Places to Visit in Kesan Center

Nov. 30, 2023
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Keşan is one of the districts of Edirne province, located in the Thrace Section of the Marmara Region of our country. Many holidaymakers flock to this district, known for being close to the Greek border, throughout the year. This district, which has a deep-rooted history, has hosted many civilizations. Keşan, which is one of the most populous districts of Edirne, is mostly visited for summer holidays. There are multiple transportation alternatives for travelers who want to come to Keşan.

There are two different transportation options for those who come to Keşan for sightseeing or holiday purposes. One of these is transportation by private vehicle, and the other is transportation by intercity buses. Since there is no airport in the district, it is not possible to arrive by plane. Since the nearest airport is far away, we recommend that you do not choose to travel by plane. Because if you want to come by plane, it will be both troublesome and with transfers. Those who have a private vehicle can reach the district directly.

Those who do not have a private vehicle can easily come to the district by choosing intercity buses. Since Keşan is located especially close to Istanbul, many visitors come from this region. If you come to Keşan, one of the spots that can be visited in all four seasons, in the summer, you will have the opportunity to swim in its magnificent sea. Cheese halva is very famous in the Thrace region. When you come to Keşan, we recommend you to try the cheese halva here.

There are also many facilities where you can stay in the town centre. Keşan center is not very rich in terms of places to visit. However, there are still points worth seeing. If you want to wander around Keşan town center and visit the prominent places; We recommend that your first stop is Herzekzade Ahmet Pasha Mosque. Then, you can visit Cumhuriyet Square, Taş Evler, Saros Bay, Gökçetepe Nature Park and Erikli Beach and make your holiday enjoyable.

Herzekzade Ahmet Pasha Mosque

The first point you should visit in Keşan district center is Herzekzade Ahmet Pasha Mosque. This mosque, which is the first place to come if you plan to visit the center of the district, dazzles with its remarkable architecture.

This historical building, built during the Ottoman period and in the sixteenth century, has great value in terms of cultural tourism. When you enter the mosque, it is impossible not to be amazed by the handcrafted decorations on its walls. The dome section of this historical building, built by Ahmet Pasha, is made of lead coating.

Republic Square

One of the indispensable routes on our list of places to visit in Keşan center is Cumhuriyet Square. This square, which is considered the symbol of the district, is always crowded.

When you arrive at the square, you can also see the Republic Building closely. In fact, there was also a monument of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk here. However, this monument was moved from this region and placed in front of the District Police Department. We recommend that you visit the Ataturk Monument when you come here.

Stone Houses

While walking around Keşan district center, you will come across many stone houses from the Ottoman period. When you pass through the center and enter the neighborhoods, you can see stone houses with colorful appearances.

You can take photos of these houses that reflect the traces of the Ottoman period, go closer and examine their walls, and take a pleasant walk on the streets that smell of history.

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Gulf of Saros

There are a total of six self-cleaning bays around the world. Saros Gulf is also among these gulfs. Millions of tourists come to this bay, which stands out with its wonderful nature and clear, clean sea, throughout the year.

Although Saros Bay is not located in the district center, a certain part of the district is located in this bay. We think that you should see this magnificent bay while you are in Keşan. You can swim a lot and have pleasant hours in this region, which is considered perfect for a wonderful summer holiday.

The region is also very popular for underwater sports. If you are interested in diving, you can dive in this region and have the opportunity to swim with the fish living in the water.

Gökçetepe Nature Park

If you have time right after your visit to Saros Gulf, we recommend you to visit Gökçetepe Nature Park, which is located close to this region.

The surroundings of this region, which is ideal for those who want to spend time in touch with nature, are completely green. It is also stated that the air of this place is healing. As a result of some research conducted in the region, it is said that its air is good for many different diseases such as asthma. There are also beaches in the region where you can swim, areas where you can do underwater sports, and places where you can pitch a tent and camp.

Erikli Beach

The last place on our list of places to visit in Keşan center is Erikli Beach. We recommend that you visit this beach when you come to Saros Bay.

The sea of Erikli Beach is very clean and clear. From here you can swim in the sea, walk on the beach and have a peaceful time. If you wish, you can also benefit from facilities such as sun loungers or umbrellas. However, you must pay a certain fee to benefit from these opportunities.

If your stay in Keşan district is a little longer, you can also visit Mecidiye Beach, located close to Erikli beach, and sit in the tea gardens in the area and sip your tea against a magnificent sea view. 

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