the district.

Sorgun Pond

Located in Sorgun Village, which has the same name as the pond of the district, this pond attracts attention with its wonderful nature.

This pond, one of the most important natural beauties of the district, is located within the Sorgun Pond Nature Park. You can have a picnic with your family or friends, go on a nature trip or ride a bike in this park, which offers both pond and nature views.

This park, which is a frequent destination for nature lovers, is quite crowded, especially on weekends. Here you can have a pleasant time surrounded by nature, take photos and camp if you wish. You can buy a bus ticket to reach this nature park, which is one of the important touristic spots of Güdül district.

Kirmir Stream

The next stop on our list of places to visit in Güdül is Kirmir Stream, which fascinates its visitors with its natural beauties and is located on the district and Kızılcıhamam highway.

You can visit this region in summer or in winter. Because if you are coming in the summer, you can have a picnic here with a wonderful lake view. Even if you plan to come in winter, you have the opportunity to spend peaceful hours alone with nature. Nalıhan Bird Sanctuary, which is the scene of colorful views, is located on the delta formed by the stream.

Here you have the opportunity to see many different bird species such as mute swans, ptarmigans, egrets, and angulls. Those who prefer air travel to Kirmir Stream, one of the spots where you can do bird watching, can first buy a plane ticket and then reach Ankara and then the district.

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İnönü Caves

After visiting the area where the Kirmir Stream is located, we thought you could also visit the İnönü Caves, which are located close to here.

One of the most distinctive features of these caves is that they were built by human hands. There are stairs in the interior of these caves located in İnönü Locality, allowing you to go up. You can come to the caves, which are located at a point where you can also see the Kirmik Stream, by purchasing a flight ticket or bus ticket depending on your region.

Mnizos Ancient City

The next route on our list of places to visit in Güdül is the Ancient City of Mnizos, which also includes the Historical Roman Bath.

Many excavations have been carried out in this region, located within the borders of Çağa District within the district borders, and as a result of these studies, different historical ruins have been found. The most striking structure of the region is the bath ruins.

Güdül City Museum

The building that you should not leave without seeing when you come to the district and is at the last place on our travel list is the Güdül City Museum.

In this city museum located in the Yukarı District of the district, you can closely see and examine many collections that reflect the traditional values of the region. We recommend that you add this place, which is ideal for those who love visiting museums, to your travel list. 

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