Doğu Karadeniz Ekspres Turizm Bus Ticket

Doğu Karadeniz Ekspres Turizm

Comfort and safety come to the fore when traveling by purchasing an Eastern Black Sea Express Tourism bus ticket. With in-car planning that considers the comfort of passengers, even long journeys are quite enjoyable. The requirements that will be needed during the trip are determined in advance and met in a professional manner.

About Eastern Black Sea Express Tourism

Founded by Selahattin Kamburoğlu and Özcihan Kurnaz in 1968, Eastern Black Sea Express Tourism continues its services actively today. Over time, it has progressed towards branding by choosing different collaborations within itself. The company maintains the excitement and enthusiasm of the first day and continues its services in a more modern way by closely following the sector.

As one of the prominent companies in its region, it always attaches importance to customer satisfaction. The respect and dedication shown to its employees allows passengers to have a better travel experience. Services provided with respect for the environment and humanity have made it one of the leading companies in the sector for many years. Considering and planning the needs and expectations before each trip helps to have comfortable and safe journeys.

Eastern Black Sea Express Tourism Company Imprint

·         Title: Eastern Black Sea High. Goods and Passenger Stone. Const. Type. Tic. Ltd. Ltd.

·         Address: Pazar Mah. Dikmen Cad. No: 29/37 Pazar/ Rize

·         Phone: 0464 612 32 70

·         Website:

Eastern Black Sea Express Tourism Vehicle Features

The company integrates the technological developments in the sector into its vehicles without wasting time, ensuring that journeys become more enjoyable. It provides the best feeling of comfort during journeys by offering a wide range of opportunities, from seating arrangements to screens. Facilities such as TV, internet and headphones are offered specifically for each passenger. Thanks to the in-car ventilation systems, it ensures that fresh and fresh air is always available inside. You can go on unforgettable journeys by purchasing an Eastern Black Sea Express Tourism bus ticket.

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Year of foundation:1968
Bus Count:-
Head Office:Rize
Founder:Selahattin Kamburoğlu ve Özcihan Kurnaz
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