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Bartın city, where you can reach easily with Bartın bus ticket opportunities, is located in the Black Sea region. Bartın, which was affiliated to the province of Zonguldak until 1991, was later separated from Zonguldak and became the 74th province in Turkey. The city, which has a total of 4 districts, has Zonguldak in the west and Kastamonu in the east. Known as a coastal city, Bartın has a coastline of 59 km.

It should be said that summer months are the ideal time to fully explore the province of Bartın and to enjoy the natural beauties of the province to the fullest. In the city of Bartın, which has mid-belt joint effects, precipitation is observed throughout 4 seasons. Especially in the autumn season, precipitation rates increase even more. While the winter months are warm in the city, the summer months are cool, so the temperature differences are quite low. It forms the vegetation of the province of Bartın in the fascinating forests where the broad and broad-leaved trees are formed. You can try many flavors with you during your visits to the city, which is known for its local cuisine, which is also very rich. You can also get the opportunity to mingle with the local people by participating in festivals and events that are held throughout the year and offer visual feasts in the city. You can have the chance to try the rich Bartın cuisine at these festivals and events. You can get your ticket right away by taking a look at Bartın bus ticket opportunities.

Bakacak Hill

Bakacak Hill, which has an important place among the places to visit in Bartın and is located in the Amasra district of Bartın province, is home to a magnificent view. It is known that even Fatih Sultan Mehmet talked about the hill, which welcomes many visitors every year. Moreover, there is a binocular on Bakacak Hill, and with these binoculars, the marina, sailboats and fishing boats can be observed in a pleasant way. Among the famous delicacies of this place, boiled corn prepared on embers comes to the fore. While you are tasting your boiled corn, you can also enjoy the magnificent views of the hill.

Kapısuyu Bay

While talking about places to visit in Bartın and its details, it is not possible to mention the bays and beaches of the city. One of the prominent places among these magnificent beauties is known as Kapısuyu Bay. The beach, which is about 3 km away from Kurucaşile, which is known as one of the coastal provinces of Bartın, takes its name from the village where it is located. The beach, which has a length of one kilometer, receives an intense influx of visitors from both the surrounding provinces and districts in the summer months. The fine sands of the beach and the green areas around the wavy sea reveal magnificent views. In order to enjoy this unique atmosphere to the fullest, you may want to consider including this bay in your travel plans. There are also businesses on the beach where you can meet your various needs such as umbrellas and sun loungers.

Guzelcehisar Bay

Güzelcehisar Bay, which stands out with being among the largest beaches in the Black Sea Region, has a magnificent natural beauty. What makes Güzelcehisar Bay so beautiful and valuable is that there are no settlements around the bay. Especially in July and August, both locals and people living in the surrounding provinces visit this place frequently. Sheep sand consists of fine sands. The bay, which is a natural protected area, has also been taken under protection. It is also useful to know that there are no services such as sunbeds and umbrellas in the bay. Therefore, it is necessary to bring all of your belongings yourself.

Inkumu Beach

Offering both a nature view and a sea view, İnkumu Beach fascinates everyone who sees it as a place that hosts magnificent views. If you are going to visit the province of Bartın during the summer months, it is recommended that you choose July or August. Because it would be more appropriate to visit this place during these months. However, it is also useful to consider that the region is very busy, especially during these months. In November and May, İnkumu Beach is both calmer and the water is much colder.

There are also many hotels, hostels and various businesses here. In this way, you can both meet all your needs and spend your holiday in a pleasant way.

Amasra Beach

Amasra beach, also known as Çakraz Beach, has a length of 1.5 km. There are also many accommodation options around the beach. There are also many facilities where you can easily meet your various needs. At the beach, which is approximately half an hour away from Amasra, you can both have a pleasant time and enjoy the sea and the sun to the fullest.

Perforated Chile

It has the appearance of a peninsula. The beach is located in Amasra district. Fishing and participating in paragliding activities are very popular in this place, which has been the subject of many legends with its magnificent views. A hole in the middle of the rock is one of the magnificent natural wonders and is quite interesting. You can also have the chance to explore the beach, which offers interesting views, by including this place in your plans.

Karaman Bay

Karaman Bay is located approximately 50 km from the city of Bartın and the total length of the bay, which consists entirely of rocks, is 400 meters. You can easily reach the bay, which manages to offer a peaceful environment and fascinates people with its magnificent views, via boats.

Rabbit Island

This island, which is one of the important places of Bartın province, has an important value as it has the characteristics of an island that has no connection with the land. There is also a Byzantine Church on the island, and the island takes its name from the rabbits that are still alive. The story of the island is also quite impressive. According to the stories told, people who were going through various disease processes in ancient times visited the island and hoped that they would get well soon. You can reach the island in a short time via the Bartın bus station.

Balambia Nature Park

Since this nature park, which is located in the center of the city of Bartın, is approximately one kilometer away from the city, it is possible to reach different transportation even by walking. The park has a size of 13,000 hectares and all kinds of needs can be met in it. Many facilities such as various picnic areas, playgrounds, walking tracks, volleyball court, restaurant and tea garden help you spend a productive day here. The park, which is very popular because it is located in the center of the city and helps to spend pleasant times with nature, is one of the indispensable points of the local people, especially in summer. In addition, many people from the surrounding provinces visit this park.

Kure Mountains National Park

Located in the Küre Mountains, the national park stands out with its plateau feature. Although there are no settlements around the park, the park fascinates everyone with its wide area. There are also caves and canyons in the national park, which consists of forests, streams and rocky areas. This is also known as one of the ideal camping spots. You can easily reach here via Bartın Bus Terminal.

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