Where is Ali Cin Creek?

April 19, 2024
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Türkiye is a very important country in terms of tourism. There are different beauties in each region of Turkey, which consists of seven geographical regions. Ali Cin Creek is one of the natural beauty areas in the Central Anatolia Region of our country. Ali Cin Creek is a place that stands out with its lush nature. Travelers who especially like camping come here. There are areas by the stream where you can pitch a tent and camp. You can reach the area where the stream is located by purchasing a plane ticket, or if you wish, you can also come by purchasing a bus ticket. This stream, located in our Ankara city, can also be defined as a geosite area because it is located in a canyon. This is a region adorned with historical ruins as well as natural beauties.

While you witness the unique beauties of nature in the area where Ali Cin Creek is located, you can also come across historical ruins such as caves and monasteries. So, when you come here, you can explore both the historical texture and natural beauties of the region at the same time. In particular, the monastery located in the region resembles the Sumela Monastery, one of the tourist attractions of Trabzon, as it resembles Greek Orthodox monasteries. This stream, located in a canyon surrounded by lush green areas, fascinates its visitors with its unique view. The name of Ali Cin Creek comes from a bandit who lived in the caves in this region at the time. It is rumored that the name of the stream belongs to a bandit. Here you can spend time alone with nature and take a walk to closely examine the surrounding beauties.

Where is Ali Cin Creek?

Ali Cin Creek is located close to the Kızılcahamam district of Ankara city in the Central Anatolia Region of our country. This stream, which is close to Çeltikçi Village of Kızılcahamam district, is quite crowded, especially in spring and summer. It is possible to do various activities in the area where the stream is located, which is among the frequent destinations of many local and foreign tourists, including local people. You also have the chance to swim in this region, which is widely preferred for picnics and camping. You can enter the water from some parts of the stream and do swimming activities. In addition, if you are interested in angling, you can also catch fish from the stream. To come to this region in Ankara, we recommend that you buy a flight ticket or bus ticket in advance.

How to get to Ali Cin Creek?

Transportation to Ali Cin Creek, located close to Çeltikçi Village in Kızılcahamam district of Ankara, is a bit difficult. The reason why there is difficulty in reaching this region is due to the bad roads. However, you still have the chance to come to the area where the stream is located by public transportation. On the other hand, to reach here, you must first come to Ankara's Kızılcahamam district. Visitors planning to come from within the city can take public transportation such as buses to this area. Those coming from outside the city must first reach the Kızılcahamam district of Ankara. Those who plan to come with their private vehicle can use the navigation system and easily reach the region via the Kızılcahamam – Güdül Highway.

Kızılcahamam district is located approximately 80 kilometers from Ankara city center. Since you first need to reach Ankara to come to the district, you may wonder what transportation options are available. If you do not have a private vehicle or do not want to come with a private vehicle, our first transportation alternative is intercity buses. For this, you need to arrive at AŞTİ bus terminal in Ankara. There are regular bus services to this region from every point of our country. Based on your location, you can choose one of the bus companies operating in this region and buy an affordable bus ticket. Your bus travel time and ticket prices vary depending on the departure point. After arriving at the terminal, you can take the shuttles to Kızılcahamam district and reach the area where Ali Cin Creek is located.

Another option you can consider to reach the place where the stream is is to travel by plane by purchasing a flight ticket. You can examine the companies operating flights to Esenboğa Airport, located in the Yenimahalle district of the city, and buy a flight ticket from the company that best suits your budget. After landing at the airport, you can use the shuttle vehicles of private bus companies to go to the area where Ali Cin Creek is located. However, since these shuttles are private, as the name suggests, you may need to purchase a bus ticket. Since ticket prices may vary seasonally, we cannot give an exact price. Another option for transportation from the airport to the area where the stream is located is to take Havaş shuttle vehicles, first to the bus station, and from there to public transportation and transfer to Kızılcahamam district. In addition, there is also a transportation alternative by rail from various regions such as Izmir, Balıkesir and Kütahya. This journey also takes place with a transfer.

Ali Cin Creek Picnic Areas

Ali Cin Creek is one of the prominent tourist spots with its unique natural beauties and historical texture. There are many recreation areas here where you can have a picnic. In addition to having a picnic, you also have the opportunity to go camping if you want to stay in nature. However, we would like to point this out in advance. There are no facilities in the region where you can meet your food and drink needs in the areas where you will camp. Additionally, facilities such as toilets and showers are not available. That's why we recommend that you bring your basic needs with you before coming here. Picnicing and setting up a tent by the stream is completely free. You can have a picnic with your family or loved ones, go for a nature walk, swim in the stream or even fish if you want. 

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