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Jan. 22, 2024
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Tatvan is a touristic district of Bitlis city, located in the Eastern Anatolia Part of our country. Located on the eastern foothills of Mount Nemrut, the district is an extremely important region, especially in terms of history. The Silk Road, one of the most important roads worldwide, is located in this region. The district stands out with its natural beauty areas as well as its cultural heritage. It has a coast to Lake Van, known as the most famous lake of our country. In addition, some works have been carried out by the municipality on the coastal side of the district and as a result of these works, the region has turned into a coastal city. It is extremely important to have transportation information for those who want to come to Tatvan. Transportation is extremely easy for those who want to come to the district from Bitlis city center. If you do not have a private vehicle for urban transportation, you can use minibuses and buses.

For those coming to Tatvan from outside Bitlis, road, rail and air transportation options are available. The only option for those who want to travel by train is the Van Lake Express. The departure point of this train is our city of Ankara. Visitors planning to come from Ankara can reach the district directly by taking the train from here. Since the last stop of this train is the district, your journey takes about a day on average. Visitors who want to come with their private vehicle can easily reach from big cities such as Istanbul and Ankara. Although the journey time varies depending on the departure point, we would like you to know that it will still take as long as the train journey. The destination may differ for those who plan to come by intercity buses. Because from some regions, there are bus services directly to the bus terminal in Tatvan. However, from some regions, the first destination is the bus station in Bitlis.

You can buy a bus ticket according to which bus terminal is suitable for you depending on your location. Those coming from cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir can arrive directly at the bus station in the district. Another option for transportation to the district is by air. There are two different airport alternatives for this. The first of these is Van Ferit Melen Airport and the other is Muş Airport. While Muş Airport is approximately 84 kilometers away from the town center, the other one is approximately 133 kilometers away. Again, depending on the departure point, you can buy a flight ticket depending on which airport is suitable for you. Transportation options to the district are the same at both airports. After landing at the airport of your choice, you can go to the district by choosing one of the transportation options provided by private tour companies or rent a private car.

Tatvan appears as a district rich in terms of places to visit. Especially since it has a deep-rooted historical past, it has many historical buildings. However, in addition to historical buildings, there are wonderful places where you can spend time in touch with nature. If you do not know where to visit when you come to this district, you can get help from our travel list we have prepared for you. Among the prominent tourist spots of Tatvan are Tatvan Beach, Tatman Tuğ Church, Urartian Rock Tombs, Kalekıran Castle, El-Aman Caravanserai and Abdülcelil Behtani Tomb. You can add these places to your travel list and have an unforgettable holiday.

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Tatvan Beach

When you set foot in Tatvan, the first place you should visit is the coastline. Since this place was reorganized by the municipality, it has a wonderful appearance.

Since the district is on the coast of Lake Van, you also have the chance to swim from the beach. If you plan your trip during the summer, you can swim a lot here. There are also trails that allow you to hike here. Since the lighting system has been installed with the arrangements made here, you can watch the sun set and take landscape photos.

Tatvan Tuğ Church

The next stop on our list of places to visit in Tatvan is Tatvan Tuğ Church. Located in the Çağlayan District of the district, this church attracts attention with its architecture.

We recommend that you especially see the inscription of this building, which has the same architectural features as the churches in Bitlis. Although a large part of the church was destroyed, the surviving part is worth seeing.

Urartian Rock Tombs

The district has hosted many important civilizations in the past. Urartians are also among these civilizations.

Located right next to the Van Lake ferry port, these tombs look like rooms. You can easily reach here by joining one of the ferry services. When you come to the area, you can be amazed when you see the decorations covered on the graves.

Kalekıran Castle

Kalekıran Castle is an important historical building located in Çekmece Village of Tatvan district and hosting a magnificent view.

When you come to the area where the castle is located, you will have a wonderful view of the town as well as Lake Van and Nemrut Mountain. You can also watch the mountain from a bird's eye view. We recommend that you add this castle, which is among many tourist attractions, to your list of places to visit in Tatvan.

Al-Aman Caravanserai

Since Tatvan district is a district that stands out with its historical buildings, our next tour route is El-Aman Caravanserai. Located on the Bitlis and Tatvan Road, this caravanserai has the distinction of being the largest caravanserai in Anatolia.

This historical building, built by Van Beylerbeyi Hüsrev Pasha, serves as an inn today. There are many places within the inn, from restaurants to breakfast places, from game rooms to libraries. You can have a pleasant day by visiting them all one by one.

Abdulcelil Behtani Tomb

The last place on our list of places to visit in Tatvan is the Tomb of Abdülcelil Behtani, which is of great importance in terms of faith tourism.

Tomb, Hz. It belongs to the cleric Abdülcelil Behtani, who had a madrasa built during the time of Ömer with the intention of preaching Islam to everyone and who carried out important works on this subject. After visiting this tomb, which has become the center of attention of many tourists, you can also visit the mosque located right next to it and experience beautiful spiritual feelings.

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