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Gumushane bus ticket opportunities will have the chance to see this city, the Black Sea region is located. The city, which is adjacent to Bayburt in the east, Giresun to the west and Trabzon to the north, attracts attention with its rich historical and cultural remains. This city, which leaves those who see it with its natural and unique beauty along the valley, almost fascinates those who see it.

Gumushane, which is one of the cities that must be seen with its natural beauty as well as its cultural texture and historical heritage, has hosted many civilizations to date. This city, which Evliya Çelebi describes as the “Silver City, has been a very important center throughout history, as it is located on the Silk Road, one of the most important trade routes in the world.

The places to visit in Gümüşhane have a very long list. The city, which attracts attention with its 391 registered immovable cultural assets in the city, continues to host its guests four seasons of the year. However, it is known that the best time for touristic trips to Gümüşhane is the summer months. In winter months, heavy snowfall and autumn, the city delivered the city, even though it prevents touristic trips, it creates a unique landscape.

Altınpınar Limni Lake Nature Park

Altınpınar Limni Lake Nature Park is one of the first and most important buildings to be seen in Gümüşhane, which is famous for its natural beauties. Limni Lake, which is located in this park, which leaves fascinated with its unique landscapes to its guests and cannot forget again, has an image resembling the painting because it is surrounded by Sarıçam forests. Especially in the spring, the flowers that open and the leaves poured into the ground in the months of autumn make a peaceful holiday possible.

The natural hiking trails in the park offer an ideal option for those who want to spend a day intertwined with nature. In addition to the walk, there are picnic areas for those who want to have a picnic with the view of the lake. Located 40 km away from the city center, the park is home to highly crowded tourist groups, especially in spring and summer.

Santa Ruins

Santa ruins in this city, which you can reach with Gümüşhane Bus Station, are known as one of the most attracted the attention of tourists who have come to the city for many years. The ruins in Dumanlı Village is a structure established in the valley areas where Yanbolu Creek was born. The ruins, which are known to be dating back to the 1600s, were composed of 9 different neighborhoods in the early days.

Santa ruins, which attract attention with their important structures and natural beauty for blacksmithing and silverism, have led to many economic developments in the region. The region, which was evacuated during the population exchange in 1923, is now known as one of the most remarkable structures touristy.

Chrome Valley

The chrome valley, which is known as the 3rd degree archaeological site, is located in Yağlıdere Village. This region, which attracts attention with its historical texture, draws attention because it is located on the Silk Road. Today, there are many belts, bridges, churches and chapels in the chromium valley, which has hosted many civilizations. The houses built in the region where the Greeks live in the region are still present in Nanak Village and Bulut Neighborhood. The historical windmill is among the structures that must be seen in the region.

Satala Ancient City (Sadak Antique City)

This place where you will have the chance to see with the Gümüşhane bus ticket is known as one of the most important regions of Gümüşhane. It is known that the ancient city located in Sadak Village in Kelkit was founded during the Roman Empire. This city, which was established as the city of police station in order to protect the border located on the Euphrates River, has become one of the most remarkable regions of tourists today.

The fortress walls in the region and the water cistern are among the protected structures due to its rooted history. Archaeological excavations in the region continue to explore the traces of history.

Karaca Cave

Located in Cebeli Village, the cave has a unique view that those who see it will never forget again. The sakites and stagnuts in the cave offer a unique image. This cave, also called the palace of the underground world, is located at a height of 1550 meters from the sea. Karaca Cave, known as one of the most remarkable touristic places of the region with stalactites and stalagmites formed in various colors, offers the beauty of nature to its guests with all its glory.

Offering the millions of years of nature of nature, Karaca Cave is known as one of the places that must be seen in Gümüşhane. Different formations such as travertine pools and steps in the cave, organ patterned walls and cave roses, both domestic and foreign tourists attention I am quite attracted.

The cave, where it is possible to spend a unique day with the magnificence of nature by following the walking path in the cave, continues to welcome its guests throughout all four seasons.

The Spider Forests of Kurd

 Kurtün Spider Forests, which are on the list of places to visit in Gümüşhane and attract the attention of those who see it, are located in the town of Kürtün in the city. The large fir and spruce trees inside offer a unique view. Although the forest adorned with monumental trees opens its doors for its guests throughout all four seasons, it is known that it attracts a great deal of attention, especially in spring and summer.

These trees, which are over 400 years old and have reached a height of approximately 70 meters, ensure that their visitors are fascinated with their eye-catching beauty. You can take pleasant walks with your loved ones on the walking path in the forest, and spend a unique day intertwined with nature.

Saricicek Village Rooms

Although it has a deep-rooted history, Sarıçiçek Village Chambers, which still carries the breezes of the period it was built, consists of two historical houses. The houses, which are frequently preferred because they are located only 45 km from the city center, and which are curious about the visitors who come to the region, were designed in a square plan using cut stone.

Wooden ornate doors, ceiling decorations and decorations in the houses are very interesting. These houses, which should be seen by those who are especially interested in architectural structures, are visited both in summer and winter months.

Kov Castle

Kov Castle, located in Gümüşhane's village called Esenyurt or Kov, is known as one of the most important historical structures not only for Gümüşhane but also for the Black Sea. The castle, which has almost become a symbol, has existed since it was built in 1361. Kov Castle, which is known to have been used in the Seljuk Period and attracts attention with its impressive history, was built in III. It is also among the information that it was made by Alexios.

Declaring the area where the castle is located as an archaeological site made Kov Castle become much more popular. It is necessary to take a difficult path to reach the castle, which has taken its current form after the restoration work it went through in 2008.

Located in a location that you can reach with Gümüşhane Bus Terminal, the castle has a very magnificent appearance. The panoramic view awaiting those who reach the castle offers an impressive view. Gümüşhane, which attracts the attention of tourists with its many natural and cultural places, is known as one of the most important cities of Turkey.

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