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This city, which you can easily reach with the bus ticket opportunities of Düzce, is located within the borders of the Black Sea region. Eskişehir is located in the south of the city, Sakarya in the west and Bolu in the east. Covering an area of 3,641 kilometers, the history of the city dates back to BC. It dates back to 1390. The Hittites ruled these lands for 600 years. It is known that the city, which has been ruled by many civilizations throughout history, was finally included in the Ottoman lands by Konuralp Bey during the period of Orhan Gazi. The city's provincial status was achieved after the 1999 Düzce earthquake.

In Düzce, which has the effects of the Black Sea climate, the hottest times of the year are July and August, while the coldest times are January. In the city, which has an average of 830 mm of precipitation, the winter months are around 4 degrees, while the summer months are at an average of 21 and 22 degrees. Although it is a much smaller city compared to other cities, Düzce has many historical riches. Since it has been ruled by many civilizations throughout history, there are many artifacts to be seen and discovered in the city. It will be enough to spend only 2 days in the city to discover all these and much more. You can easily reach the city and explore the city closely by taking a look at the bus ticket opportunities in Düzce.


Toptepe, which has an important place among the places to visit in Düzce, is approximately 15 km from the city center. To reach the top, it is necessary to climb 162 steps. You can watch the Düzce plain from the overlooked castle covering an area of 45 square meters and enjoy the natural beauties to the fullest. You can also have the chance to discover many local flavors at the restaurant on the hill.

Genoese Castle Beach

Genoese Castle Beach, which is among the blue flag beaches of Turkey, not only offers magnificent views in terms of history, but also reveals all the nakedness of nature. You can sunbathe and enjoy the sun as you wish in this place, which has 2 different beaches in both east and west directions. Hornbeam trees and chestnut trees are also commonly found on public beaches, and the sand the beaches have is called black pearl, which is unique in the world. The most prominent feature of this sand is that it does not stick to the body in any way and leaves the body immediately after drying. In addition, there are promenade areas in the area where the beaches are located, and the locals enjoy having picnics here.

Çuhalli Beach

Çuvallı beach is located in Akçakoca district of Düzce province. This beach, which is also among the blue flag beaches, has many social facilities and the beaches are widely visited for water sports. You can both enjoy the clean and clear waters to the fullest and have a pleasant time in the park, especially by considering visiting this place in the summer months. There are many playgrounds around the park for children to have fun, and walking tracks allow adults to take pleasant walks.

Melen Stream

This tea is one of the most popular spots for various rafting lovers. With its qualities, tea is also suitable for nature sports and has a 13-kilometer track. Many people visit Melen Stream for canoeing and rafting at all times of the year. By including this place in your travel plans, you can do rafting and kona, enjoy the natural beauties and take lots of photos.

Samandere Waterfall Natural Monument

Samandere Waterfall Natural Monument, which is one of the indispensable attractions of the list of places to visit in Düzce, is located in the village of the same name and covers an area of 10 hectares. It is possible to enjoy nature in the best way in this place, which attracts attention with its vegetation, which has many geological features and is home to many monument trees. One of the reasons why this place is so important is that it is Turkey's first nature park. There are many promenade and picnic areas in the region, which has gained this status with the realization of various natural events. When the spring comes, you can camp in a place that is widely preferred in tent camping and you can take pleasant walks in nature. In summer temperatures, you can cool off with the waters flowing from the waterfall, and you can be away from the noise of the city.

Aydınpınar Waterfalls Nature Park

Aydınpınar Waterfalls Nature Park is located 10 km from the city center and is located on the side of the road above Samandere waterfalls. Each corner of the park, which has a cluster of waterfalls, is ideal for enjoying nature and amazes everyone who sees it. Highlights of the park One of them is that it is home to many forest trees such as chestnut and oak. You can walk on the hiking trails, relax in the documents of the trees and camp here. In fact, it is known that those who choose to camp here in the summer prefer to cool off by entering the pond where the water is pouring.

Guzeldere Waterfall Nature Park

Güzeldere Waterfall Nature Park is located within the borders of the lake-kaya district of the city and has an area of 22 hectares. It is known that the park, which is known to be 18 km away from the city center, has gained the quality of a profession since 1993 and serves in this context. However, when the dates show 2011, the park is now described as a nature park area. The views where the waterfalls pour from a height of 125 meters are quite interesting.

The park, which also has many beech and hornbeam trees, is ideal for getting plenty of oxygen and breathing the fresh air. It is known that the waterfall extends as far as Elmacik Mountain and in addition to beech and hornbeam trees, many other tree species such as yew, larch and linden are also found here. After gaining the status of a nature park, many arrangements have been made inside, making it comfortable for visitors. In this way, both hiking trails can be preferred and activities such as camping, photo safari and cycling can be done here. You can reach here in a short time via Düzce Bus Terminal.

Sarıyayla Waterfall Picnic and Recreation Area

Sarıyayla Waterfall Picnic and Recreation Area, located within the borders of Akçakoca district of Düzce province, is frequently preferred in spring and summer for picnics accompanied by waterfall views. This picnic and recreation area, which is described as a corner of paradise, is spread over a wide area, allowing everyone who comes to spend time comfortably. In addition, there are facilities such as a viewing terrace, sitting points and toilets.

Aktas Waterfall

Aktaş Waterfall is located in Akçakoca district of Düzce province. The waterfalls, which are known to be approximately 55 km away from the city center, have an important place especially in terms of sea tourism and are visited by many people. It is known that the waterfalls flow from a height of 50 m. The waterfalls, which are also preferred as one of the long hiking routes, are also very suitable for various nature sports. You can easily reach here from Düzce bus station.

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