Places to Visit with Children on the Anatolian Side

July 5, 2024
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Istanbul is one of our touristic cities whose stones and soil are described as gold. Many local and foreign tourists come to Istanbul throughout the year. The European side of the city is as lively as the Anatolian side. In this article, we will give you information about places to visit with children on the Anatolian Side. There are many entertainment centers, parks and playgrounds in the region where families with children can have an enjoyable time. The number of people who come to Istanbul for holiday purposes is considerable. You can easily get here by buying a bus ticket or plane ticket from outside the city. Every corner of Istanbul hosts different beauties in four seasons. The city, which stands out with its various natural beauties as well as cultural values, is of great importance in terms of tourism.

The issue of places to visit with children on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul is very important for those who come to the city to travel or have a holiday with their children. Before touching on this subject, we would like to talk about how you can come to the region. You can choose to travel to the Anatolian side of Istanbul by air. Depending on your location, you can purchase an affordable flight ticket by searching for companies that offer flights to Sabiha Gökçen Airport on the Anatolian Side. Another transportation alternative is intercity buses. There are multiple destinations for this. Again, based on your location, you can choose one of the Dudullu or Harem bus terminals on the Anatolian Side and buy a bus ticket without shaking your budget.

Another option for transportation to Istanbul is by traveling with your own vehicle. If you plan to set out with your own vehicle, you can use the navigation system and reach the city by following the road route in the system. When it comes to places to visit with children on the Anatolian Side, there are many touristic spots. In this article, we will tell you about the prominent tourist spots. When you come to the Anatolian Side of Istanbul with your child or children, the places you should definitely visit are the Toy Museum, Şamata Amusement Park, Barış Manço Museum, Emaar Aquarium, Istanbul Butterfly Farm, Fenerbahçe Park, Aydos Forest and Göztepe 60.Yıl Park. You can add these places to your travel list and have fun and enjoyable times with your children.

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Toy Museum

The Toy Museum located in Göztepe is at the top of our list of places to visit with children on the Anatolian Side.

Both you and your child can have a very enjoyable time while visiting this museum. In this museum, which was founded in 2005 under the leadership of Sunay Akın, you can closely see toys for all ages, from fabric toys to tin toys, from train wagons to models, from wooden toys to puppets. You can visit this museum with your child for an enjoyable activity.

Shamata Amusement Park

Another entertainment area you can visit with your child is Şamata Amusement Park located in Maltepe.

This amusement park, which is one of the points you can reach by purchasing a bus ticket, especially appeals to children under the age of twelve. Your child can have fun in the inflatable playground in this area, play with coin games or have fun in the ball pool. While your child is having fun, you can sit at the cafe in the amusement park and take a breather.

Barış Manço Museum

One of the main touristic spots on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul that you should not leave without visiting with your child is the Barış Manço Museum, which was opened in the name of our master artist, who is loved by everyone from 7 to 70.

Located in Moda on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, this museum attracts the attention of adults as well as children. This place was created when Barış Manço's house was turned into a museum. While visiting the museum, you can see the guitars that belonged to our master artist, the clothes he wore when he took the stage, records and awards. While visiting this museum, accompanied by an atmosphere full of nostalgia, you can take a photo of your child when he steps on the stage of The Child Who Will Be a Man and hum the song My Friend Donkey together.

Emaar Aquarium

The next stop on our list of places to visit with children on the Anatolian Side is Emaar Aquarium, which makes you feel like you are underwater.

Located in Üsküdar, this aquarium center has various sections, from underwater caves to rainforests, from the polar region to the crocodile kingdom, from rocky shores to dream island, from penguin island to waterfalls. You can have a very fun time visiting this aquarium with your children.

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Istanbul Butterfly Farm

Apart from museums and entertainment centers, there are also various places to visit outdoors with your children. One of these spots is Istanbul Butterfly Farm.

Located in Beykoz Zerzevatçıköy, this farm is located on approximately five acres of land. You can witness the life cycle of butterflies live with your child at this farm, where visitors are accepted every day of the week. There are also green areas where you can have a picnic in this region, which you can get the chance to see by purchasing a flight ticket.

Fenerbahce Park

When the Anatolian Side of Istanbul is mentioned, many points come to mind. One of these points is undoubtedly Kadıköy. Fenerbahçe Park is a place that stands out with its peaceful atmosphere located in Kadıköy Fenerbahçe.

There are many walking trails and places to eat in the park. You can take a walk with your child and then visit the food and drink places to relax. You can have a pleasant time with your child in this park, which also hosts a wonderful sea view.

Aydos Forest

If you want to have a picnic or camp with your child in a forest surrounded by natural beauties, we definitely recommend you to go to Aydos Forest, located between Pendik, Sultanbeyli and Kartal regions.

Here, you can set up a tent and stay with your child and family on the hill, have a picnic with a barbecue by the lake, and participate in horse riding in the forest. There are also walking areas here. There are also playground areas where your child can spend hours full of fun.

Göztepe 60th Anniversary Park

The last stop on our list of places to visit with children on the Anatolian Side is Göztepe 60.Yıl Park. This is a park where you can have fun outdoors with your child.

This park, which you can reach by purchasing an Istanbul Anatolian Side bus ticket, is located in Caddebostan. This park area, which is open to visitors every day, has various flower gardens, aquariums and a natural pond. While you spend peaceful hours accompanied by the scent of flowers, you can also watch your child enjoy playing in the playground in the park.

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